Supelec M2M, IoT course 1 - introduction part 2 - 2012


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Supelec M2M, IoT course 1 - introduction part 2 - 2012

  1. 1. FromMachine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications to Internet of Things (IoT) Introduction to M2M/IoT Market Technology Roadmap & Standards Thierry Lestable (MS’97, Ph.D’03) Technology & Innovation Manager, Sagemcom
  2. 2. Disclaimer • Besides Sagemcom SAS’, many 3rd party copyrighted material is reused within this brief tutorial under the ‘fair use’ approach, for sake of educational purpose only, and very limited edition. • As a consequence, the current slide set presentation usage is restricted, and is falling under usual copyright usage. • Thanks for your understanding! 2© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  3. 3. What are we targeting during this course? Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications represent technological solutions and deployments allowing Machines, Devices or Objects to communicate with each other, w/o any human interventions. The M2M market generated by usages, applications and services is promised to experience an annual growth of 49%, reaching more than 220billions euros in the coming years. This represents one of the most attractive emerging market, with applications such as Fleet Management, Smart Metering, eHealth, and many others facilitating daily life of the citizens, whilst truly transforming our usages in the coming years. Due to this massive potential both in terms of business and transforming usages, many governments, governance bodies and thus standards are currently preparing the adequate frameworks from legal, technological and services point of view. During this brand new course, we’ll thus dig into this M2M arena, in order to understand first the wide variety of usages & services potentially offered, together with the technologies available (Wireless, Wireline, IP, Security…), and how they cooperate with each other, whilst key features of M2M will be identified. Particular attention will be paid to IP. Finally, since Interoperability is the keystone of M2M, we’ll review the state-of-Art (SoA) of the whole M2M ecosystem, including worldwide standards (3GPP, ETSI M2M, IEEE 802.16, IETF…) and industry forums currently trying to push for both solutions and usages. 3© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  4. 4. Smart (Digital) Home
  5. 5. Connected Networks foster a ‘Need to use/to get’ from customers’ side w.r.t Added Value services La pénétration des foyers équipés en LAN* a progressé en L’appétence pour les services de gestion du domicile est réelle Europe % d’équipements en LAN parmi les foyers équipés en haut-débit % des répondants intéressés par une solution de contrôle à distance 70% 63% 60% 59% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 60% 58% 56% 55% 34% 50% Eclairage 42% 56% 43% 39% 39% Système de 31% 40% chauffage 43% 35% 53% Système de 28% 30% 26% surveillance 38% 51% 20% 23% DVR 32% 51% 10% 23% Produit blanc 26% 40% 0% Système 17% multimédia 21% 38% e lie e ne K de n nc U ag Ita ag è a Su m Fr p Es lle Équipés d’un Équipés d’un Sans A réseau MM réseau réseau 2005 2007 basique*LAN : Réseau du domicile disposant d’au moins deux équipements connectés à la box en plus du 1er PCSource: Park Associates 2008 Home network update, Forrester research Consumers are ready for home remote control L’appétence client pour les services autour du logement connecté se confirme, L’appétence client pour les services autour du logement connecté se confirme, mais les FAIs ne se sont pas encore positionnés sur ce marché. mais les FAIs ne se sont pas encore positionnés sur ce marché. 5© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  6. 6. Home Automation 6© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  7. 7. Wavenis OSA 7© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  8. 8. Wavenis Benchmarking at a glance 8© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  9. 9. Wavenis products range Metering Devices RFID Devices Control Devices 9© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  10. 10. SAGEM ENERGY GATEWAY Smart Home: Energy aspect T°sensor Energy Collection Unit IR Controller LAN Energy box Media converter Energy Controller X2D Display On/Off Switch Energy meters 10© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  11. 11. Smart Digital Home 11© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  12. 12. Smart Digital Home: Connecting Technologies 12© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  13. 