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Slidecasting 101 for Faculty


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Presentation presented for Endicott College's Center of Teaching Excellence. The purpose of the presentation was to encourage faculty set new trends in their presentations and require their students to slidecast.

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Slidecasting 101 for Faculty

  1. 1. Sharing Student Presentations through Social Media <ul><li>Chrystal Denmark Porter, PhD, EdS </li></ul>
  2. 7. Rethink Class Presentations Today’s Goal:
  3. 8. The Agenda 1. Death By PowerPoint & Preparing Students to Give Presentations 2. How to Slidecast 3. Compare the different mediums to slidecast
  4. 9. The Goal
  5. 10. The Result
  6. 12. borrowed from Hey Teach', Where's my A+?
  7. 13. Death By PowerPoint
  8. 15. If you are not appearing you are disappearing Art Blakey
  9. 18. Slidecasting
  10. 19. What is Slidecasting?
  11. 20. The Steps
  12. 26. Removing the blinders
  13. 35. That’s it!