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SeedCamp Overview TISEE


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Carlos Eduardo Espinal's presentation of the SeedCamp programme at the summit.

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SeedCamp Overview TISEE

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL<br />Capacity Building for Europe’s Next Generation Technology Entrepreneurs<br />
  2. 2. What is Seedcamp?<br />What Seedcamp is:<br />A micro-seed investor (€50K investment)<br />A year-long program designed to help companies<br />A network of the best mentors and investors globally<br />What Seedcamp is not:<br />Just another business plan competition<br />An open event – it is by invitation-only<br />A conference – the content is designed specifically to benefit the companies<br />
  3. 3. What do SeedcampCompanies get?(other than money…)<br />Monthly events & speakers that focus around topics such as sales, financing, product development, and human resources.<br />Our USA trip where we travel across the USA to meet Investors and amazing companies. <br />Our Learning Forum, Seedcamp Week, where companies undergo a week long mentoring bootcamp by the investment community in London<br />A ‘Demo Day’ where our companies can present the progress they’ve made on their product.<br />An ‘Investor Day’ where we bring together our top investors to see how our companies are doing and to have a chance to speak with them 1:1.<br />A 'Founders pack’ of free or reduced rate services for our companies.<br />Lastly, the personal time that the Seedcamp team commits to the winning teams, particularly the three months following our investment and thementoring provided by our mentors<br />
  4. 4. CONFIDENTIAL<br />Jan-Jun<br />Mini <br />Seedcamps<br />140+<br />350<br />ISRAEL, PARIS, LONDON, WARSAW, BERLIN, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA<br />STARTUPS / P<br />LOCAL ADVISORS<br />Jul-Aug<br />Mini Seedcamps<br />1500+<br />TOTALLY OPEN APPLICATIONS PROCESS<br />SHORTLISTED MINI SEEDCAMP<br />TEAMS<br />APPLICATIONS<br />Sept<br />Seedcamp<br />Week<br />600+<br />MENTORS<br />Oct-Dec<br />Mini Seedcamps<br />LUNCHES, <br />DINNERS WITH MENTORS<br />DEMO<br />INVESTOR, <br />BROAD INVESTOR DAYS<br />TRIP TO VALLEY AND CONFERENCES<br />Seedcamp’s Process in Detail<br />
  5. 5. Calendar 2011<br />London - 25 January, Investment Interviews 27 January<br />Tel Aviv - 16 February<br />Berlin - Mid April<br />Nordics - Early May<br />New York City - Mid June + Investment Interviews<br />Southern Europe/Africa - Mid July<br />Asia - Early August<br />Seedcamp Week - Mid September + Investment Interviews<br />Central / Eastern Europe - End of October<br />Paris - Early November<br />Balkans - Early December<br />
  6. 6. Our Investors<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />Investors include<br /><ul><li>Atlas Venture
  7. 7. Anthemis
  8. 8. Atomico
  9. 9. Balderton Capital
  10. 10. Doughty Hanson
  11. 11. Eden Ventures
  12. 12. Index Ventures
  13. 13. Nauiokas Park
  14. 14. NESTA
  15. 15. Northzone Ventures
  16. 16. Venrex
  17. 17. Angel investors
  18. 18. 360 Capital
  19. 19. DN Capital
  20. 20. NESTA,
  21. 21. Notion Capital
  22. 22. Orrick
  23. 23. TAG,
  24. 24. Lars Hinrichs
  25. 25. AhtiHeinla</li></ul>Partners<br /><ul><li>Google
  26. 26. Microsoft
  27. 27. IBM
  28. 28. Yahoo
  29. 29. Oracle/Sun
  30. 30. Cisco
  31. 31. Facebook
  32. 32. FT
  33. 33. Techcrunch</li></li></ul><li>Why Seedcamp?<br />
  34. 34. Europe Needs Seedcamp<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />Severe gap in micro seed funding not filled by any equity asset class<br />Need to form a cohesive network of entrepreneurs and experts across Europe<br />As capital required to start up drops, we need venture accelerators that are also capital efficient in how they fund startups<br />
  35. 35. Seedcamp’s History<br />Seedcamp Fund I<br />Improving, stimulating, and educating the EMEA entrepreneurial ecosystem<br />Establishing a pan-European network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and professional services<br />Providing funding in volume at small scale at the riskiest stage<br />Seedcamp Fund II<br />Continuing on the Success of Fund I<br />Investing in more companies upfront<br />Investing throughout the year<br />Following the winners to return greater value to shareholders and help funding in this crucial stage<br />
  36. 36. Our Eastern and South Eastern European Investments<br />Around a third of all of our companies are from eastern Europe: Brainient, Codility, ERPLY, Grabcad, Ubervu, Zemanta, GIS Cloud, Ubervu, and Profitero have their roots in Eastern and Central Europe. ----- We are proud to see them launching internationally, growing strong, and attracting top international investors.<br />1/3<br />
  37. 37. Our Companies by Geography<br /><ul><li>Applications from Scandinavia, Israel and the Balkans are increasing at a high pace
  38. 38. The CEE countries are steadily increasing their applications (Poland, Estonia, Ukraine Croatia, Slovenia, etc.)
  39. 39. Top 9 countries - UK, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Italy</li></li></ul><li>CONFIDENTIAL<br />Our Most Recent Companies<br />
  40. 40. Our Companies<br />CONFIDENTIAL<br />Kyko<br />
  41. 41. Seedsummitis our new initiative<br />Launched in late Dec<br />100+ Investors<br />Fast Track Financing for companies<br />Highlighting European Investors<br />Sign up!<br />