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  • 5. The Cousin – Coming in at number five is an oldie, but a goodie. The reason for the number five placement is basically because I don't really remember it all too well. [Being a head injury, it's expected.] Taking place sometime in my early childhood, best guess is two/three-ish, and when we lived at a different house in Walbridge, my older cousin Amy was carrying my down the steps to the basement. She'd just made it to the last few steps when I was dropped. I landed face-first on the last step. I was taken to the emergency room, given a somewhat clean-bill of health and got to sport a sweet-lookin' black eye for a week or so. For anyone who is interested, there are pictures of me with the black eye, some of which are kinda nasty looking. 4. The Tattoo – Oh sweet power symbol tattoo, how I love you, but I gotta admit, I love the story about how I got you just a little bit more. This story takes place only a year ago, at the Infinite Art tattoo parlor in Toledo. A day filled with ink, my older sister Teri, her friend Nicole and I all had tattoo appointments scheduled together in the mid-afternoon. Sadly for me, I had class before the appointments, thus not leaving me a lot of time between the two. I made sure to eat a hearty breakfast in preparation for the event, but it didn't seem to last. Fast-forward about six hours and I'm in the chair and the needle is whirling. Teri had to leave for work so Nicole and I were left alone. The artist had worked his way through half the tattoo when I started feeling a little funny. I raised the white flag and we decided to take a quick break. Now, by this time, my top lip had begun to tingle, a sure sign of bad things to come. Now, I'm told that I turned to Nicole and said "I don't feel so good," then I was gone, completely passed out. I slipped off the chair, hit the floor and smack my head on the door-jam of the room. Next thing I know, I open my eyes to Nicole and the tattoo artist above me and my head is ringing. Nicole sprints across the street to grab me a candy bar and the artist gets me a can of soda. I take a few minutes to pull myself together and then we get back to the tattoo. Time to finish? Five minutes. If only I could have held out a little longer. Who knew such a good story could come from such a tiny tattoo.3. The Gold Club – It's not just cousins that have caused me bodily harm. Warm summer day, beautiful weather, my dad, a golf club and my head; the ingredients for number three on this countdown. Seriously, that's about it. My dad actually hit my in the head with a golf club. Hard. He was trying his darndest to teach us how to golf. Standing around him as he teed up, we were instructed to stand back, so I did, but I guess my choice of standing spot wasn't the best idea. One stroke back with that club and I was seeing stars. Basically, I remember looking out to the field to watch for the ball and next I remember being doubled up and my dad apologizing like crazy. I pretty positive that ended the golf lesson for the day, but it's one I'll never forget. Nor my dad. 2. The Dinosaur Dream – So I gotta say, it was really hard for me to place this at number two. I really struggled with trying to decide between it and my number one pick, but spot two isn't that bad. Time frame on this isn't too long ago either. Not more then five years or so. My parents were out of town but Ashley still lived at home and worked at Corey's. It all starts with a normal night, much like now. I'm sleeping soundly in bed, snoozing away when I'M SUDDENLY ATTACKED BY A GIANT DINOSAUR! I scream and jump away! Sadly, I was technically still in bed and thus threw myself out of it, landing not so gracefully on the floor, but not before cracking my face on the old metal chest I use as a night stand. It's really quiet for a few moments as I try to figure out what in the hell is going on. Then the face pain starts and I feel my cheek. What I find is blood, a lot of it. So of course, I freak out. I try calling Teri but for once in my life I can't be loud enough. In desperation, I grab a shoe and chuck it at her door. She appears in the doorway, not thrilled and I do my best to explain why my face is covered in blood. By this time, Ashley's up and they help me into the bathroom. They do the best they can to clean up my face, but I'm getting that all too familiar tingle in my top lip and then I'm down for the count. I passed out for a few seconds and when I wake back up Ashley and Teri are asking if I'm okay and if I need to go to the emergency room. I tell them to call 911 and suddenly our house is filled with EMTs and I'm being carted out of the house. It's about four in the morning and I'm happy to find that it's just a small cut and no stitches are needed. The three of us make our way home and I admire my second black eye ever, while Ashley complains she has to go to work in a few short hours. All in all, my parents missed an eventful day.1.The Bunk Beds – You want to know what is a deadly mix? Bunk beds and the movie "The Chipmunk Adventure." What started out as a fun time with my sisters ended with a run to the emergency room, a family reunion and a special call from the doctor's office places this event in my life as number one on my list. I'm thinking this was about age four, when the obsession with "The Chipmunk Adventure" spun wildly out of control. Some speculate on this detail, but I remain firm in my memory of it, head injury or not. What I'm guessing could only be a faulty attempt to climb a bunk bed ladder ends in tragedy; mainly me falling off of it. I have very vivid memories of laying on a stretcher and being rolled out of our front-living room and out to the yard, but that's about it. My mom tells me that at the emergency room they took some x-rays and released me. Within the next few days we were off for a family reunion. The entire trip there I was throwing up and not in good shape. After a few days, my parents received a call from the doctor's office. Oops. Turns out they probably shouldn't have let me go, seeing as how I FRACTURED my SKULL. In the end, we had a return trip to the emergency room and I went on to have a very large portion of my childhood disappear from memory.
