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7 Things I Hate About SEO: How I Put An End To My Content Marketing Misery!


Published on Like most newbies, I was extremely overwhelmed when I first discovered the underground world of internet marketing and it didn’t take long for “SEO bandit” to grab hold of me.

While in it’s grips and doing it’s bidding, I discovered the following 7 things that I at first thought were my ticket to traffic freedom… but they soon turned into my merciless slave drivers.

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7 Things I Hate About SEO: How I Put An End To My Content Marketing Misery!

  1. 1. 7 Things I Hate AboutSEO: How I Put An EndTo My ContentMarketing Misery!Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Endless Article SpinningOh… my… word! I can not begin to express my exstream distaste for articlespinning. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there may be many of you who enjoy articlespinning and get a good amount of traffic from doing it, but in my opinionarticle spinning is the biggest waist of time and money (if your outsourcing it).When I first discovered article spinning starting out, I didn’t have a marketing budgetto outsource it. So I actually spent countless hours of my own time concocting somany sentence various, synonyms, and nested spin syntax that I could start my owncontent mill.Today I wouldn’t think of doing that! I’ve traded it in for something much moreeffective.In the same amount of time it takes to spin a 500 to 600 word article and plaster it allover cyber space, I’ve found that it’s more worth while to spend it writing a truly valuepacked article and doing some high profile content syndication on sites like: and
  3. 3. BacklinkingNow I will say that backlinking does play a valuable part in building upa sites authority and reputation, but it doesn’t take spewing out articlespins to every article directory that’ll accept your articles to get them.It’s moreso about the quality of the backlinks rather than the quantity. Iused to utilize countless renditions of article marketing spinners,gizmos and gadgets to get backlinks.Yet another, huge waste of time and money.Not only does the Google Gods frown upon them, in my experience itdidn’t really do much to help my SEO traffic. More on that in a minute.I now participate in a much more fun way of building backlinks to mysite by actually participating in blog commenting.This has truly become one of my favorite past timesBlog commenting not only allows you to build high quality backlinks, it’salso fun to engage with your fellow blogging community. Not tomention the windfall of traffic it’ll gust your way.
  4. 4. Article Marketing SoftwareLet’s see here, 1… 2… 3… oh and let’s not forget #4, lol. Yes, I’ve wasted money on4 of these CPU draining monsters. And for what? The promise of hundreds ofbacklinks to my website, easier spinning, and increased traffic.Ummm, that didn’t work out for me either.Granted, it did automate the signups to the article directories (well… the 10% thatwould actually allow it to sign up). And it did automate the article submissionprocess (to about 10% of the sites that it actually signed up for). And yeah, theyeven increased my backlinks… by about 1 to 3 links a week (and that was afterblasting countless articles to over 1,000 directories daily).In the end, I concluded that article marketing software is just about as useless as adead smartphone without a charger.Today I focus on syndicating my content on sites that actually send traffic like:     (my personal fav)  and 
  5. 5. Keyword ResearchOhhhh, the hours of my life lost doing keyword research. As anewbie just learning about internet marketing and SEO, I was akeyword research junkie. And with the “overly analyzationsyndrome” I sometimes suffer from, it only made it worse.I’ve just completely let go of the whole “keyword research”concept all together. Ugh! What a headache. I’ll leave that to youniche site gurusAll I focus on now is just creating truly original, useful andentertaining content with akiller headlineSuch a simple concept and much more bearable.
  6. 6. Redundant Google UpdatesNow this isreally getting old. I’m sooooo over it, lol. FirstPanda, Then Penguin, and oh yeah… did ya’ hear about thelatest one? Exact Match Domain Update.Ya’ know, I’m pretty sure that Google’s gonna always bearound, but with the constant changes that comes when it’s on“monthly cycle” and it’s constant mood swings… it’s really notas attractive as it used to be.I’ve become a firm believer in the power of communityand social traffic. And from what I’m seeing, social mediais definitely where it’s going to stay at. So, my time is betterspent with sites like:   and 
  7. 7. Submitting to Article DirectoriesLol, this takes me wayyy back… to my early days in internet marketing…I’m talking like my first couple of months.One of first traffic generation strategies that I ever heard about wassubmitting articles to various article directories. I remember comingacross a list of the top 50 article directories and actuallymanually signingup for them all and attempting to submit my one article to all of them.#EpicFailBy the time I got to my 15th article directory, I’d discovered automaticarticle submission software. Although at the time automatic submissionsoftware seemed like it was going my saving grace, it barely didanything to boost my traffic.Today it’s a whole other ball gameIt makes much more sense to focus on high profile articlemarketing. It’s all about getting as many people to see your content aspossible, with the least amount of work as possible.To put it simply:Work smarter, Not harder
  8. 8. The whole SEO processI actually used to like the whole SEO process. I took pridein it. Believe it or not, I was pretty good at it. I could getnearly any keyword I targeted on the front page of Googlewithin the first 24 to 48 hours. There was even a timewhere I deemed myself a “SEO Geek”.But after a while, I found myself feelinglimited… restrained… like a unrulyschizophrenic wrestling to get out of her straight jacket.The SEO process is quite intricate and fascinating. Andyes, if done properly (given that you roll with Google’spunches) you can rake in a good amount of traffic fromit. But in my experience, SEO really diluted my creativejuices and I just can’t imagine ever going back tothe zombie like monotony of the SEO ritual.
  9. 9. Ready For Part 2?You can find the continuation of the article and Part 2 @ this link i-put-an-end-to-my-content- marketing-misery/