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Russo spt2013


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Science without technology ? The case of biomarkers research

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Russo spt2013

  1. 1. Science without technology? The case of biomarkers research in molecular epidemiology Federica Russo Center Leo Apostel, VrijeUniversiteitBrussel
  2. 2. Overview Exposomics science The poietic-enabling power of technology Signal-detection through technology Phil Tech and Phil Sci perspectives
  3. 3. Exposomics: the science of total exposure 3
  4. 4. Environmental exposure and disease Traditional epidemiology Establish correlation between environmental factors and classes of disease Molecular epidemiology Measurement at molecular level Identify biomarkers of exposure, of early clinical changes, of disease 4
  5. 5. Technology in exposomics Sensors, smartphones, GPS Omic technologies Liquid chromatography Mass spectometry Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Statistics softwares
  6. 6. What relation between science and technology? In exposomics the line between science and technology is blurred Would exposomics be possible without technology? What is the role of technology in exposmics? What does technology contribute to exposomics? What do we use technology for in exposomics?
  7. 7. The poietic-enabling power of technology Technology ancillary to science Technology instrumental to science Embodiment of science in technology Instrumental realism Science instrumental to creation of technology Technology instrumental to creation of science Technology enables creation of data, of phenomena, of knowledge
  8. 8. Signal-detecting through technology Theory-driven vsdata-driven research Issues about study design Creation of massive data What do we do with such data? What do we look for? Detect signal to Establishing meaningful correlations in the data Tracing information Establishing causal links
  9. 9. Phil Tech and Phil Sci Phil Tech investigated role of technology in science Embodiment, instrumental realism, … Phil Sciabstracted from use of technology Epistemology and metaphysics of ‘distilled’ science Exposomics as catalyst to integrate perspectives Epistemology and metaphysics depend on technology
  10. 10. To conclude Technology allows us to create of data, phenomena, knowledge No science without technology and no technology without science Yet we are far from automation of causal discovery Behind technology we find techno-scientis Perspectivism Distributed nature of understanding