Case study: Final Punishment -When Your Audience Become Players!


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Nuno Bernardo's case study presentation at the first day conference of Power to the Pixel's Cross-Media Forum, 12 October 2010

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Case study: Final Punishment -When Your Audience Become Players!

  1. 1. Final Punishment Case Study Mixing Games with Internet, TV, Live Events and Cinema
  2. 2. o beActive created Sofia’s Diary as Web/Mobile interactive Blog in January 2003 in Portugal. o In the last 5 years SD was already adapted as a cross-media format in 10 territories and broadcasted in more than 30 countries. o Sofia’s Diary UK was the first Web based contend to be transferred to TV. o beActive launched Flatmates in Portugal in 2008, and the cross-media series was already localized in Greece (MTV) and Romania. o In 2008 beActive launched Beat Generation, an interactive Pop Culture Magazine, being produced in Portugal, UK/Ireland and Brazil. Our Previous Work “Sofia’s Diary helps to write the history of the Television in the UK” in Broadcast, April 2008
  3. 3. o Cross-media Show launched in Brazil in 4Q2009. o Premiered in Rio de Janeiro Film Festival – Oct. 2009. o Web content broadcasted on and Youtube. o Mobile content made available to OI clients. o TV Broadcast in December 2009 in OITV (Digital TV) o An ARG was made available for 8 weeks to allow the audience to “save” the characters of the show. o +115.000 registered players. o A TV Show wrapped the experience. o Show already got a Digital Emmy nomination, a Rose D’Or Interactive nomination, a Tela Viva Award in Brazil and since last week an International Format Award at MIPCOM. o Now being produced in Russia and Canada. Final Punishment
  4. 4. Final Punishment
  5. 5. Final Punishment: Starting Point? • The Briefing and the Challenge: • The Final Punishment Briefing: Create a 3 window concept that could show OI Telecom services: Mobile, Digital TV and Internet Portal. • We had a script that we were unable to fund as no sponsor wants to be associated with “women getting killed in a prison”. • The Challenge: how to make a story about “women getting killed in a prison” relevant to an audience that reads a similar story in the newspapers, everyday. • The solution: make it personal => “You can save them!”. • The 2nd Problem: how make audiences like and care for women that were convicted for murder.
  6. 6. The ARG Started • Game against time to allow audience to save the 8 women. • Back-story was introduced in the form of blogs, photo albums, news articles, etc to make women in prison more relatable to the audience. • Detective based game to tease audience to find out more about these women, what’s the connection between them and who’s killing them. • Audience need to collect 30 photos and a decoder that will allow them to find the right code.
  7. 7. The Final Punishment ARG The Game Master The Journalist Mobile Content Youtube/IG Video Channel Inmates Back-story
  8. 8. The Planning • 1/10/2009: Premiere on Rio Film Festival and event in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Festival lounges. • 3/10/2009: Fake news about the “Prison” to be broadcasted in OI Radio and published as Ad News in several newspapers and blogs. • 7/10/2009: Partnerships with top Brazilian Blogs to initiate discussions about “Is this prison the solution for Brazil’s overcrowded prisons problems?”. • 9/10/2009: Blacklords hack the Web site. • 10/10/2009: First inmate dies – The game starts: you have 7 weeks to save the remaining 7 women. • 10/10/2009: Social media campaign starts with Adwords, Text Ads, Facebook Ads, Banners, and the support of some hired bloggers. • 15/10/2009: The ARG campaign starts.
  9. 9. The Planning • 15/10/2010: Off-line campaign starts on the Office “Lifts” media in S. Paulo and Rio de Janeiro teasing office workers to “save the inmates”. • 15/10/2010: Partnership with two “Videogame News” based Web sites in Brazil to promote the ARG and create separate communities and forums to enable discussing and hints and codes sharing between users. • 17/10/2010: Youtube channel and Video Website set up with some “leaked” videos from the prison and inmates: surveillance cameras videos, prison psychologist tapes, etc. • Mid-November: first users decode the password. Prison Web site shuts down. • December 2010: Broadcast of the 4-part mockumentary with the real truth about what happened in the Ivo Kermartin Prison.
  10. 10. Additional Content • You’re being investigated by the Brazilian police Facebook viral application. • “Stop investigating” IVR pre-recorded phone calls. • SMS Alerts with clues and teasing the audience to come back to play. • Twitter alerts planned to guide the audience. • Facebook / Forum / Blog Comments moderation.
  11. 11. All the Content Produced • Cinema: 1*80m feature length CUT for Rio de Janeiro Film Festival. • TV: 4 part mockumentary, 1 making of TV show, 2 TV ads and 2 TV Teasers. • DVD: 1*90m Feature Film Cut + Extra material. • Web Video: 8 confessional videos, 8 lost tape videos and 4 additional 22’ videos. • Mobile Video: 8 * 38s character presentation videos. • 2 Mobile (JAVA) games. • 2 Facebook/Orkut Applications. • 3 Twitter Channels and 3 Facebook profiles and pages. • 3 Flickr channels: +100 photos were produced and/or edited. • 8 Blogspot blogs. • 45 different banners. • +1000 tweets from the game. • 20 SMS alert messages + 1 WAP web site. • 1 IVR – Pre-recorded voice mail system.
  12. 12. The Planning: Excel is your Friend!
  13. 13. Our Focus • Put the audience inside of the show. • Make them participate and be part of it (casting events and life events in Flatmates, screaming competition on Final Punishment) and it’s outcome. • Make it personal and immersive. • Use “all medias” to make it a truly 360 degrees show. It becomes part of your day life. • Use the Internet, Social Media and Mobile phones to establish relationships and build communities. • Use push devices (Twitter, SMS alerts, etc) to bring audiences back to the content. • Use traditional medias as TV, Radio and newspapers to bring the content to the mass market. • Use brands as sponsors and/or produce mobile and off-line products for monetizing the content (Mobile content, Books, DVDs, licensed products, etc).
  14. 14. What worked really well! • Partnerships and exclusive previews for “bloggers” and opinion makers paid off. • Be personal: marketing campaign in the elevators was really successful. • Clues based on photos allowed audiences to collect them. • Focus on the Video elements. After all it’s what 90% of your audience will only see. • Game master entity “Blacklords” helped to explain the game but…
  15. 15. Some Challenges • Game needs to be really clear and audiences entering later real need to know where they are. • Partnerships with Videogames communities didn’t work as expected. Core gamers don’t like ARG’s. • PR is Key to get the buzz out and increase the community around the project. • Social Media services: Orkut, Twitter and Facebook. Excess of Facebook apps. • Shooting a TV series 100m from a Favela will always be an “adventure”.
  16. 16. Contacts Thank You! More Information: Nuno Bernardo beActive, Produções Interactivas, S.A. Av. Duque D’Ávila, Nº 23, 1º Dto 1000-138 Lisboa Portugal