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The Pixel Lab 2014_Alain Bieber_ARTE Creative


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Alain Bieber, Project Leader, ARTE Creative

Published in: Technology
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The Pixel Lab 2014_Alain Bieber_ARTE Creative

  1. 1. What? - magazine (interviews, portraits, articles, webseries): illuminate, introduce; “education & cultural mandate” of public media - laboratory (participative, transmedia & experimental projects): innovate, experiment. connect TV & internet; “create stunning new transmedia experiences”, win prices, get press coverage - community (around 4000 users + 128 partners, museums Centre Pompidou, ZKM, Rencontres d´Arles, Transmediale, university etc.): connect, discover, generate new audience/fans; UGC Editorial line? Contemporary culture (going more to: pop & geek culture). Cutting edge, rebel, wild & dangerous, humorous, entertaining, subversive intellectual
  2. 2. Who? ARTE GEIE: Alain Bieber & Laurence Rilly (cultural unit) ARTE France: Gilles Freissinier & Co. (Pole Web), Daniel Khamdamov & Co. (Unité art & spectacle), Paul Ouazan & Co. (Atelier des Recherches/ARTE Studio) ARTE Deutschland (ZDF & ARD): Angelika Schindler (internet department) Stats? ca. 350.000 visites, 600.000 page vues/month + 1 mio page views, 500.000 video views, 15.000 app downloads for special projects like About:Kate; 538 000 visits 1 285 000 page views 503 000 video views 15 000 apps downloads
  3. 3. How & how much? ARTE GEIE: ca. 270.000 Euro/year + ca. 100.000 Euro/year for special transmedia projects ARTE France: ca. 500.000 Euro/year ARTE Deutschland (ZDF, ARD): ca. 30.000 Euro/year + CNC, DCF, Medienboard & Co., Crowdfunding, DVD Sales, Gallery Sales (Video Art Project), App Sales (Type:Rider), Festivals & exhibitions & screenings, temporary rights, geolocalised rights (beyond sales), partnerships, sponsoring (SNCF as partner) etc. ARTE GEIE: decision, production, scheduling, development, strategy, distribution (marketing, press, social media) - (web native & tv companion) ARTE France: proposition, production, edition - (web native & tv companion) ARTE Deutschland: proposition, production, edition - (only TV companion) Own website & app & transmedia project: Final decision in programm conference Webseries, webnative content for platform: Final decision at AC conference
  4. 4. What? + Youth Jury Award For Best Transmedia Work (Festival Tous Écrans Genf) + Crossmediapreis der Bremischen Landesmedienanstalt + Nomination Grimme Award
  5. 5. + Etoile du Parisien; European Indie Game Days; Nomination SXSW etc.
  6. 6. Fitness for Artists Der viereckige Hai Sexual education Summer of the 90s
  7. 7. The Devils Toy Superhigh I (art) Marfa BiTS