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Ignes lo ra - thierry lestable - 29102015 - vfinal


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LoRa Presentation to IGNES alliance, October 2015, Paris, France

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Ignes lo ra - thierry lestable - 29102015 - vfinal

  1. 1. LoRa™ Alliance: Enabling IoT NOW Thierry Lestable, Ph.D Vice-Chairman of the LoRa™ Alliance
  2. 2. Internet of Everything (IoE) is coming…sooner than you think By 2020: * [30-50]Billion devices connected * $7,1 Trillion Global Market
  3. 3. IoT/M2M,Beyond the Hype… 5G??
  4. 4. IoT early stage investments (2013) Cellular IoT $25M $115M $25M $11M
  5. 5. Overall IoT Market Forecastby 2025 Source: McKinsey, June 2015 The industry 4.0 Global Market is massive, and requiresappropriate solution NOW. Most of early Market focus
  6. 6. Emerging De-facto LRLP standards Vs? And/Or? ‘De-facto’ standards IOT, Multi-Vendors,Certification
  7. 7. • LoRA™ Alliance • announced during CES 2015, in Las Vegas (January’15) • Launched during MWC 2015, in Barcelona (March’15) • IoT – Long Range Low Power (LRLP): LoRA™ Alliance +130 members!! (Oct.’15)
  8. 8. LoRa™ Alliance Mission EnableInternet of Things through a global Low Power Wide Area Network  Openly AvailableSpecification  Based on Open Standards  Certified secure Interoperability  Open Business Models  Create a strong GlobalEco-system OPEN for Business & Innovation
  9. 9. LoRa™Alliance: Status • Open & Non-Profit • Founded: March-2015 • Board • IBM, Cisco, Bouygues Telecom, KPN, Proximus, Semtech, Sagemcom, Actility, Kerlink, Augtek, Homerider • Chairman: Geoff Mulligan • Committees • Technical: Nicolas Sornin,Semtech • Marketing: Tracy Hopkins, Stream Technologies • Strategy: Stephen Caldwell, Microchip • Certification: Derek Hunt, Semtech • Specification: LoRaWAN R1.0 • Members: 130 • Countries: 27 • Open & Non-Profit • Founded:March-2015 • Board • IBM, Cisco, Bouygues Telecom, KPN, Proximus, Semtech, Sagemcom, Actility, Kerlink, Augtek, Homerider • Chairman: Geoff Mulligan • Vice-Chairs: • Olivier Hersent, Actility • ThierryLestable, Sagemcom • Committees • Technical: Nicolas Sornin, Semtech • Marketing: TracyHopkins, Stream Technologies • Strategy: StephenCaldwell, Microchip • Certification: Derek Hunt, Semtech • Specification(PUBLIC): LoRaWAN R1.0 +130 Members, 27 CountriesWorldwide !
  10. 10. LoRaWAN: 8 Announced deployments, 56 on-going Operators Trials
  11. 11. LoRaWAN technology objective True Location  In/out door  Accurate  Per message Bidirectional  Bidirectional  Scalable Capacity  Broadcast  Network management Global Mobility  True Mobility  Seamless  Roaming Security  Device Unique  Application  Network
  12. 12. LoRa™: Bidirectional communications Class A: Receiver Initiated Transmission strategy (RIT) Class B: Coordinated Sampled Listening (CSL) Network may send downlink packetto node at any Rx slot Class C: ContinuousListening LoRa™ is fully bidirectionnal from early stage. Three Modes (Class A, B, C) allow to embrace Industry 4.0 strong segment of applications. Latencyconstrainedapplications PowerEfficiency BatteryPowered Sensors BatteryPowered Actuators MainsPowered Sensors
  13. 13. Strategic IoT Use Cases/Services (illustrations)
  14. 14. Waste Collection for Smart Cities, By ENEVO Waste Collection optimized route Waste Container connected sensor Finland Ultrasonicfill level sensor 10+ yearsbattery life IP66, [-40°, +85°]
  15. 15. Tank monitoring & Delivery Optimization, By SENET Network as a Service (NaaS) - Wireless Network roll-out(150 Rx GW) - Data Aggregationplatform - Network ResourceTools US Propane, Heating oil, Water, Farming coop….
  16. 16. Fire/CO2 Detection & Alarms, by FINSECUR 10 years battery life Up to 10 ‘DAAF’ (Detectors) interconnected Std: EN 14604 HQ Nanterre, FR
  17. 17. Many more IoT Products brought by LoRa™ Adopters… Street Lighting Smart Locks, Trackers Trackers Invenit BV
  18. 18. GeoFencing, GeoTargeting, GeoPositioning, Tracking… “Triggergeofences basedon events like - entering,dwelling,orleavinga place - time of day - crossing aspeedthreshold - entering a city,state orcountry - aftertravelinga givendistance - aftera particularchangeinaltitude ” Source:Geoloqi Smart Cities
  19. 19. IoT GeoLocation assessmentCriteria & trade-offs There is a strong NEED for flexibilityto deal with variability& Randomnessof Wireless Environment! This will make the difference on SLA & TCO !
  20. 20. Few announcementscoming in near future… Roaming Certification Geolocation The Strategy, Marketing, Technical & Certification Committees are working hard for months to address jointlyfocused & prioritized Business/Market Needs. …..and more…
  21. 21. LPWAN IoT Systems– Now & Tomorrow LPWAN are changing already the rules of competition by proposing new disruptive business models, thanks to tailored technology, well dimensioned from the beginning with the true fondamental and simple primary needs from major industrial IoT: - (Very) Low Power - (Very) Long Range - (Very) Low Cost (TCO) This allows new actors to join the Connected Economy, by adopting available & affordable wireless technology, with simple & fast roll-out. Simplifying IoT roll-out will massively benefit value extraction from data, and its monetization. Innovative & disruptive business is emerging from ISM bands technologies (e.g. WiFi, RFID, SRD, and now IoT), Regulators should bear that in mind…
  22. 22. LoRa Alliance Members meeting and Open House LoRa Alliance Member meeting 9th of November,Rotterdam OPEN HOUSE& MARKET PLACE November 10 , Rotterdam