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The Planning Process in Sport Facilities (2010)


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2010 presentation on the planning process as it relates to sport facilities

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The Planning Process in Sport Facilities (2010)

  1. 1. The Planning Process Chapter 3
  2. 2. Planning: Is the process of determining the organization’s goals & objectives and selecting a course of action to accomplish them within the environment inside and outside the organization
  3. 3. Brainstorming
  4. 4. Needs Assessment
  5. 5. Needs Assessment Report -Title Page -Executive Summary -Introduction to the Study -Overview of the methods and procedures -Results -Conclusions, implications, and recommendations
  6. 6. Reasons for Planning
  7. 7. Help the enterprise succeed
  8. 8. Provides direction and sense of purpose
  9. 9. Helps manager cope with change
  10. 10. Contributes to the performance of other managerial functions
  11. 11. (1) Develop a SWOT analysis chart
  12. 12. (2) Establish objectives
  13. 13. (3) Develop premises
  14. 14. (4) Decision-making
  15. 15. (5) Implement a course of action
  16. 16. (6) Evaluate the plan
  17. 17. Classification of Plans
  18. 18. Functional Plans -Marketing -Production -Personnel -Financial
  19. 19. Period of Time -Short range -Long range
  20. 20. Frequency -Standing -Single-use (Budget, Program, Projects)
  21. 21. Strategic Plan
  22. 22. Problems or Pitfalls of Planning
  23. 23. Top management becomes too involved
  24. 24. Failure to define goals
  25. 25. Failure to actually use the plan
  26. 26. Top management makes intuitive decisions that conflict with formal plans
  27. 27. Plan lacks flexibility or simplicity
  28. 28. Fails to encourage creativity
  29. 29. Top management fails to review and evaluate long-range plans
  30. 30. Benchmarking A process used to identify gaps between company A’s performance and other industry “best practices.”
  31. 31. Scheduling Operations Fitness Emergency Inservice Education Risk Management Sales Marketing Repair and Maintenance Human Resources Fund-raising Special Events Manuals for Operations
  32. 32. Effective Delegation State a clear objective Determine guidelines for the project State deadline for completion Grant authority to carry out the project Decides best means for final report
  33. 33. Why Managers Fail to Delegate -Nobody does it better -Guilt -Insecurity -Lack of trust -Takes time
  34. 34. Building a New Facility (or making changes to an old one)
  35. 35. (1) Research: -Designers -Maintenance and operations -Special Program -Facilities and their requirements
  36. 36. (2) Regional analysis (3) Site analysis (21 considerations) (4) Program (5) Functional analysis (6) Combined Site, Function & Land Use (7) Refinement & site plan (8) Overall plan
  37. 37. (9) Construction documents (10) Bidding (11) Construction (12) Review
  38. 38. Site Selection Considerations -Access to the site -Circulation within the site -Parking -Water Supply -Sewage disposal -Electrical services -Telephone -Other utilities -Environmental concerns -Easements -Zoning -Historical -Record of former use -Climate conditions -Nuisance potentials -Natural features -Economic Impact Study -Natural barriers & visibility -Supporting demographics -Security concerns
  39. 39. Construction Steps: -Preconstruction conference -Construction change orders -Pre-final inspection -Prepared punch list -As-built drawings -Preparation of operations manual -Training on how to operate -Final inspection -Acceptance as completed project -Maintenance period -Bond period -Bond inspection & final acceptance
  40. 40. Schematic Design Phase The architect prepares: -the schedule -the construction budget requirements -drawings and other documents illustrating scale -relationships of project components
  41. 41. Construction Documents -Electrical -Mechanical -Structural -Floor Plans -Landscaping Specification manual
  42. 42. Bidding Process -Invite bids -Review -Award a contract to one or multiple contractors