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Media plan north east festival


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For the First ever North East Festival that was held at New Delhi on 8th and 9th November, 2012, this is a brief media presentation that yours truly prepared.

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Media plan north east festival

  1. 1. Venue: IGNCA, New Delhi Date: 8th & 9th November, 2013
  2. 2. Why is this event? • NEIim survey revealed: – 87% of surveyed people can’t name all the states of North East India – 93% of the respondents wish to know more about the region – 52% of the respondents have negative perception about the region – 56.3% said the necessity for special awareness campaign to educate people in rest of the country • Key finding: Media professionals, sentinels of information to society, remain largely ignorant • Action Point: Initiate the process of perception building in rest of India
  3. 3. Event Objectives Bridging perception gap • Through display of cultural vibrancy & diversity • Initiate the discussion on NER • Promote the philosophy of unity in diversity • Showcasing nation builders from the region Promote NER as tourism destination Exhibit the rich hospitality & friendliness of the people of NER Sustain the dialogue with further initiatives
  4. 4. Key Messages A region with great cultural diversity, vibrancy and unity A region with rich potential for growth in service sector, tourism sector A region with a healthy food style relished by foodies A great fashion destination for colourful clothing A region of friendly people, heartwarming hospitality
  5. 5. Identity • North East Festival Name • Eight identities with their cultural vibrancy celebrate the colours of life Philosophy • Celebrate Eight Colours of India Catch line Logo
  6. 6. PR Verticals Media Engagement Non Media Campaigns Marketing Communication Social Media Evangelism
  7. 7. Target Media National Media Regional Media International Media Print Media Wire media Electronic media Digital media Social media
  8. 8. PR Process Promotion of the Festival Interviews, authored articles by North East Festival Announcement of the initiative Positive stories, Articles on NER
  9. 9. Stage I: PR Smoke • From within the advisory board • From the local media in NER • From the NGO network in NER Build a story bank from NER • Good mix of all media columns • Maximum utilisation of a story • Strategic timing of releasing a story • Ensures visibility of NE stories for next three months • Build up is paced up towards the festival • Biggest stories will come up fortnight ahead of event Strategy for stories
  10. 10. Stage II: Announcement • Date to be confirmed • Launch of the brand ambassadors • Launch of the website • Press release dissemination across media universe Press Conference to announce the event • Facebook page launch • Twitter handle for real time update • Creation of a blog linked to the website • Bloggers conference Launch of the Social media initiative
  11. 11. Stage III: Engagement One on one media engagements with • Brand ambassadors of the festival • M C Mary Kom • Baichung Bhutia • Papon Authored articles on NE, with a line about the festival, by eminent personalities from NER on national dailies - Translated versions for regional newspapers - Initiate talk shows on leading narional news channels Promote these news clips across social media
  12. 12. Stage IV: Promotion of Event Press release dissemination at the end of each day of event Invitations to all the media houses Aggressive social media campaign PR campaigns to be highlighted in the relevant media Event listing at all national and regional dailies Stories of the performers at the event Press release on developments
  13. 13. Marketing Communication Mix Advertising • Print advertisement • Two in English dailies • Two in Hindi dailies • Billboard • Collaborate with DMRC • Two billboard through DONER Personal selling • Messengers of event • Personal engagement with key groups • Road shows • On road Contests • Buying space in Delhi autos/ DTC buses Direct marketing • Brochures • Posters • Email blast • SMS blast • Merchandise Radio • 4 Weeks radio campaign • Brand ambassadors sound bytes • RJ mentions • On air contests • Radio jingles
  14. 14. DIGITAL MEDIA Launch of website • Official website of the Event • Synchronies all social media platforms with the website Launch of Facebook page • Minimum status updates on a regular basis • Ad spend for 15 days for initial traction • Build up the momentum through interactive topics on NER • Online contests on the page on NER Launch of official blog • Official blog to be linked with the website • Posts by guest, advisory board members, distinguished journalists on NER topics Launch of other social media platforms • Once an initial traction is achieved, google hangout will be initiated with different icons of NER involved with the event • Continuous feed through twitter handle with hashtags created for this event
  15. 15. Non Media Campaign Let’s think it over a cup of tea! Coffee!!!
  16. 16. Badge campaign Merchandise campaign • Design Festival T Shirts for volunteers • Distribution to right people for greater noise Street drama Mock fashion walks in Metro, Cyber city, CP, GIP Guerilla chit chats Surprise invitation by event volunteers at DMRC, DTC Activities by volunteers in RWAs for social cooperation
  17. 17. North East India Image Managers (NEIim) Voluntary non profit apolitical media group Originated in facebook; active since 2011 Objective to bridge the perception gap Group strength at 1547 members Event partners as co-host ex officio capacity as media advisory organisation responsible for driving the publicity for the event
  18. 18. Achievements • Armstrong Pame’s initiative of People’s road • Bloopers in IGNOU, SBI, etc. • Statistical & rational representation of the perception gap • Media campaign against Manipur road blockade • Associated media support in many NE events like Bihu, sports festival in Manipur, Tokhu Emong festival in Delhi • CNN IBN started North East blog on their website • Corretion in factual information in Manorama Year book • Tribute event to Dr bhupen hazarika The group highlighted the following issues in the media:
  19. 19. Celebrate Eight Colours of India!