  • (Clockwise from top left) “Never Try;” “Self Portrait of the Soul;” “Sketches;” “Barely There.”
  • (Clockwise from top left) Postcard for Student Show at the OCC Art Gallery; Solo project, vectorized image; WIRED logo for church program; Tom and Evelyn Mahas’ wedding invitations.
  • Fun Factoid: Got fired from Uncle Joe’s on my 21stbrithday.
  • Thus proving my love of alphabetizing.
  • Thomas Get Acquianted Presentation 1

    1. 1. triciathomas<br />1<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    2. 2. <ul><li>OAD Student
    3. 3. Tentative graduate date of Fall 2010
    4. 4. Employed here on campus in the I.E.T. building as a secretarial student worker
    5. 5. Received my Associates in Commercial Art Technology (graphic design) from Owens
    6. 6. Little Known Facts:
    7. 7. I had epilepsy when I was a kid.
    8. 8. I’ve had enough head injuries to make a Top 5 list.
    9. 9. I love to alphabetize things.</li></ul>a little about me<br />2<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    10. 10. My family<br />3<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    11. 11. pets<br />Fat Louie<br />Dory<br />Dinah<br />Booyo<br />Binx<br />4<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    12. 12. <ul><li>video games (xbox 360, world of warcraft)
    13. 13. reading (ray bradbury, stephen king, alexandredumas)
    14. 14. movies (spirited away, kill bill, evil dead)
    15. 15. music (barenaked ladies, foo fighters, queen)
    16. 16. archery
    17. 17. comic books
    18. 18. being creative (crafting, drawing, painting)</li></ul>interests<br />5<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    19. 19. art<br />All my life I’ve been an artistic kid. I spent many of my days as a child, sitting in the corner because I’d drawn all over our walls. Since then I think I’ve improved somewhat.<br />6<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    20. 20. Graphic design<br />7<br />Tricia Thomas<br />During my time at Owens in the Commercial Arts program I was able to design some unique pieces.<br />
    21. 21. SCHOOLING<br /><ul><li>Walbridge Elementary
    22. 22. Grades 1-4
    23. 23. Lake Middle School
    24. 24. Grades 5-6
    25. 25. Lake Jr. High School
    26. 26. Grades 7-8
    27. 27. Lake High School
    28. 28. Grades 9-12
    29. 29. Graduated in 2003
    30. 30. 9th in my class with an Honor’s Diploma</li></ul>8<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    31. 31. <ul><li>Target – Team Member
    32. 32. Oct. 2003 – Aug. 2004
    33. 33. Uncle Joe’s – Barista
    34. 34. Aug. 2004 – Nov. 2006
    35. 35. Owens Art Gallery – Gallery Attendant
    36. 36. June 2004 – Dec 2007
    37. 37. Owens IET Building – Secretary
    38. 38. Nov. 2008 – Present</li></ul>Work experience<br />9<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    39. 39. <ul><li>Adobe Photoshop
    40. 40. Communication Skills
    41. 41. Dreamweaver
    42. 42. File Management
    43. 43. Illustrator
    44. 44. InDesign
    45. 45. Microsoft Access
    46. 46. Microsoft Excel
    47. 47. Microsoft Outlook
    48. 48. Microsoft PowerPoint
    49. 49. Microsoft Word
    50. 50. Office Equipment
    51. 51. Online Research
    52. 52. Phone Systems
    53. 53. Proofreading
    54. 54. Quark Xpress</li></ul>skills<br />10<br />Tricia Thomas<br />
    55. 55. job goals<br /> Secretarial position, work my way up to a graphics job. Both jobs have a bit in common; organization, computer skills, working with others. I believe they go together and both will help me achieve my goals.<br />11<br />Tricia Thomas<br />