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Best accommodation option inside jim corbett park


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Best accommodation option inside jim corbett park

  1. 1. Best Accommodation Option Inside Jim Corbett ParkThe Jim Corbett Park is one of the oldest and the most well known Tiger Reserves inIndia. Situated in the beautiful town ofRamnagar, in Nainital, Corbett Park is fullof visual delights, casting everlastingimpressions. Corbett Park is full of touristsand visitors round the year and thus hasdeveloped a large number of forest lodgesoffering the best of facilities and comfort.Some of the best accommodation optioninside Jim Corbett Park includes DhikalaForest Lodge, Gairal Forest Lodge andSarapduli Forest Lodge. Though there areothers that have a good repute as well. But these deserve a special mention because ofreasons yet to be discovered.Dhikala Forest Lodge is situated at a distance of 30 kilometers from the Dhangadi Gate.The journey from the gate tothe lodge itself is anadventurous one, including thedrive across the RamgangaRiver and the dense forest ofSal trees. Some of the commonanimals that one might spotare Barking Deer, Elephants,Barasinga, Hyena, Tigers andMonitor Lizards. The DhikalaForest Lodge contains variouscategories of rest houses andcabins. Priced according to thefacilities they offer, this particular lodge attracts a lot of tourists from all corners of theworld.The Gairal Forest Lodge is a little closer situated at about 20 kilometers distance fromthe Dhangadi Gate. The Sultan Lodge and the Corbett National Museums fall on the wayto the lodge from the gate. This is one of the best places to stay in the Corbett Park as itis surrounded by the rustle of the rivers and the wild dense forests. However the Forest
  2. 2. Department ensures that no predator enters the lodge premises and thus has set upsolar fences.The Sarapduli Forest Lodge falls between the Dhikala Lodge and the Dhangadi Gate. A prior reservation with the tour authorities or the Project Tiger authorities is a must to stay at this lodge. The lodge comprises of 2 Bungalow rooms and 2 Hutments. Any kind of foot movement is restricted in the areas where bungalows are made as most wild animals are found freely moving around the lodge. The Sarapdulilodge thus offers a great amount of adventure and is the perfect destination to be foranimal people with a knack for extreme adventure.There are other lodges as well, like the Kanda forest, Khinnanauli Forest lodge, SultanForets lodge and many more. However the above three lodges discussed in detail aresome of the best places to stay in the Jim Corbett National Park.