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The Pixel Lab 2015 | Don't lose heart - Sean Coleman


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Of course it’s exciting when people offer you money to make your project, but in this fragmented world of cross-platform production, more often than not, you will be working with several funders, in different territories, for a variety of audiences, on many platforms, over extended periods of time. This cautionary tale uses case studies and personal experience to highlight the potential pitfalls of working on a large-scale cross-platform production and aims to provide strategies for creating a story-world that covers all the bases whilst keeping true to the heart of the project.

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The Pixel Lab 2015 | Don't lose heart - Sean Coleman

  1. 1. D O N ’ T L O S E H E A R T M . S E A N C O L E M A N @ S E A N C O L E M A N
  2. 2. – M Y M U M “If you can’t be a good role model, you can always be a terrible warning.”
  3. 3. – M Y M U M “Never regret anything. If it didn’t turn out like you expected, just chalk it up to experience.”
  4. 4. L O O K H O W F A R W E ’ V E C O M E
  5. 5. O N C E U P O N A T I M E … •  dot com •  new media •  interactive •  multi-platform •  360° •  cross-platform •  transmedia
  6. 6. – C A R L S A G A N “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”
  7. 7. # 1 : T H E A U D I E N C E I S O U T T H E R E …
  8. 8. Taking inspiration from the original Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams’s cult, fictional guide to “Life, the Universe and Everything”, h2g2 aims to create a real guide, where real information will be stored for future generations to browse. There are further exciting plans for the integration of h2g2 with handheld devices, as used by Ford Prefect 21 years ago.
  9. 9. W H A T I L E A R N E D I N T H E N I N E T I E S •  Niche audiences are actually pretty big audiences •  Audiences like to be part of the story •  Audiences like to be acknowledged and rewarded •  Audiences engage at different levels •  On the day you go live, your project is not yours any more •  Just because you’ve left the party, doesn’t mean it’s over •  We were way ahead of our time back then
  10. 10. # 2 : T H E D I F F E R E N C E B E T W E E N A M B I T I O N A N D R E A L I T Y I S B U D G E T From the makers of Big Brother and … um… Windows comes a really good, low-budget, sci-fi drama. No, really.
  11. 11. T H E A M B I T I O N •  Feature length Sci-Fi series •  Massive story-based, real-time online game •  live events •  the next big thing, theme parks, awards, Hollywood T H E R E A L I T Y •  10 x 10 minute Sci-Fi series •  Hundreds of integrated blogs, articles and video •  a storyworld peppered around the web, featuring websites, conspiracies, additional video, random blogs and comments •  space for the audience to join in •  feature length cut of the whole experience
  12. 12. W H A T I L E A R N E D I N T H E N O U G H T I E S •  Niche audiences are still big audiences •  Necessity is the mother of creativity •  Be clever with your assets, skills and talents (multi-tasking, multi-talented teams are the only way to achieve excellence in a multi-platform environment) •  Stay true to the heart of the story you are trying to tell •  Give the audience a clear path through the whole event
  13. 13. # 3 : S O M E B O D Y N E E D S T O S T E E R T H E B A N D W A G O N
  14. 14. W H A T I L E A R N E D I N T H E T W E N T E E N S •  Different parts of the audience need different experiences •  The roadmap should be for the most ambitious version of your project. •  You can still iterate after you’ve launched •  The audience should be able to do everything, but they should never have to •  Stay true to the heart of the story you are trying to tell •  Give the audience clear ways to engage, enjoy and share
  15. 15. # 4 : W H E R E T H E R E ’ S A W I L L , T H E R E ’ S A W A Y
  16. 16. Interactive Storybook App for kids Three mini games woven into each story 30 interactive pages using touch, sound and motion Approx 20 minute ‘play’ time per book
  17. 17. I ’ M S O R R Y , Y O U A G R E E D T O D O W H A T N O W ?
  18. 18. •  Above all else, it has to be a good story •  Don’t lost the heart of the project •  Be true to the brand you originally created •  Talk to the creative team before you commit them to anything •  Be careful of following the money •  With enough manipulation, square pegs can fit into round holes •  You can’t be properly creative in isolation •  Sometimes, this shit is really difficult W H A T I L E A R N E D T H I S Y E A R
  19. 19. D O N ’ T L O S E H E A R T M . S E A N C O L E M A N the"