How To Get Your Ex Back


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How To Get Your Ex Back

  1. 1. Are you desperate to get your ex back? Are you about togive in on your daydream of being back in his arms again? Are you scared that it actually is over and that you willnever hear the words "I love you" come from his lips ever again? Has he announced that he is thru and that you need to move on?
  2. 2. When feelings are running strong and you are feeling thatthere's no hope it's time to step back and havea look at things from a different perspective. Spend a littletime pondering what you can do and what might work to make him change his mind. The operative word here is "mind" and without having him change his mind abouthow he thinks of you, perspectives you and perceives you there is little likelihood of him letting out those 3 words that you long to hear.
  3. 3. Forget what your friends or family say about letting him goand moving on yourself. Forget about what he has relatedor done since the breakup and think about him more like a misbehaving child or a badly behaved dog. Sadly, there arrives a time when you just have to grab control of the situation and do what is critical to change your exs mind before it is too late. Sometimes this means being a littlebit manipulative and using male psychology to get your ex to switch his mind.
  4. 4. There might have been times in the past when you used male psychology without really pondering it. Maybe youhad a cutsie voice that you used to indicate that you werefeeling frolicsome or a certain look that you gave him that he could not resist? Perhaps you had a certain outfit that you knew turned him on or wore your hair a certain way that you knew he liked
  5. 5. Naturally, True male psychology focuss on the terribly buried hot buttons that are found in most guys. Usingmale psychology exploits the feelings and triggers that are peculiar just to men... Things that you might think arefoolish or might never work but that talk to the emotionalside of his brain and are present in a guys mental makeup and are such an ingrained part of your exs psychologicalmakeup that he most likely doesnt even give them a lot of thought as he goes about his every day life.
  6. 6. The power that male psychology has over most guys is often misunderstood and misrepresented by many so called specialists. But if you're attempting to find a simple, hands off yet powerful way to modify your exsmind and have him come running back to you begging you for another chance then using male psychology can take all of the guess work out of getting him back.
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