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Intro 3 Tiny Habits with Dr. BJ Fogg


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These slides help you started for the 5-day course in 3 Tiny Habits.

Intro 3 Tiny Habits with Dr. BJ Fogg

  1. 1. Swipe thru these slides to learn about 3 Tiny Habits
  2. 2. Swipe againJust for practice
  3. 3. You are ready!
  4. 4. 3 Tiny Habits with BJ Fogg2012 Editionbjfogg@stanford.eduupdated: September 17, 2012 Welcome to my course. In just 5 days you’ll learn how you can create habits. And you don’t need willpower. The 30 minutes you invest this week can change your life.
  5. 5. Get set up by Sunday night How? 1. Read these slides -- all of them! 2. List your new Tiny Habits.Invest 3 minutes each day Monday thru Friday 1. Do your new Tiny Habits. 2. Reply to my daily email
  6. 6. What is a “Tiny Habit”? A personal behavior -- ■you do at least once a day ■that takes you less than 30 seconds ■that requires little effort As you craft your Tiny Habits for this week, you must match the criteria above. Please . . . keep it tiny!
  7. 7. Examples of Tiny HabitsYou craft Tiny Habits in this form:After I [anchor], I will [new tiny behavior] After I brush, I will floss one tooth After I start my morning coffee, I will set out my vitamins After I start the dishwasher, I will wipe one kitchen counter After I walk in door from work, I will get out my gym clothes After I sit down on the train, I will open my sketch notebook After I hear a phone ring, I will exhale and relax for 3 seconds After I put my head on my pillow, I will think of one good thing After I arrive home, I will hang my keys by the door