Pecha kucha project details


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Slide show details based on the earlier presentation of 'Social networking sites and their means of authenticity'.

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Pecha kucha project details

  1. 1. Pecha Kucha ProjectSlide details
  2. 2. 1) Before the emergence of Web 2.0, social networking sites were not so popular.From 2000 on wards, social networking sites have emerged and have changed ourmeans of communication.- Then & Now- Before our greater awareness of social networking sites and our means ofcommunication were developed using instant messaging services such as MSN,MSN users would communicate with their friends by inviting them to chatthrough their email address.2) Looking back at instant messages, viral videos have developed through theemergence of webcams and cameras. Viral video sites such as YouTube allowusers to communicate via Vlogs and through a commenting system which createsauthenticity. Vlogs can also be seen to self-market products. YouTube blurs thedistinction between users and friends. Users make friends via subscriptions andcomments by viewing of each others videos.3) Since the development of Web 2.0 and YouTube there has been a shift in thehierarchy, customers have gained a lot of control of the uploaded content andhow they wish to communicate with audiences around the world. This is one ofthe main reasons why YouTube has been successful over the years - its audience -who are known as celebrities themselves through their video uploads andpopularity.•
  3. 3. 4) Before YouTube was created other video sites werent as popular, this isdue to the owners being the content providers. Whereas now, everyonehas the ability and freedom to upload their content online. This again, isanother example of the shift from instant messaging to the viral network.5) Facebook which was launched in 2004 by a Harvard student and wasthen launched to the wider public in 2006 has become an essential part ofmany peoples life. Facebook can be seen as a technological convergence asit incorporates videos, photos, groups, fan pages which a user is able tolike, links and many more features. It creates authenticity though linkagesof friends: you are able to connect with anyone simply by the add friendbutton - friendship through social networking site has become a clickallowing the word friend to be seen as a metaphor as we now unable todistinguish between a friend whom we trust the most to someone who wewouldnt recognize on the street. This allows people to be connected toone another where ever they are in the world as they are able to sharemany aspects of their private life online. This raises questions whethersocial networking sites are a means of personal communication or are themessages not intended to anyone in particular?
  4. 4. 6) -If the messages are not intended to anyone in particular, why are so many peoplearound the world posting status updates?- Facebook can be seen as a means of surveillance through communication via theInternet. Now the friends we know personally and the friends who we simply add by theclick of a button are able to see our constant moves:varying form our days out, our feelings/ concerns through to whats on your mind? aswell as the check ins we make are incorporated to a map which shows our friends wherewe ware exactly and the places we have visited.- The people on our friends list have a tracking system which is plugged into our mobiles/IPads/ laptops through the downloadable app. This tracking system we all so fondly loveare formally known as social networking sites.- But the question is are our friends the only tracking system? When signing up toFacebook the database collects our information and is aware of our likings, hobbies, ageand other personal information. Now people or employers are able to search employeesthrough Facebook - nobodys eyes are really on everybody.7) - Through the like and fan pages we click on; we are suggested items and shownadvertisements on the sidebars of our home pages. Businesses are also using Facebook asa means of promotion allowing us, the users to click like allowing others to be aware oftheir presence on the market. Others however, use Facebook as a means of self-marketing like YouTube. People and businesses are now using this means of authenticityto create profit which enables them to keep a closer eye on their target market.
  5. 5. 8) The existence of social networking sites raises manyquestions, do we really need mobile phones to keep up to datewith friends? Is the Internet creating a free labour market? byconverging all our means of communication into one throughvaries marketing strategies by imbedding social network sitesinto apps allowing us to be connected? Or, could Facebook beseen as an online journal allowing our friends and the public tosee our existence in the new networked world by self-mapping our lives, as the messages we post can be aimed at noone in particular?9) Although twitter was launched in 2006, it has only risen in itspopularity over the last few years. Since its launch it hasbecome one of the ten most visited sites on the Internet and isviewed as another form of instant messaging. It can be seen asan online public journal, where you can tweet about what youare doing and your thoughts - it is the new normal. Twitter isat a constant change and development.
  6. 6. • 10) If you post an update on twitter, it can automatically be posted onto your Facebook page. This is just one way which shows that themajority of social networking sites are all interlinked - from postingvideos, we are able to see the linkages which connect these sitestogether. Another form of social networking site which isincorporated in to twitter is, Instagram, a place where IPhone andAndroid users are able to post pictures. This represents theadvancement of social networking sites.11) However, twitter can be presented as an open form ofcommunication as users are able to follow you at any time duringthe day, whether using a computer or their smartphones. Andsimilarly to Facebook, other user accounts are recommended for youto follow. Social networking sites will gather the information of yourfollowers and advertise other user accounts which have similarinformation.• 12) Twitter is also linked and promoted through television wherepeople are often asking the audience to follow them on twitter.Reality shows like The X Factor broadcast tweets posted by views inregards to their favourite contestants and what they think of theshow. It allows the audience an involvement in popular televisionshows and again presents the connection social networks have withother platforms.
  7. 7. 13) Linking back to the idea that there is a blurred distinctionbetween celebrities and ordinary people, similarly to YouTube,twitter also shows this distinction. The input fans are able togain through following a celebrity allows them to comment ontweets or share information to other users, getting closer totheir favorite celebrities life. This shows that social networkingsites are not only developing as a means of communication butare also an important factor of our lives as they help us (theusers) to find information of other users. Everything is out in theopen on social networking sites like twitter which shows theblurred distinction of having your own privacy. Popularity isbased on the number of followers a user has, and some twitterusers may even have more followers than celebrities.14) A sum up of key points mentioned in the presentation15) Any questions?
  8. 8. The End