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Titan Tracker company profile

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Titan tracker company profile

  1. 1. ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY Dual axis Solar Trackers Flat plate (FPV) High concentrating (CPV) Central receiver (CSP) Stirling dish (CSP)
  2. 2. The FirmTITAN TRACKER is a Spanishtechnology based firm, specialized indual-axis solar trackers.The concept was born in 2006, as aspin-off of Cabanillas Ingenieros, S.L.engineering firm with more than 30years of experience in mechanicalengineering.The firm was launched with a seriouscommitment of providing an entirelyreliable solution to the market. Geometry of the TITAN TRACKER for flat PV 2
  3. 3. Assets All claims awardedOur main asset is technologyO i ti t h lTITAN TRACKER is a patentedtechnology,technology extremely clear andsimple. All the claims in terms ofnovelty, inventive step and industrialapplicability have been awarded bythe rigorous European Patent Office(EPO)Our business model is based on themanagement of our IndustrialProperty Rights (IPR) such as p y g ( ) PCT report on patentability by EPOlicensing agreements 3
  4. 4. ProductsTITAN TRACKER is a valid solution to be applied in all solarmarkets requiring dual-axis trackers, not only for conventionalPV, but also for concentrating (CPV) and CSP Stirling and Tower. PV 125-211 ATR: 211 m2 125 km/h 125-120 ATR: 120 m2 125 km/h CPV 122-219 122 219 ATR PRECISION 219 m2 122 k /h PRECISION: km/h 125-120 ATR PRECISION: 120 m2 125 km/h CSP 125-124 ATR STIRLING: 124 m2 125 km/h Geometry of the TITAN TRACKER for Stirling 125 211 125-211 ATR STIRLING: 211 m2 125 km/h 4
  5. 5. MarketsTITAN TRACKER is a global technology supplier• Spain, France, Italy• Greece and Turkey• USA, Canada and Mexico• Middle East and North Africa• China, India and AustraliaWe are looking for strategicppartnerships such as: p Main solar markets• Distribution agreements• Licensing agreements 5
  6. 6. PerformanceTITAN TRACKER exceeds the FEATURES TITAN TRACKER One-single support (Mounted Pole)rest of the solar trackers SUPPORTS 5 1performance (based on mounted- mounted MIN. MIN ZENITHAL ANGLE 1º/10º 30º/35ºpole systems) with relevant TWO-AXIS TRACKING COMPLETE PARTIALadvantages in terms of: INDEPENDENCE Structure and driving YES NO HYDRAULICS NO YES FOUNDATION (Concrete) 1,45 gal/ ft2 2,3 gal/ ft2• Reliability FOUNDATION (Steel) 0,21 p/ ft2 1,13 p/ ft2 DESIGN WIND SPEED (1) 77,5 mph Seek advice• E Energy yield i ld PANEL ASSEMBLY SCREW LESS WITH SCREWS STRUCTURE WITH SCREWS WELDED• Accuracy DEFORMATIONS ≈l 2 ≈l 3 ACCURACY for CPV >0.01 >0.01º <0.01 <0.01º• C t effective Cost ff ti MOVEMENT for CPV CONTINUOUS DISCONTINUOUS (1) Board in vertical position TITAN TRACKER vs mounted-pole mounted pole 6
  7. 7. ReliabilityAs reliable as fixed structure• Independence between structure and driving• Five supports structure• Based on a 3D truss• Mainly cold-formed profiles• Welding parts are minimal• No hydraulics• No bending moments• And more …More than 99,5% availability TITAN TRACKER with a relevant Chinese firm 7
  8. 8. Energy yield45% more energy than fixed systems - 30 degrees tilt oriented to the South – in 40 degrees North latitude (Spain)The most profitable in the flat PV• C Complete d l l dual-axis tracking k 45%• Starting from 10 degrees in elevation 35%• 2 295 KWh/Kwp (*) 2.295 ( ) 1 33%• Improve dramatically your IRR TITAN TRACKER 2 axis 30% Polar(*) located in 40 degrees North latitude (Spain) AzimuthalFrom 01/10/2008 to 30/09/2009 in Toledo 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% TITAN TRACKER performance vs other trackers 8
  9. 9. AccuracyAccuracy is a critical parameter for CPV & CSP since moreaccuracy implies more energy yieldThe most accurate in the CPV&CSP• Minimal deformations• Zero backlash• Optical sensor 0,002º• Even under windy conditions• And reliable: continuous movement Typical acceptance curveAccuracy better than 0,01 degrees 9
  10. 10. PartnersWe have a network of global partners Metalworking fi M t l ki firms Suppliers of components Suppliers of services ppWe provide “turn-key” tracker 10
  11. 11. BankabilityTITAN TRACKER is the mostbankable dual-axis solution:• Real track records• Technical due dilligence• Warranty of Product• Warranty of Availability• Warranty of Energy yield Solar park of Azoverines in Gerindote (Toledo) Spain 11
  12. 12. References: Flat PVTITAN TRACKER has suppliedmore than 15 MW, in operationfrom 2007One of the biggest solar parksusing dual-axis trackers around theworld uses TITAN TRACKERsThese days, we have utility-scaleprojects in the pipeline. One of themost relevant EPCs is bidding withour technology Solar park of Eruela in Pedro Muñoz (C. Real) SpainWe also offer solar repowering 12
  13. 13. References: CPVWe have taken part in the ISFOCprojects, www.isfoc.com aninternational reference in theR&D of the CPV technologies.ISFOC has carried out atechnical assessment of ourCPV tracker with excellent resultsWe are having conversations withthe main manufactures and EPCsin the field of CPV technologies. Installation of the tracker in the ISFOC facilities 13
  14. 14. References: CSP StirlingA pionner in the Stirling CSP technologiesTITAN TRACKER has developed aStirling dish based on ourknowledge and expertise in CPV.Low-cost and mass-scalemanufacturing only b means of f i l by fstraight and circular profiles. Itallows fine adjustment to have aperfect parabolic surface f t b li fWe are working with partners in pthe most relevant SpanishR&D Stirling project. TITAN TRACKER for CSP Stilring 14
  15. 15. References: CSP towerA great solution to cut costs dramaticallyTITAN TRACKER leads the racetowards the grid-parity in the CSP grid paritycentral receiver technologiesThe cost of heliostats is about45% of the total b d f h l budget. W Weprovides highest performance withthe most cost-effectiveWe are launching pilot projectswith some of the relevant playersaround the world Field of heliostats in the PSA 15
  16. 16. Contact El valor de la tecnología Carlos García Sales & Marketing cgarcia@titantracker.es g @ +34 925 77 04 18 New web: www.titantracker.com 16