13. Smart Home: Architecture issues STB “IT world” -IP -Web Technos -Mobile ADSL BOX FTTH Home networking Grid, Solar, wind, Electrical vehicle In Home display Energy Control Box Shutters, Lights, Electrical panel Appliances, Electrical vehicle… Switch Smart plug “non IT Electrical meter world” -RF Water meter Security sensors -CPL Gaz meter 13© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  14. 14. Home Network Architecture: current status Vertical Markets DMA IP TV STB NAS Screen Internet IP / Triple Play GW Home networking ADSL FTTH IP, UPnP, DLNA VoIP Eth, WiFi, CPL, USB, DECT, FXS PC DECT phone Home Automation GW Home Automation X10, Zigbee, …. Sensors Energy GW Energy IP / GPRS CPL,MBUS, Zigbee, …. eHealth Health GW Bluetooth, ….Dedicated servers 14© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  15. 15. Migration path towards Unification DMA IP TV STB NAS Screen Internet Triple Play GW Home networking IP, UPnP, DLNA ADSL Eth, WiFi, CPL, USB, FTTH VoIP PC GSM, DECT, FXS DECT phone IP Home Automation X10, Zigbee, …. Service GWs Sensors Energy Actuators CPL,MBUS, Zigbee, …. eHealth Bluetooth, ….Dedicated servers 15© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  16. 16. Connecting whole ecosystem DMA IP TV STB NAS Screen Internet Triple Play GW Home networking IP, UPnP, DLNA ADSL Eth, WiFi, CPL, USB, FTTH VoIP PC GSM, DECT, FXS DECT phone IP Home Automation X10, Zigbee, …. Service GWs Sensors Energy Actuators CPL,MBUS, Zigbee, …. eHealth Bluetooth, ….Dedicated servers 16© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  17. 17. Portability of applications: integrated solution DMA IP TV STB NAS Screen Internet Multi-services GW Home networking IP, UPnP, DLNA ADSL Eth, WiFi, CPL, USB, FTTH VoIP PC GSM, DECT, FXS DECT phone IP Home Automation X10, Zigbee, …. Sensors Energy Actuators CPL,MBUS, Zigbee, …. dedicated service GW eHealth Bluetooth, ….Dedicated servers 17© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  18. 18. NFC can also (still) play a role…somehow 18© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  19. 19. Healthcare: (m/e)Health mHealth eHealth 19© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  20. 20. Roadmap of Smart Systems for Healthcare applications 20© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  21. 21. Security Commercial Offer: Example SFR HomeScope Connex Connexion ion Recevez des alertes SMS / MMS / e-mail ILLIMITEES en 100% 100% sécurisé sécurisée cas de détection de mouvement e Accédez, en direct et en ILLIMITE, aux vidéos de votre caméra depuis internet ou votre mobile 3G/3G+ Profitez de l’application gratuite SFR HomeScope ! Contrôlez à distance votre caméra directement depuis votre mobile Installation Plug & Play Androïd Caméra vision 360° Sans Sans engage Application également disponible sur iPhone Vision nocturne infrarouge engageme 3G/3GS mentt n Détecteur de mouvement intégré 4,50€/mois pendant 12 mois puis 9€/mois 4,50€/mois pendant 12 mois puis 9€/mois Compatible toutes box internet Tarif valable jusqu’à 4 caméras maximum Tarif valable jusqu’à 4 caméras maximum 21© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  22. 22. Surveillance scenario 22© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  23. 23. Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)• DLNA ( is focused DLNA v1.0 on delivering an interoperability framework of design guidelines UPnP based on open industry standards to complete the cross-industry digital convergence• DLNAv1 regroups many existing standards (UPnP, HTTP, Audio and Video formats) into a single document that insures that home devices will interoperate• UPnP and UPnP/AV are important parts of building any DLNA solutions DLNA UPnP 23© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  24. 24. UPnP Overview (1/2) Universal Plug and Play Control Point Device• UDP used for Discovery since multicast• SSDP: simple Search/Discovery Protocol [IETF]• SOAP = Simple Object Access Protocol [W3C]• GENA: General Event Notification Architecture • action on Device • provide services [IETF] • react to notifications of • Notify change of states (events)• HTML is the basis of user interface state changes from devices• ALL UPnP messages are framed using XML 24 © Thierry Lestable, 2012
