Education Blocks Go Bicoastal


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Special needs conference presentation and description of teacher-developed program

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Education Blocks Go Bicoastal

  1. 1. Education Blocks Go Bicoastal Or The Economics Supported Education Project begins a Global Odyssey
  2. 2. Education Blocks check in for their tickets. … blocks are very portable
  3. 3. Education Blocks confirm flight schedule. … blocks use numbers and letters
  4. 4. Education Blocks rest comfortably before their flight. … creating blocks is a cooperative learning experience
  5. 5. Education Blocks go through proper Transportation Security Administration inspection. … creating blocks teaches respect for the rules at the worksite
  6. 6. Education Blocks receive extra scrutiny. Inspector says, “I’ve never seen anything like them. Where are they from?” … the E.S.E. Project teaches students about other cultures and ethnic groups
  7. 7. Education Blocks must pass rigorous agility test before being allowed to board aircraft. … while creating blocks, students are judged using rubrics and tested with pre- and post-testing
  8. 8. Education Blocks receive boarding passes from ever-alert airline personnel. … blocks are continually inspected to maintain the highest standards possible
  9. 9. Education Blocks anxiously await sunrise takeoff. … blocks are created by a frequently new and changing student population
  10. 10. Education Blocks look to the sun rising in the East as they contemplate heading West. … students (and teachers) frequently request that they also be able to join the E.S.E. Project
  11. 11. Upon boarding, Education Blocks buckle-up. … students are taught “safety at the worksite” at all times
  12. 12. Education Blocks are safe and secure on board. … students use safety equipment when working on blocks
  13. 13. Education Blocks change planes and use the Slide Walk. … students frequently change jobs during the production of blocks
  14. 14. Education Blocks enjoy a light airline repast for lunch. … students enjoy reward “business luncheons” as compensation for creating blocks
  15. 15. Education Blocks receive reassurance from attendant. … students work with other student mentors
  16. 16. Education Blocks receive encouragement from trained airline personnel. … students have new experiences – inside and outside the classroom
  17. 17. Flight Attendant goes Ga-Ga over Education Blocks!! … students receive recognition from peers and community, and gain new self-confidence
  18. 18. Education Blocks arrive at their destination. … students repeatedly accomplish new tasks and experiences
  19. 19. Education Blocks check in for the their rental vehicle. … students are driven to new experiences
  20. 20. Education Blocks arrive at the Benson Hotel, in downtown Portland. … students are encouraged to make the right choices when arriving at a new place
  21. 21. Education Blocks enter the Benson via revolving doors. … students are encouraged to make the most out of new experiences
  22. 22. Education Blocks arrive in style. … new students are constantly introduced into the program
  23. 23. Education Blocks register at the Benson Hotel, built in 1912. … just as a real-world business, students register job applications and may be “fired” for the day for misbehavior
  24. 24. Education Blocks check into their room. … checking with each other, students learn good worksite behaviors while working together
  25. 25. Education Blocks enjoy quiet-time before a roaring fire. … students are asked to reflect, comment and make suggestions about the E.S.E. Project
  26. 26. Education Blocks enjoy stimulating jazz in the lobby. … students, parents and staff are surveyed on content and impact of E.S.E. Project
  27. 27. Education Blocks watch as a specially prepared meal is created for them. … students are guided by peers and staff while carefully preparing blocks
  28. 28. Education Blocks enjoy new and unique fare. … students enjoy meals and culture from different area ethnic restaurants
  29. 29. Education Blocks enjoy after-dinner fruit, nut and cheese plates. … students have enjoyed fine buffet meals and live dinner theater performances
  30. 30. Education Blocks relax after a full day of travel. … students share experiences with peers and families
  31. 31. Education Blocks enjoy one last snack in their room. … students make one last inspection of blocks to assure completion
  32. 32. Education Blocks relax with the evening’s news on TV. … the E.S.E. Project has received TV and newspaper coverage
  33. 33. Education Blocks keep up with current events by watching a Presidential Debate. … students respectfully discuss new ideas and projects
  34. 34. Education Blocks finally retire after a long day’s travel cross-country. … students begin to think about new possibilities for career opportunities
  35. 35. Education Blocks have breakfast the next morning. … students each day are nourished with new possibilities and experiences
  36. 36. Education Blocks prepare for their presentation. … students prepare their sales presentation and work on proper group work behaviors
  37. 37. Education Blocks make their presentation before the American Association for Teaching & Curriculum. … students begin to take pride in their accomplishments and abilities
  38. 38. Education Blocks are taken to lunch by officers of the AATC. … reward “business luncheons” and community based instruction are key elements to the E.S.E. Project
  39. 39. Education Blocks wish to extend their gratitude to Ross Pegler and Beth Santini for escorting them across the country, and to the students who created them. The E.S.E. Project wishes to thank all of the committed students who find value in their participation. Education Blocks wish to thank all colleagues, administrators, district staff, FGCU, SEDNet, Junior Achievement, business partners and other supporters, and especially our students, who made their trip possible.