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Trabajo inglés


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The kitchen work of Antonio Manuel Peña, Rafael Molina and Alberto Adame.

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Trabajo inglés

  1. 1. Rice Pudding
  2. 2. Ingredients- 500g of rice.
  3. 3. Sugar
  4. 4. -2 liters of milk.
  5. 5. -Cinnamon and lemon peel.
  6. 6. - 2 inches of water in the pan in which it will use .
  7. 7. For garnish: Mix twotablespoons of sugar and two of cinnamon.
  8. 8. Elaboration-Put the rice to cook withwater until it is consumes.Then, add milk and stirconstantly over low heat,simmer half an houp.
  9. 9. Pour into a bowl, sprinkle withcinnamon, sugar and we prepared.
  10. 10. Move for 30 min.
  11. 11. Pour the sugar
  12. 12. Serve chilled
  13. 13. Fact: Rafael Molina, AntonioManuel Peña y Alberto Adame.