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Stephanie Lang, Department Manager, Digital Content Funding, Medien - und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Wurttemberg mbH (MFG)

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  • As most of you know my name is Stephanie and I work for the MFG Film Funding in Stuttgart. Which is in located in Baden-Württemberg. I mention that because Germany has 16 federal states.
  • And 8 local fundings as you will se in this slide.
  • Our fundingssectors are… and the DCF is somewhere hanging in between. Depends on if you are in the stage of developing or prototyping or further
  • First I want you to introduce you to our probably best project. Which reached the highest success this year. The Best german Game in 2014. It was developed in one of Ingas classes. So you can be sure that there is a story bible and all that. When they first came to my office and explain that they wanna start a company this was for all of us a big thing.
  • The
  • So the created two apps one which guides you through the Cathedrale in Strassbourg and enhance your experience with the videos another gameapp to build the second tower
  • project-based selective funding
    certain deadlines for most of the funding sectors
    funding regulations, application form and information sheets on our website
    project counseling prior to application
    application prior to principal shooting or start of project
    handling and auditing fee for some of the funding sectors
    regional economic effects
  • You are obligated to speak with us at first we are the first customers
    Don´t adapt your project to much for the MFG objective. You will loose something. To be a bit more precise we will help you through.

    Consider the jury members
    They read your stuff on their own. And if they wouldn´t get your story even if their technical or structure properties are difficult to understand – you should try to captivite their attention.

    And if there are interest they will read everything of your project they want to go deeper into your world.
  • The Pixel Lab 2014_Stephanie Lang_MFG Film Funding

    1. 1. 2014
    2. 2. 36.78 Mio. € 11.0 Mio. € 2.1 Mio. € 15.23 Mio. € 13.47 Mio. € 29.33 Mio. € 16.08 Mio. € 29.59 Mio. € Film funding in Germany: local funding 5,0 Mio. €
    3. 3. MFG shareholders and cooperations shareholders since 1995 cooperations since 1999 foundation 1995
    4. 4. Funding sectors
    5. 5. Digital Content Funding (DCF) interactive content games crossmedia high quality film related adjustable market potential high educational value software development
    6. 6. Digital Content Funding (DCF) 2011 2014 2014 The Inner World Studio Fizbin GbR Point and Click Adventure Game Globosome Navel GbR Game of skill (iOS) Plop the Croc Pixelcloud GmbH & Co. KG Jump’n’Run (iOS)
    7. 7. Digital Content Funding (DCF) 2012 2014 2014 Die neuen Baumeister INDI Film GmbH Web Dokumentation, Social Network Game, App Milli Honig Studio GmbH Interactive Storybook for children (iOS, Android) 199 Kleine Helden Schneegans Productions Web-App
    8. 8. • support for new media applications with interactive content games crossmedia mobile applications software development • high-quality, film-related, adjustable, market potential, high educational value • preproduction, prototype, production, publishing • contact: Stephanie Lang / website: • Digital Content Funding (DCF)
    9. 9. Digital Content Funding (DCF) DCF.L • max. € 120,000 • not exceed 50% of the total production budget • 120% effect DCF.S • max. € 20,000 • not exceed 80% of the total production budget • 100% effect conditionally repayable loan, free of interest at least 5% own investment (personal contributions and minimum 2% cash)
    10. 10. Yes and: Funding People Jury Target/relevent Group Rest of the World
    11. 11. counsellingJour Fixe festivals pitchings film premieres newsletter FilmFacts industry meetings film events Contact film markets
    12. 12. MFG Filmförderung Breitscheidstr. 4 70174 Stuttgart phone: +49 (0)711 - 90715400 mail: more information: