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Tis labs profile


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TIS Labs Profile

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Tis labs profile

  1. 1. Organization Profile Linux – OpenSource – Unix – Virtualization – Cloud Computing Services Organization Kolkata, India1
  2. 2. TIS Labs – Organization Profile About UsTIS Labs Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Infrastructure Services Organization working in niche areas. We operateout of Kolkata and Pune and are the exclusive Linux / Open Source / Unix based IT Infrastructuresolution provider in East and NE India and now at Pune as well. We are Red Hat Business Partner andalso the first Enterprise Level business partner of VMWARE amongst the local IT organization atEastern India. We are purely a Service-Only organization using mostly OpenSource / Linux solutions.In these days of economic slowdown, the IT managers and the CXOs are struggling to manage their ITinfrastructures with limited available resources – be it human resource or hardware and software. TISLabs is skilled to address these issues and is helping organizations build and manage their ITinfrastructures with right cost-effective technology and right operational procedures [and withoutusing proprietary expensive virus-prone unstable software].Opensource and Virtualization are the avenues to take a quantum leap in IT operational flexibility,speed of deployment and application performance and availability. Virtualization allows IT managersto deliver more to their business needs while having firm control on costs. And if we deployVirtualized environments on Opensource then that’s a perfect cost effective solution for the business.We offer capabilities to design, build, migrate, integrate, manage, and evolve state-of-the-art opensource solutions (Linux Based). We help our customers incorporate open source technologies, and wehave specialized services that feature open source solutions. Some of these solutions are: LDAP based directory services using OpenLDAP and smb-LDAP E-Mail Services using both FOSS (postfix-sqmail), Axigen and Zimbra-like Enterprise tools High-Availability Clusters using Cluster Suites or Heartbeat based low-cost but stable solutions High Performance and CUDA Computing [HPC] using both free ROCKS / OpenMP / LAM-MPI and Enterprise class tools from Intel, Moab Cluster Management, OpenACC tools etc. Unified Communications [VoIP / FaxoIP / Video-oIP] using Asterisk-Elastix Backup and Restore using Zmanda, Tivoli or Symantec on Linux Gateway Security using Untangle, ClearOS etc., NMS using Nagios etc. DLP using myDLP, Databases like mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc. Java based Middleware like JBOSS, Zope, Tomcat etc. on clustered environments. Content Management using Alfresco or Confluence and many more IT Infrastructure solutions. Amazon [AWS] instance Management, Verisign PKI CA integration with e-Mail etc.On the virtualization front, we have capabilities for Server consolidation, Hardware abstraction andApplication isolation using cost-effective KVM based hypervisor. We help our clients to:• Run multiple operating systems on a single server thus reducing cost• Run a leaner (and greener) datacenter and thus save electricity cost• Utilize the hardware resources to the maximum instead of having One Server for One Application• Keep the application availability up thereby securing the business. 2 Red Hat,Oracle-Linux/VM and VMWARE Enterprise Level Business Partner
  3. 3. TIS Labs – Organization ProfileUsing Xen / KVM based Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization [RHEV], we modernize clients’ ITinfrastructure for a more capable platform or increase the infrastructure operational efficiency. This isa high-performance, end-to-end solution thats available for both server and desktop virtualization withthe following advantages • The widest ecosystem for hardware and enterprise independent software vendors • Record-breaking performance and scalability. • Comprehensive security. • The lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in its class.Plus we help clients benefit from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Management features, whichinclude live migration, high availability, load balancing, power saving, and more.Being Enterprise class Business Partner of both Red Hat and VMWARE, we have the skills to buildInternal Clouds for our clients with a business need-based mix and match of both these solutions.The route that we take in delivering these cost effective solutions isConsulting => Proof of Concept => Test Environment Deployment => Production EnvironmentDeploymentOn the operations front, we also undertake 24 x 7 remote infrastructure management services. Wecan either take control of your Linux servers and do an end-to-end support remotely. This will havetremendous impact on your operational cost as well.And TIS Labs being a firm believer in ITIL and other quality processes, we also undertake consultingassignments in Technology, Business Processes and Quality Processes. We have highly experiencedconsultants for IT / business / ISO certification needs. Some of the areas are as follows: ITIL Consulting leading to ISO 20000 certification Information Security Consulting leading to BS7799 / ISO27001 certification BCP-DR Consulting IT Effectiveness and Gap Analysis etc.Conceived in 2009 and born in January 2010, we are almost a three year old entity. During the past 33months, we have gone through an interesting journey and have succeeded to engage with 40+ clientsspread across SMB, Govt and Corporate-Enterprise. We have been engaged in assignments rangingfrom simple Linux based desktop solutions to configuring complex HA based e-gov projects toconfiguring large HPC and HA environments for premier science and education research institutes andcompanies in India & USA. Our inhouse Lab which is a Linux and Virtualization Centre of Excellencehas been used by our large clients in doing PoCs and Benchmarks for critical Linux based solutions.TIS Labs would continue to be a Linux / OpenSource promoter in the geography that we operate onand with the help of all our well-wishers and customers, we hope to continue the good work andthereby meet the customers’ needs with niche solutions. 3 Red Hat,Oracle-Linux/VM and VMWARE Enterprise Level Business Partner
  4. 4. TIS Labs – Organization Profile Skill-Set Matrix HPC andResource Open ITIL / Open NetApp EMC VMWARE Exp in Unix Linux Source Security Source Storage Storage / Cloud Yrs. based Consulting development24 Yrs √ √ √ √10 Yrs. √ √ √10 Yrs √ √ √ √ √ √6 Yrs √ √ √ √ √ √5 Yrs. √ √ 4 Red Hat,Oracle-Linux/VM and VMWARE Enterprise Level Business Partner
  5. 5. TIS Labs – Organization Profile Credentials International PKI-CA based Encrypted Secured e-Mail services configuration using Postfix and related OpenSource1 Plexogenic, USA based solutions for US Healthcare domain and complying with Direct Project Protocol.2 StopLift, USA Point of Sale [PoS] Data Parsing [Pilot Stage] Domestic HPC on Linux *1 Indian Statistical Institute JBOSS & MySQL HA on KVM - RHEL using DRBD*2 NEHU Shillong – Dept. of Physics HPC on Lunux * HA based Web and Mail Service Configuration on3 Ordnance Factory Board, Kolkata RHEL *4 IISCO - Burnpur E-Mail service configuration on RHEL * LDAP, E-Mail, Web, FTP, HP OpenView, DNS etc.5 Arunachal Pradesh - SWAN configuration on RHEL * Gateway Security, Proxy Service and RHEL based6 Katwa College Desktop configurations7 Army Base - Jorhat E-Mail service configuration on RHEL * HPC on Linux and integration with DNA Analyzer.* HPC on Linux for Departmental Activity8 Indian Institute of Chemical Biology LDAP, E-Mail, Web, FTP, DNS, Squid Proxy etc. configuration on Linux and Annual Maintenance. Indian Institute of Science Education9 HPC on Linux & Research [IISER-K] National Institute of Science &10 HPC on Linux Technology, Berhampore11 IIT, Patna HPC on Linux *12 Eveready Industries Annual Maintenance of Linux based IT Infrastructure VMWARE based HA Configuration13 Asian Leather Sonicwall UTM Installation and Squid Proxy on Linux14 Skipper Steel Axigen based E-Mail Service Configuration on RHEL.15 Park Indicom Axigen based E-Mail Service Configuration on RHEL. Setting up Linux based IT Infrastructure [Untangle16 Raffles Millennium based gateway Security and smb-LDAP]17 Praxis Softek Solutions RHEL and Oracle DB installation Setting up of Tomcat, Zope, PostgreSQL and Zmanda N-24 Parganas District e-Governance18 based backup on HA architecture on RHEL and Annual Project [NIC] Maintenance *19 Anshin Software Supply and Installation of RHEL Setting up Linux based smtp authentication for remote20 Apeejay Group users.21 Adapt Solutions Integration of Traverse and RT on Linux 5 Red Hat,Oracle-Linux/VM and VMWARE Enterprise Level Business Partner
  6. 6. TIS Labs – Organization Profile 22 Marks Pryor, Pune smb-LDAP and Axigen based e-Mail on RHEL Setting up of VMWARE and Linux based IT 23 Bandhan MicroFinance Infrastructure including Axigen e-Mail Central Inland Fisheries Research 24 Installation of RHEL * Institute 25 Meghbela Broadband DNS and e-Mail configuration on RHEL * 26 A S Group smb-LDAP configuration on Linux 27 CityTech Setting up of Windows based IT Infrastructure Setting up of Windows based IT Infrastructure and 28 Tavrida Electric Annual Maintenance 29 ARCVAC Forgecast Consulting & UTM and EMC SAN installation 30 Nucleus Mind Untangle based Gateway Security on Linux 31 Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre Configuration of HA for ssh on Linux * Linux Training 32 ICRA VMWARE based Server Infrastructure 33 Brand Value Communications Supply and Installation of RHEL Untangle based Gateway Security and Red Hat Ent. 34 Sheikhpara ARM College Hypervisor based Virtualization to host MS SQL Server DB and Oracle DB on the VMs 35 Ashok Marketing smb-LDAP configuration on Linux 36 Merino Industries, Delhi Consulting 37 TYCO Setting up Linux based IT Infrastructure HPC on Linux for Botany Dept.* 38 North Bengal University HPC on Linux for Chemistry Dept.* 39 CMC Ltd. Linux KVM based Server Virtualization * 40 Ambey Mining RHEV based Server Virtualization RHEL [Postfix-Dovecot-SquirrelMail] based Mail 41 Chattisgarh State Elec. Board [CSEB] Migration to new hardware ** Indirect Orders received From OEMs/SIs/Resellers Office & Delivery Centre: Park Plaza, 71 Park St , Kolkata, India Technology Infrastructure Services & Consulting *********************** 6 Red Hat,Oracle-Linux/VM and VMWARE Enterprise Level Business Partner