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การใช้ Verb to be


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การใช้ Verb to be

  1. 1. Nouns VERB TO BE PronounsJack and Jill are cousins. (That puppy is Mam’s. (They are Thai boxers. (
  2. 2. AdjectivesAdverbs  My uncle is a kind man. (  People in the hall are friendly. (  The tortoise is walking slowly. (
  3. 3. Prepositions The red bag is on the floor. ( The patients are in the hospital. (
  4. 4. Continuous Tense They are riding their bicycles. ( Teacher is writhing on the board. (
  5. 5. verb to be not is, am, are Example  The hospital is not far from here. (  I an not a worker. (  The pairs of shoes are not clean. (
  6. 6. Is, Am, Are Example Is the knife sharp? ( Are the lions roaring loudly? ( Am I fat? (