You need to brainstorm.


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You need to brainstorm.

  1. 1. You need to brainstorm.You have a lot of mental potential you arent using
  2. 2. The human brain is largely unused.• You have heard that before, havent you?• You dont know your own potential yet.• The future is larger than the past.• As you gain new tools to challenge your mind to come up with answers, you will improve your mental health/wealth.
  3. 3. You undergo various stresses and situations.• Only you can find your best solution• you are the person with the most to gain• you have the benefit of nearly perfect information about your own situation.• Your brain is what solves puzzles for you, so you probably ought to use it a lot.
  4. 4. When you talk, yourmind can get into flow.• When you have a conversation with one of your friends, doesnt the time fly as you relate to one another?• People are routinely brilliant when they talk.• You might figure out that you ought to be preserving some of these moments of brilliance so you can reap the rewards of your ideas later.
  5. 5. Make a phone call to your future self.• A simple tool exists for iPhone users to access the potential of the "talking brain".• you probably will love what you see at this link if you have an iOS device• You can also share your brainstorm trust partner, because when one of your friends actually paying attention, you will tend to do a more conscientious job of thinking.
  6. 6. You havent brainstormed like this• You would be before. to all of your raving about it friends if you had tried it because it works.• Your best bet is to download the system and get to know every one of the tools, particularly the critical "email to self" tool, which is the perfect audio journal you have been seeking.• Your mind wants to speak at length about what occupies it so that you can get to the next phase.
  7. 7. You need to recognize your subconscious.• You have been holding in all of your brilliance all these years, or letting it run to waste by not having a tool like this to capture your genius as it strikes on its own schedule.• Now that you have a tool to capture your thoughts, you are free to think in a brand-new way, without limits or even an audience.
  8. 8. Other tools you can use to brainstorm arent as conjunction with• You can use our system in fun. taking notes for making a mind map or whatever else you want to do your fingers while you talk to pause.• Nothing is cooler than going around walking and brainstorming with our system.• You will become smarter.
  9. 9. Seize the moment.
  10. 10. Seize the moment.