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The Pixel Lab 2014_Adam Sigel_Understanding Narrative Techniques Across Platforms


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Adam Sigel, Content Strategist, Writer and Producer

Published in: Technology
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The Pixel Lab 2014_Adam Sigel_Understanding Narrative Techniques Across Platforms

  1. 1. Pixel Lab Baden-Wurttemberg,Germany7 July 2014 Adam Sigel @cutbait
  2. 2. Understanding Narratives Techniques Across Platforms Designing Narratives A
  3. 3. HowHow II LearnedLearned ToTo StopStop WorryingWorrying AndAnd LoveLove TheThe TransmediaTransmedia Dr. Strange-platformDr. Strange-platform
  4. 4. “It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to.” Transmedia is all a little bit wrong ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye
  5. 5. We are all blind men with the elephant Are we still so early we don’t really know what it is?
  6. 6. Franchise? Branded Content? Transmedia Gone Wild
  7. 7. Cool Installations? Transmedia Gone Wild
  8. 8. Where do we begin? Technological Convergence
  9. 9. Convergence – What’s old is new again Additional dialogue Advertise movies Trivia about Actors Movie Star is born
  10. 10. Hitchcock - The Classic Auteur Engagement Through Narrative Subjective Identification - Expand the first part of the story of “Psycho” Feelings of empathy - Anxiety, Chaos, Guilt, Suspense and Tension - Building up the moment and then the release
  11. 11. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. The scene that shocked the world and ruined the shower forever.
  12. 12. Rules of Engagement: How Hitchcock made “Psycho” into a multiplatform experience
  13. 13. QuickTime™ and a JVT/AVC Coding decompressor are needed to see this picture. Rules of Engagement: How Hitchcock made “Psycho” into an multiplatform experience
  14. 14. Early activities - Books, Oaths Rules on how the movie would be screened. Security on hand to prevent riots. Hitchcock audio recordings played in the lobby. The first Blockbuster. Rules of Engagement: How Hitchcock made “Psycho” into a multiplatform experience
  15. 15. Welcome to the Convergence Telecommunication has gone from scarcity to limitless abundance. Audience interactivity morphs the passive audience into an engaged audience. Colin R. Blackman
  16. 16. Audience Engagement Marketing has always been part of the storytelling Creatives have an opportunity to explore and continue creating Guided by user behavior
  17. 17. Levels of Engagement Three Levels: Passive Casual Active Audience Engagement
  18. 18. Passive Engagement – The World & Genre Audience Engagement Traditional marketing with community management Assets created to promote central component. “In space no one can hear you scream.”
  19. 19. Casual Engagement - Minor Commitment Audience Engagement Games & Apps go beyond central storylines Interface requires some participation Parallel, mirrors, expands story of the main component
  20. 20. Active Engagement – Story comes to life UGC, ARG, LARP Real World & Virtual Major Release of control As participation requirement increases, number of participants decreases Audience Engagement
  21. 21. The Culture of Participation “Fans are the most active segment of the media audience, ones that refuse to simply accept what they are given, but rather insists on the right to become full participants.” Henry Jenkins,  Convergence Culture
  22. 22. Culture of Participation “Participatory Culture” by Henry Jenkins 1. Low barriers to engage • Sharing 2. Training & passing of knowledge from a mentor • Belief that contributions matter 3. Social connection with each other 1. Call to Adventure • Supernatural Aid & Threshold 2. Challenges & Help from the Mentor • Revelation & transformation 3. Atonement & Return “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell
  23. 23. Merchandising (Monetization) - Marketing - Community M.M.C.
  24. 24. Merchandising (aka Monetization) The Business Model Is it a process or a product? Each component is: Unique (Content) Complete (B-M-E) Benefit (Value)
  25. 25. Merchandising (aka Monetization) Disney: The King of Franchise Transmedia is working when you don’t notice it
  26. 26. Marketing The Brand Finding the “Trans” Madison Avenue developed many of the tricks —
  27. 27. Making the Brand Brand as an account Deposits and Withdraws Marketing
  28. 28. The Brand Account - Star Wars Marketing
  29. 29. Community The Social Proof Fans and Followers are the new currency
  30. 30. Social media platforms have unique characteristics
  31. 31. Social media platforms can have context collapse
  32. 32. ABOUT STORYWORLDS… Topos - Settings Physical and material landscape; Social and temporal aspects; Technological Mythos - Mythology Backstory; Timeline / Chronology; Archetypes Ethos - Character, Themes, POV Morality / Codes of behavior; Ethics & Values - The Center of Good
  33. 33. “That a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere” - Mark Twain
  34. 34. What is point? If you want to send a message, try Western Union. Frank Capra
  35. 35. GET TO THE CORE
  36. 36. The Strategy is the road map The Core is the driver of your story GET TO THE CORE
  37. 37. Strategy Defined: A plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.   A media plan defines the roll-out strategy. Driving platform and evolution of experience. Always remember your CORE. PLAN OF ATTACK
  38. 38. Thank You @cutbait