  25. 25. UPnP Overview (2/2) Universal Plug and Play 0: Addressing 3: Control DHCP or ARP SOAP 1: Discovery 4: Eventing SSDP GENA 4: Eventing 1: Discovery GENA SSDP 2: Description 5: Presentation XML HTML 25© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  26. 26. Home Network Convergence Video Access Environme eHealth Security Femtocell Screen Set Top Box HGW Meter Control nt Appliance Sensor Sensor BROADBAND HOME NETWORK SENSOR NETWORK Quadruple Play Energy Managt, Home Control, eHealth QoS / Plug and Play / Easy install / Security Portable Applications OSGI TR69 TR69 / SNMP DLNA UPnP IP V6 IP V4 / V6 6LoWPAN / ZigBee Ethernet, WiFi, Home Plug , USB, G.Hn ZigBee, CPL, MBUS, X10 DECT, FXS, 3G/4G 26© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  27. 27. Smart Grids
  28. 28. SMART GRIDS Micro- generation ) )) 28© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  29. 29. Smart Grid overview 29© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  30. 30. Smart Energy Management 30© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  31. 31. Smart Grids: IT transport Tech 31© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  32. 32. Smart Grid in Brief… 32© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  33. 33. Grids meet Telcos 33© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  34. 34. Smart Grid Value Chain: Actors & Roles TSO: Transmission System Operator GenCo: Generation Conmpany DSO: Distribution System Operator VPP: Virtual Power Plant DG: Dispersed Generation 34© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  35. 35. Smart Grid: Functional Split 35© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  36. 36. EU Vs US Smart Grid Strategy EU US Background: a fragmented electricity market Background: an aging power grid Deregulation of electricity in some EC states Vision: Vision: Smart meters and AMI are part of the Start with a smart metering toolbox that allows to build a smart grid infrastructure then extend to a smart infrastructure grid network Smart Grids Remote Meter Consumption Management Awareness Smart Grids Smart Smart Demand Metering Home Response AMI Distribution Electrical Wide Area … Grid Transpor Situational management tation Awareness AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure Need for a global (architecture) approach and for regional implementation ETSI, as a global and EU based ICT standards organization, is ideally placed 36© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  37. 37. Smart Grid Value chain Actors Energy Control & Service Plane Connectivity Plane Plane Grid operator: DSO Grid operator: TSO Consumers/Suppliers/generators Energy Marketplace Actors Grid Communication/ Communication Network Provider Service Providers Increasing level of Involvement 37© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  38. 38. European Commission: Mandate M441 / Smart Meter « The General objective of this mandate is to create European standards that will enable interoperability of utility meters (water, gas, electricity, heat), which can then improve the means by which Customers’ awareness of actual consumption can be raised in order to allow timely adaptation to their demands (commonly referred to as ‘smart metering’) » 38© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  39. 39. European Commission: Mandate M441 / Smart Meter 39© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  40. 40. Automated Meter Management (AMM)/Smart Meter benefits Demand Side Well- Well-functioning Management and Automated Meter internal Market: reduction of CO2: Management: Better consumers Reduction of peak load by Data storage information consumers information Events storage Better frequency and Easier connection for Remotely managed quality of billing data distributed generation Soft Assist the participation of shedding systems consumers in the electricity Better network observability supply market Demand side management Reduction of operating Easier access to data (IS and better fraud detection system costs: or TIC) in small isolated system will Reduction of cost and limit tariff compensation Reduction of reading and delay of interventions interventions costs Reduction of “non technical losses” Reduction of treatment of billing claim Easier quality of supply management No need of user presence to do simple operations 40© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  41. 41. Smart Grids revenues & ROI • - Smart Grids Wireless Revenues expected to reach 166Million EUR worldwide in 2015 (3 to 4% or Wireless M2M) Return On Investment (ROI): -Smart Meters: 5 Years -Smart Grids: add 10 Years Source: IDATE 41© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  42. 