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The LUCK SOCIETY manifesto.

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  1. 1. MAYBE NOTHING MATTERS THAT MUCH AT ALL.SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL TRY THIS OUT NOW.Somehow I’ve earned your attention.So, whatever else you’re working on, it can wait.You might protest, “oh it’s so important!”No, it isn’t. Not as important as this.If you’re doing it for someone else, they’re just going to have to hold on a sec.I have your attention right now, and this is what I believe:It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you “totally grok” what I’m doing with this Slideshare.Immediately. Or as the Germans would say, “ JETZT SOFORT ! “ You’re doing everything suboptimally until you TOTALLY GROK this Slideshare. I’m serious.One two three four ….
  3. 3. THIS IS NOW YOUR FAVORITE SLIDESHAREThe more you look at this particular slideshare, the luckier you’ll feel.It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; you’ve heard of those? They’re great… if you’re in charge!Now you can see why this is the most important thing for you to do right now.For what can be more important than GOOD LUCK ? This will reprogram you to have it.To do whatever you are going to do in a LUCKY FRAME OF MIND is easy for you now.To enter a frame of mind, a good way it to engage in something that “spans time”… remember Vincent Gallo saying “we’re spanning time!” to Christina Ricci ?This slideshare lets you span time in a lucky frame of mind :DYOU ARE LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY to have found this, and I’m lucky to have found YOU!!!You may not believe the latter, but let me assure you – I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU!
  4. 4. LET’S TALK ABOUT LUCKSome people have LUCK – things happen that are fortuitous, perhaps undeserved.Some people MANUFACTURE luck – they’ve got skills, or talent, or insight that lets them make things happen for them and their people. Maybe you could do this.Luck is sort of a game, in the sense some are lucky, others are not, and TEAM LUCKINESS is what this slideshare generates among all of those of us who read it often, as I do. (You can leave comments to network with each other further.)There is a difference between having BAD luck and having NO luck.Odds are, if you were undergoing REALLY bad luck, you REALLY need this slideshare to change your frame of mind. Help you feel better.If you aren’t, let’s start with some gratitude, hey?Thank goodness for the absence of bad luck in our lives – at least enough such absence to let us keep reading this beloved lucky slideshare in peace to its end.
  6. 6. LUCK IS THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE YOU NEEDEDAnd it all seems to begin “in the mind”… a quick “mental boost” from this slideshare is all you needed – amazing huh ? ?? ?For what else do we have to begin with, any of us? Other than our minds, and our attention? (A true level playing field, at last!) And can you think of anything better to pay attention to than to become more, more, EVER MORE LUCKY ???I think if you FEEL lucky, you’re lucky. Ten slides = ten minutes. Ten minutes of luck.And if you FEEL lucky, then DO SOMETHING WITH IT NOW. Right ? Why not ? :DWasn’t there a void in this discussion before you read this SlideShare?Ever actually discussed luck like this ? Remarkably, I never have. Have you?I wanted to help by filling this void. Filling important voids is called “creating value”.I think you can quickly “manufacture luck” by “creating value”. By filling voids you see.
  7. 7. “TEAM LUCK”All right so this is your favorite Slideshare now.You know why this is the case – it’s making you smile, and feel lucky.Let’s not be greedy now.Share this widely if you want to feel even more luck coming your way, right ?People ought to be grateful you shared your favorite lucky slideshare with them.Did you know you can embed a Slideshare in Facebook like you can a Youtube video?You sure can. I want you to join us. I want our luck to form, together, a LUCK SOCIETY.I feel lucky putting these ideas out there in front of you. Like you’re on my team now.I’m sort of running attention experiments on you by such gimmicks as switching up the capitalization on the word SLIDESHARE. Lucky for us all, they work ! :D
  8. 8. GRATITUDE LEADS TO MORE GOOD LUCK!Get into gratitude. It’s not cheesy. It makes you enjoy things more, and waste less.It also seems to set up a positive luck feedback loop. Others will want to provide for you, just to see you get all grateful at them. It’s adorable. This is quite gratifying for others.There are famous books that get mentioned, but you don’t need all of that unless you have the time. Just this Slideshare, really. But try “Think and Grow Rich” maybe?GRATITUDE FOR GOOD THINGS MAKES GOOD THINGS GET REPEATED.AND GOOD THINGS MULTIPLIED ARE WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.If you want to feel more lucky than now, just be GRATEFUL. Maybe more grateful.This slideshare is my effort to INSTITUTIONALIZE GRATITUDE – e.g., you’ll be grateful every time you see this slide, because you’re paying attention, and that’ll lead to more luck. And it costs nothing to begin. You pay attention, not money, to this slideshare.Feel gratitude for your existing good luck, indicating that if future good luck things were to happen, such future good things would also be met with equal or greater gratitude.
  9. 9. WOULD YOU WANT TO BE IN OUR WAY?THEN JOIN US AND MAKE US STRONGERThink about all the people who gained from this Slideshare along with you.All attuned to pretty much the same set of ideas. That luck is social, so let’s make it!You’re welcome to take these ideas and run with them – make your own Slideshares, or whatever you like. Just never lose that hold on your gratitude, and luck is yours.Sometimes reading words can unlock our emotions. I’m trying to do this now.If I’m not doing the best job, at least I think I’ve figured out something missing:I never encountered a piece of media that made me feel lucky just looking at it.This Slideshare is an effort I’m making to institutionalize my own luck.The more I review it, the better it seems to get; a “luck ideology”, evolving with you.JOIN THE LUCK SOCIETY AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD •