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AI for Customer Service - DigitalGenius for Salesforce Service Cloud


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DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and AI to customer service operations. It analyzes incoming messages, predicts meta-data, routes cases, provides agents with accurate suggestions and automates responses. Backed by Salesforce Ventures, DigitalGenius enables contact centers to reduce AHT and have more meaningful conversations with customers. The Human+AI™ Customer Service platform integrates into your existing Service Cloud Console.

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AI for Customer Service - DigitalGenius for Salesforce Service Cloud

  1. 1. - The Huffington Post Your Customer Service Team MORE THAN 10 AGENTS AND GROWING On Salesforce Service Cloud or considering switching to Salesforce Service Cloud SEARCHING FOR WAYS TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY Due to increasing volumes over text-based channels EXPLORING WAYS TO INCREASE CAPACITY Considering or has already deployed new text-based communication channels ACCESS TO CUSTOMER SERVICE HISTORICAL DATA Stored solved customer inquiries that resulted in high customer satisfaction ratings YOUR GOAL Reduce time and costs by automating repetitive tasks & supercharge customer satisfaction Human+AI™ Solution POWER SERVICE CLOUD With Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning INCREASE AGENT EFFICIENCY WITH AI Automate the repetitive and manual tasks with artificial intelligence. Save keystrokes and clicks. ENABLE INCREASED SATISFACTION RATINGS For both customers & employees MULTILINGUAL & OMNICHANNEL Trained with historical data using mathematical models - no keywords or dictionaries needed FAST TRAINING & DEPLOYMENT 6-24h to complete the AI training process “By leveraging DigitalGenius on the Salesforce AppExchange, companies can tap into the practical power of artificial intelligence to reinforce and scale their customer service operation into the future." Salesforce Service Cloud Main Features Predictive Case Intelligence Pre-fill all the case fields, drop downs & automatically route cases using AI Human+AI™ Question Answering AI suggests the best answer. Agent approves. System learns & automates. CUSTOMERS: AS SEEN ON: The key is making sure artificial intelligence and human intelligence work together. When this happens, both sides get smarter, and the customer gets better service. Next time you engage with your favorite brand and don’t have to suffer through a pre-programmed, un-helpful robot, there’s a good chance a platform like DigitalGenius is at play. available on AppExchange backedby ventures Lightning Ready