42. European Status on Smart Grids from Pilot projects: still early stage • Over €5.5Billion invested in 300 Smart Grids projects – € 300Million coming from EU budget • 10% EU Households have some sort of smart meters, BUT w/o providing full scale of services • monitored energy consumption reduction by as much as 10% • Smart Household appliances market – 2011: $3 Billion – 2015: $15 Billion • Investments needed – Smart Meters: 15% – Smart Grids (rest of system): 85% 42© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  43. 43. Smart Grids – Worldwide status • - Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are first deployed Regulation & Government incentive plan Are Crucial ! Source: IDATE 43© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  44. 44. European Commission Mandates CEN, CENELEC and ETSI have set up a joint group to coordinate activities on the mandates in the field of Energy: • M/441: Smart metering (ongoing) • M/468: Electrical vehicles chargers (ongoing) • M/490: Smart grid (Launched 1st March 2011) 44© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  45. 45. European Mandate 441 European Commission Enterprise and Industry WP1 - Use Cases Issue mandate M/441 toward 3 ESO’s WP2 – Assessment of existing technologies WP3 – Specifications and development WP4 – Conformance Create testing Smart Metering Co-ordination Group (SM-CG) WP5 – Proposal of standards Pre-Normative TC13 SR57 TC205 M2M ATTM SCP 3GPP Documents TC WG2 SC205A PLT ERM TISPAN 294 45© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  46. 46. Sagemcom Energy Dpt. – Partnerships Strong relationships to develop a smart environment together Technological Standard Institutions 46 46© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  47. 47. Opportunity in Smart Meters: Utopia or Reality? © Frost & Sullivan 47© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  48. 48. Smart Meters Market (USA) 48© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  49. 49. Electricity Meters: French status Multi-index ‘Blue’ Meter Electronic Meter electromechanical Meter16.5 Million meters Linky 7.5 Million meters AMM 9 Million meters 33 millions meters, ¾ electromechanical Only 7.5 millions meters of ERDF (French main DSO) are electronic. Little or no communicating: Each demand of cut, reactivation, tariff or power subscribed modification needs a DSO intervention, Only electronic meters have a “TIC” port transmitting metering info. At most two reading a year Biannual reading by an operator needs, in 50% cases, user to be at home. Suppliers offers limited by access tariff structure Suppliers can’t have their own peak, peak-off,… 49© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  50. 50. Linky: high level architecture & timeline new TIC Dry C. GPRS DSO 35M metersinteroperability Euridis port interoperability PLC 700k concentrators Users Suppliers TSO/DSO ot n ol pr ope oc Customer AMM Retailer/service provider limitJuly 2011: 250 000 (G1) LinkyFrench Energy Regulation Commission (CRE)Validated Experimental phase of Linky (G1) Generalization (G1) proposed by CRE+ ultimate meter should be G3 CPL Linky 50© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  51. 51. Linky G3 PLC (OFDM): Field proven solution (2009) OFDM System on CENELEC band A Extension of initial G3 PLC is now available G3 To cover higher CENELEC bands: B/C/BC/D/BCD/BD : [98.4 – 146.8] KHz 30 kHz 90 kHz Co-existence Tone notching for S-FSK compatibility •Transformer MV/LV traversal G1 G3 •Repeater capability PHY Details FEC: Reed-Solomon (RS) + CC (+Repetition code for robust mode) Modulation: DBPSK, DQPSK, (D8PSK) Link Adaptation CP-OFDM Nfft = 256 IETF 6LoWPAN / LOAD Routing ~34Kbps MAC: IEEE 802.15.4 PHY: G3 PLC (OFDM) 51© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  52. 52. Prime PLC (OFDM): Field proven solution – Iberdrola 2011 Efficiency of Sagemcom OFDM Prime implementation Castellón (Spain) Test results on a group of more than 200 Sagemcom Prime meters 98% availability 6 levels of switch 52 52© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  53. 53. Sagemcom Energy Department – customers approaches Meter operator DNO RETAILER Enable efficient Provide real-time business processes information Data Electricity Demand management Energy Box response smart meter C&I meter 2-way 2-way In-house communication communication display Smart grid Home automation AMM ENERGY Open the door for Create consumption new services Smart Grid GATEWAY awareness 53 53© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  54. 54. Smart Metering (High level) architecture Wind Turbine Home displays TV, Computer Data Center Solar Panel In-Home Energy Display Wan Light Communication Meters Coms Appliances Smart Smart Temperature Breaker Valves Water Gas Smart Elec. Gateway 54© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  55. 55. Smart Digital Home: Towards Internet of Things (IoT) -Ubiquitous -Seamless Connectivity -User Centric -Ambient Intelligence -Social Network -Sustainable Micro- generation Comfort FMC & Multimedia Security WiFi ))) Ethernet Energy 3G/LTE Health ADSL, FTTH, " 55© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  56. 56. Smart Digital Home Innnovation Global Solutions Flexibility Technical Support Tungsten 56© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  57. 57. Energy Management – Real-time personal consumption Connected display to Energy Gateway to control energy consumption and services in real time Through any display devices What is my Are my solar What is my How much will electricity, gas or panels efficient ? carbon footprint be my electricity water How much did I ? bill ? consumption produce ? since Monday ? 57 57© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  58. 58. Energy Management - Energy Gateway concept Gateway dedicated to energy Make it consumption and services Make it EASIER SMARTER •Large range of compatible •Optimized usage of peripherals energy at the best price Make it •Lighting, personal energy •Massive load shedding FASTER management on a large number of •Entertainment, security customers •Real-time multi-energy and healthcare index collection •Meter connection / disconnection •Customer profiling Make it Make it GREENER CONNECTED •Real-time measurement of •Ability to deal with local electricity production millions of devices •Remote configuration and •Extremely reliable survey of installations communication •Local production •Configuration and optimization software update of devices 58 58© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  59. 59. From To Smart Smart Building Home Energy Collection Unit WAN: Wifi Ethernet GPRS WAN: Wifi Ethernet GPRS www LAN LAN Front-end SAGEM communication Communications server Energ y Load boxes Real Time ! managementMicro-generation Application Energy server operator ENERGY GATEWAY AMR Local Display 59© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  60. 60. Smart Metering: Deployment illustration 60© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  61. 61. Problems around architecture (1) • The network is very hierarchical : – Information System layer – Collection data server layer – Concentration layer – Meter layer – And possibly HAN layer • G3 is a good technology to improve the quality of transmission and the range to reach the meters 61© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  62. 62. Problems around architecture (2) • Despite the hierarchical architecture, the network can be dynamically configured and/or reconfigured • A smart meter network should possibly host different services : – Management and supervision of the grid – Management of the energy • The smart meter is a node of the network • The HAN should possibly be reachable from the meter network Addressing and routing issues have to be addressed carefully 62© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  63. 63. Demand/Response Use Case – « Une Bretagne d’avance » trial Managing part of the residential consumption during peak hours in order to optimize grid efficiency. Trial held by Edelia with Sagemcom technology. A peculiar energy situation in Brittany: •Grid architecture •Unable to warrant the whole need of electricity, growing by 3% every year. •Deploy in customer premises of Brittany a set of equipments to optimize electrical consumption related to the heating and the boiler systems. Summer Winter Benefits •Avoid exploitation of CO2 producing sources •Postponing of grid investments •Control from remote without affecting customers’ comfort 63 63© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  64. 64. Need for Trust, Privacy & Security Customer behaviour (privacy) can be easily Identified, classified, and exploited commercially Sounds intrusive. ? STRONG Need to Inform & educate! As always with M2M… We need to learn more from Experience! 64© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  65. 65. 65© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  66. 66. Vertical Markets in LTE 66© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  67. 67. 67© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  68. 68. 68© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  69. 69. • - Airspan is one of the very first customers of LTE Wholesaler LightSquared, and crystal clearly mentionned they will target Utilities for Services 69© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  70. 