Social Media Goal Setting for Content - The "Because" Exercise"


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From the "Content Creation and Optimization" workshop session of the "Pay It Forward" series, brought to you by Women Grow Business and Network Solutions.

Facilitator: Tinu Abayomi-Paul of Leveraged Promotion.

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Social Media Goal Setting for Content - The "Because" Exercise"

  1. 1. The "Because" ExerciseFrom the "Content Creation and Optimization" workshop session of the "Pay It Forward" series,brought to you by Women Grow Business and Network Solutions.Facilitator: Tinu Abayomi-Paul of Leveraged Promotion.
  2. 2. Contents The "Because" Exercise The Goal of the "Because" version for Social Media Content Goal Setting How to Do the "Because" Exercise Making Your Results Useful About the Workshop About the Workshop Facilitator Other Titles by Tinu Abayomi-Paul
  3. 3. The "Because" ExerciseThe "Because" exercise came out of a coping mechanism a friend taught me to help me dealwith being a chronic worrywart.Whenever I couldnt get out of a worry loop I would call her up or meet her in person. Idtell her what I was worried about, then she would say "why", in rapid-fire fashion, until ourconversation got ● profound ● ridiculous, or ● very clear.For example, just after college I began to stack up medical bills, which i worried aboutconstantly. We did the because exercise until I realized that "because then Id become a banjo-playing hobo living on the back of a commuter train" was not a realistic fear, and laughed thewhole thing off.The idea is that the recipient of the why question doesnt get time to think, they must justinstinctively respond. It bypasses the way we tend to edit our thoughts into acceptableparlance.The Goal of the "Because" version for Social MediaContent Goal SettingWhen were not clear about why were doing something, it gets more difficult to figure out howto achieve our goals. Many of us have objectives we believe are clear, such as "get more leads."But how many more leads do we want? The obvious answer is "as many as we can get" butis that actually true? If you got a million leads tomorrow, could you follow up on all of them?Would a million visitors crash your server? Are you set up to process a million orders?How many more leads do we want? And why do we want those leads? This exercise helps usget to the root of what we want out of social media, so we can figure out whether its evenpossible to achieve them.
  4. 4. The goal of this exercise is to get more clarity, depth or focus. Its important to get to the rootof why you want to use social media to meet your goals in order to know what content tocreate to reach that goal.For example, if your goal is to establish trust with your current client base, youll want to createcontent that answers questions existing customers have. If you want to increase traffic to yourwebsite, perhaps the solution is to start a blog where you can fill a need in the market forcertain types of information.Once you understand how to serve them, creating content in that space becomes a muchsimpler task.How to Do the "Because" Exercise 1. Get a partner, preferably in person. Video chat works well too. Doing it over the phone works but the experience is most fully realized in person. 2. Choose one person to be the questioner. The other person is referred to as the recipient. 3. The questioner now sets a timer at two minutes and asks the first question, which is "What is your ultimate goal with social media?" 4. After each answer, the questioner should follow up with the word "Why?" as soon as the other person is finished talking. The recipient should answer back just as fast, without thinking until time is called. 5. When time is up, the recipient is to write down: a. their best "because", b. any new epiphanies about their goals, or, c. if they got stuck, why they believe they got flustered. 6. Switch places and repeat steps 2 - 5. The recipient is now the questioner, the previous questioner is now the recipient.
  5. 5. Making Your Results UsefulOnce the exercise is completed, use your insights to create a more specific goal.Your goal should have more specific information now. Instead of "Id like to become a thoughtleader" your goal will be more like "In order to double my client base by this time next year, Iwant to create a weekly podcast that will establish me as a thought leader in x industry."Before continuing to the next exercise, your social media goals should have as many of thefollowing as possible ● measurable outcome, ● a projected timeline for achieving it ● a well thought out target market ● an idea of your lead format (text, audio, video, images) ● an idea of who will be generating the contentYoull be using your "because" answers in the Dumb Question exercise, next in the "SocializeYour Business" Content Creation and Optimization Workshop from Women Grow Business andNetwork Solutions
  6. 6. About the WorkshopThe Socialize Your Small Business series from Women Grow Business is a series of intimate,free workshops designed to help you figure out whether you can get more impact out of youractivities in social media, with the same amount of work – or even less.The idea behind the series is to Pay It Forward - many of todays most trusted thought leadersrealize that they didnt arrive at a full understanding of todays rapidly changing technologyalone.Read more about this workshop in Women Grow Business, and in Network Solutions blog.About the Workshop FacilitatorHi, Im Tinu Abayomi-Paul, a website promotion specialist, and author. You may samplemore of my hints, tips, and guides in: ●, ●, ●, ● Site Pro News, ● Promotion World ● Amazon ● Web Pro News ● Search Engine Guide, ● Search Engine Journal, ● American Chronicles, ● or on my own sites,, and
  7. 7. also serve on the Network Solutions Social Web Advisory Board.
  8. 8. Other Titles by Tinu Abayomi-PaulHeres my current public list of active do-it-yourself guides. This does not include co-authored selections, separate services or membership sites.Fast Traffic from Facebook Pages Facebook Traffic Google Bundle Special List Secrets Marketing,000 Visitors Secrets to Massive Traffic Original Evergreen Traffic System Media Traffic Tactics Original Facebook Unhyped Networking Book