70. - Investors - Partners 70© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  71. 71. • VTel reached agreement with CVPS/GMP (merging) to provide Smart Metering Communications services, thank to the LTE Wireless Open World (WOW) network (fully deployed by 2013), funded via Gvt Broadband rural plan. WOW 71© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  72. 72. - Currently rolling out WiMAX Network - 150 sites - 12000 Smart Monitoring devices - 3000 Mobile Field computers - 200 Substations - Already plan migration to FULL LTE Network - Trials in 2011: 15 sites 72© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  73. 73. • - Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) LTE Demo 73© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  74. 74. - Hexing electrical - DT deploys LTE in Digital Dividend band (@800MHz) in Germany 74© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  75. 75. Communication between charging point & electric vehicle: a key issue Electric vehicles Bidirectional flow vehicle / grid Contribution to the Contribution to overall aim of eliminating peak Payment for the energy charged by the car reducing CO2 loads in the network emissions (storage of energy) Compensation for the energy delivered by the car Communication for the energy metering Need for a standardized technology allowing : Definition of the user readiness for charge 75 75© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  76. 76. Energy Management – Smart Vehicle ISO 15 118 76 76© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  77. 77. Sagemcom Energy Management Systems 77 77© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  78. 78. Energy Department – field application SMART Vehicule SMART BUILDING SMART HOME SMART METERING Smart car Charging point BMS Services applied to the building Multi services Home Management Energy Management Energy Management Local Display Data modem Muc, Energy Gateway 78 78© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  79. 79. Smart Vehicular environments From Connected Car ToIntelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  80. 80. Smart Car connectivity 80© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  81. 81. Smart Car: Entertainment 81© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  82. 82. Applications & Services Public Transports Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) & infotainment Kids VoD Music & Video Streaming News, social Net Videos, music, sport OS, touchscreen user interface Media players… LTE radio 82© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  83. 83. 83© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  84. 84. Train - Services 350KEuros per coach!! 84© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  85. 85. 85© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  86. 86. Urban Transit: smart Travel Station 86© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  87. 87. ITS overview 87© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  88. 88. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Security & Safety • Stolen vehicle tracking • eCall Services • Roadside Assistance This market is expected to grow significantly thanks to country specific regulation : in US with E911 & E912 directives (“GM Onstar” standard launched in the Americas by GM and ChevyStar), in Brazil with tracking device required in all new cars from mid2009; in Europe with eCall from 2011: from 6M OBU in 2012 to 9M in 2013 (Movea). Interests in automotive marketRoad Charge Insurance• DSRC Module • Monitor leased & mortgaged vehicles• GPS Tolling capabilities • Pay as you drive solutions with CrownThis market is expected to grow Telecom 24Horas in Brazil (VW), other insignificantly thanks to environmental France & Italy.policies in developed countries (TollCollect in Germany, Czech Rep,Kilometre Price in NL, Ecotaxe in Navigation & Driver ServicesFrance) and to efficient toll collect • Dynamic Traffic Informationprograms in emerging countries. • Route Calculation • Real-time Alerts Very fragmented market. 88 © Thierry Lestable, 2012
  89. 89. Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Feature Europe North America Japan Frequency Band 5.8GHz 915 MHz 5.9GHz 5.8GHz Max Throughput DL: 0.5 DL/UL: 1 0.5 27 (Mbps) UL: 0.25 to 4 ARIB STD Standard CEN IEEE 802.11p/1609 T75 & T88 CEN DSRC norms Year Topic EN 12253 2004 L1 - PHY @ 5.8GHz EN 12795 2003 L2 - Data Link Layer (DLL) EN 12834 2003 L7 - Application Layer EN 13372 2004 DSRC profiles for RTTT EN ISO 14906 2004 Electronic Fee Collection CEN DSRC is not sufficient for V2V and V2I communications! 89© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  90. 90. WAVE, DSRC & IEEE 802.11p • WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments) – Mode of operation used by IEEE 802.11 devices to operate in the DSRC band • DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) – ASTM Standard E2213-03, based on IEEE 802.11a – Name of the 5.9GHz band allocated for the ITS communications • IEEE 802.11p – Based on ASTM Standard E2213-03 • DSRC Devices 90© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  91. 91. WAVE, DSRC protocol Stack 91© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  92. 92. WAVE: Key components • IEEE 1609 – P1609.1: Resource Manager – P1609.2: Security Services for Applications & Mgt Msgs – P1609.3: Networking Services – P1609.4: Multi-Channel Operations 92© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  93. 93. DSRC North America • New DSRC (based on 802.11a) OLD NEW 93© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  94. 94. DSRC: Performance Enveloppe North America 94© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  95. 95. European Commission Mandate 95© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  96. 96. European Commission Mandate • Legal Environment • Standard Environment 96© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  97. 97. ETSI ITS: Roadmap 2009-2011 97© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  98. 98. New European Allocation & PHY: ITS-G5 Frequency Usage Regulation Harmonized range standard5 905 MHz to Future ITS ECC Decision [i.9] EN 302 571 [1] 5 925 MHz applications5 875 MHz to ITS road safety ECC Decision [i.9], 5 905 MHz Commission Decision [i.13]5 855 MHz to ITS non-safety ECC Recommendation [i.7] 5 875 MHz applications Channel type Centre Channel Default data TX power TX power5 470 MHz to RLAN (BRAN, ERC Decision [i.8] EN 301 893 [2] frequency spacing rate limit density limit 5 725 MHz WLAN) Commission Decisions [i.11] and [i.12] G5CC 5 900 MHz 10 MHz 6 Mbit/s 33 dBm EIRP 23 dBm/MHz G5SC2 5 890 MHz 10 MHz 12 Mbit/s 23 dBm EIRP 13 dBm/MHz G5SC1 5 880 MHz 10 MHz 6 Mbit/s 33 dBm EIRP 23 dBm/MHz G5SC3 5 870 MHz 10 MHz 6 Mbit/s 23 dBm EIRP 13 dBm/MHz G5SC4 5 860 MHz 10 MHz 6 Mbit/s 0 dBm EIRP -10 dBm/MHz G5SC5 As required in several dependent on 30 dBm EIRP 17 dBm/MHz [2] for the channel (DFS master) band spacing 5 470 MHz to 23 dBm EIRP 10 dBm/MHz 5 725 MHz (DFS slave) The physical layer of ITS-G5 shall be compliant with the profile of IEEE 802.11 – orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) PHY specification for the 5 GHz band 98© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  99. 99. V2V and V2R Communications • Typical V2V • Typical V2R applications applications – Accidents – Road Works areas – Congestions – Speed limits – Blind spot warning – intersections – Lane changeV2V: Vehicle-to-VehicleV2R: Vehicle-to-Roadside (infrastructure) 99 © Thierry Lestable, 2012
  100. 100. ITS: Road Transport / Safety • R2V communications – Roadside equipment sends warning messages – On board equipment receives these messages – Driver is made aware well in advance and has more time to react – Examples • Road works areas, speed limits, dangerous curves, intersections 100© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  101. 101. ITS: Road Transport / Safety • V2V communications – Dedicated vehicles send warning messages to other road users – On board equipment receives these messages – Driver is made aware of such events and can react accordingly – Examples • Emergency services, traffic checks, dragnet controls 101© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  102. 102. ETSI ITS: Automotive Radar • Anti-Collision radar – blind spot warning, lane change, obstacles, parking – EN 302 288 (24 GHz), EN 302 264 (79 GHz) • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) – define desired interval and maximum speed to follow traffic – vehicle sets corresponding speed automatically – increase of traffic fluidity, decrease of emissions and fuel consumption – EN 301 091 (77 GHz) 102© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  103. 103. ETSI ITS: Electronic Fee Collection • Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) – 5,8 GHz frequency band mostly used – Base Standards elaborated by CEN • EN 12795, EN 12834, EN 13372 – Specifications for Conformance Testing elaborated by ETSI • TS 102 486 standards family • An envisaged component of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) • Alternative deployments possible, e.g. – fees for ferries and tunnels – parking fees • Unique ID required – service provider approach 103© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  104. 104. ETSI ITS: Road Transport Traffic Management • Road Transport and Traffic Telematics (RTTT) – Navigation – Traffic conditions • avoiding congestions • finding alternative routes – Road conditions • ice warnings • floods • Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) – RDS-TMC (Traffic Management Channel) for FM broadcast – Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) for DAB/DMB/DVB • Future complementary deployments – Vehicle-to-vehicle communications • e.g. congestion messages delivered to broadcasters – Roadside-to-vehicle communications • e.g. ice sensors on bridges 104© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  105. 105. Railways & aeronautics • Railways • Air-to-Air & Air-to- – European Rail Traffic Ground Management System communications & (ERTMS) Navigation Systems • GSM-R • European Train Control • Single European Sky System (ETCS) – Moving Air Traffic Ctrl Regulation to the European – GSM-R Level • Dedicated & harmonized frequency • GSM & RLAN band for Railways onboard – LBS – Passenger information 105© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  106. 106. Green ICT Smart Homes(Broadband Code of Conduct) & Smart Grids
  107. 107. Spécificité Francaise du contenu carbone de l’électricité 107© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  108. 108. Comparaison des gains par levier 108© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  109. 109. Compteurs intelligents & Smart appliances: Gain de 10 à 15% 109© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  110. 110. Smart Grid / Electric Car 110© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  111. 111. Smart Meter for electric Car 111© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  112. 112. Toll Fee / Péage Urbain: Gain de 8 à 16% 112© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  113. 113. Smart Home: Broadband European Code of Conduct 113© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  114. 114. Smart Home: Broadband European Code of Conduct So far, organizations are VOLUNTEER! This means Power Saving starts to count from Marketing side! 114© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  115. 115. Interim Conclusions, Trends &Research Directions
  116. 116. IoT: Future Technological Developments (1/2) 116© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  117. 117. IoT: Future Technological Developments (2/2) 117© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  118. 118. IoT: Research Needs (1/2) 118© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  119. 119. IoT: Research Needs (2/4) 119© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  120. 120. IoT: Research Needs (3/4) 120© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  121. 121. IoT: Research Needs (4/4) 121© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  122. 122. Grand Emprunt 122© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  123. 123. 4.5 Milliards d’Euros Fond national pour la Société Numérique (FSN) 2 Milliards d’Euros 2.5 Milliards d’Euros Développement Développement Services, Usages et Territoire Contenus numériques Réseaux Haut Débit Innovants 1 Milliard d’Euros 750 Millions d’Euros 250 Millions d’Euros 750 Millions d’Euros Couverture Couverture Couverture Technologies Nouveaux ZONES Cloud Numérisation ZONES PEU ZONES de base du usages DENSITE Computing des Contenus DENSES RURALES Numérique Numériques MOYENNE PPP AAP#1 PPP - Smart Grids (250 Prêt Subvention Subvention/ PPP Mars 2011 Millions via ADEME) Participation - e-Santé -e-éducation 123© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  124. 124. SystemX – IRT de system@tic plateformes interdisciplinaires rassemblant les compétences de l’industrie et de la recherche publique dans une logique de co-investissement public-privé et de collaboration étroite entre tous les acteurs SystemX SystemX INGENIERIE INGENIERIE NUMERIQUE DES NUMERIQUE DES SYSTEMES DU SYSTEMES DU FUTUR FUTUR 124© Thierry Lestable, 2012
  125. 125. Collaborative R&D Projects (FP7 & FUI) Broadband evolved FEMTO networks: Next Generation LTE-A Femtocells EXpAnding LTE for Devices: M2M for LTE-A -Digital Home Network (multimedia) Power saving: up to 70% -Radiation reduction: Up to 50% 125© Thierry Lestable, 2012
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  128. 128. Thanks for your attention… Any Question, any interest in Internship and/or Job application: