Suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, factories and distributors related to crude oil for sale


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Suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, factories and distributors related to crude oil for sale

  1. 1. Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters, Factories and Distributors related to Crude Oil For SaleCRUDE OIL FOR SALEBonny Light Crude Oil-BLCO
  2. 2. Bonny Light Crude Oil (Meet The Seller!)Bonny Light oil is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil with high API gravity (low specificgravity), produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the prolific region around thecity of Bonny.Nigeria is the biggest manufacturer of light crude oil, the very low sulfur content ofBonny Light crude makes it a highly desired grade for its low corrosives to refineryinfrastructure and the lower environmental impact of its byproducts in refinery effluent.Bonny Light crude oil is considered to be one of the best crude oil in the world because itis easy to refine as a result of its low sulfur content. Due to this factor, a lot of buyersfrom around the world are always interested in Nigeria crude. But the problem thesebuyers have is the inability to discover the right place to go.Nigeria is still known to be the most flexible country with regards to buying crude oil ifyou are fortunate to find a genuine seller.Finding a verifiable seller in the Nigerian market is very simple if you follow the steps.Firstly, you must decide on whom to buy from since there are several sellers in theNigerian market.You need to know if the “seller” is a duly registered company especially in somecountries but dealing locally, or having someone to correspond with the sellers in thecountry you are buying the product from is very important.Getting a genuine crude oil seller might be very difficult to some buyers because somepeople will be claiming the have products to sell where as they don’t, that always resultto time wastage.This web platform is solely dedicated to help serious buyers talk to seller directly,through us.One of the best Crude oil seller we recommend is TINSEL CARGO & OILCOMPANYTINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY is among the world’s leading integrated energycompanies Headquartered in California, and its Nigerian and Russian subsidiaries it is apremier crude oil supplier.The Chairman and CEO of TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY, Mr.Steve Olita , hasled the company’s growth through internal expansion and innovative management skill.We work with Mr Steve Olita directly to facilitate a smooth crude oil purchase fromCrude oil buyers across the world.
  3. 3. Below are the procedures of TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYfor CIF and TTOProcedure for CIF1. Buyer and Seller sign and seal this Contract including banking coordinates. Theelectronic signed copy by both Parties is considered legally binding and enforceable andmust not be changed. The executed SPA and is lodged in their respective banks.2. Buyer’s bank shall issue by swift wire transfer to Seller’s/Fiduciary Bank, a non-operative, confirmed and irrevocable instrument (DLC/ SBLC/ BG) for the total cost ofCargo.3. Seller loads vessel and gives to the Buyer all Loading Documents, Q88 and Captain’sname. Vessel’s captain will provide NOR (Notice of Readiness) to the Buyer to confirmthe product.4. Within three (3) business days of Two (2) & Three (3) above, The NNPC BonnyTerminal Administrator authorizes Master of its loaded vessel to issue a full confirmedPOP / NOR to Refinery discharge port facility.5. The Harbour Master shall acknowledge the receipt of the NOR confirm from Captainof the vessel the issued NOR. The harbor Master shall send a confirmed POD to thevessel Captain for issuance of ETA after Q and Q Inspection report. ( he shall do so inwriting to the Seller by email).6. The Seller shall establish full communication and control between the Buyer and theCaptain of the vessel.7. The Seller shall prepare the Logistics, obtain security clearance and cause VesselMaster to proceed for Q and Q Inspection by a nominated Agency of the Buyer at apreferred location.8. The Captain of the vessel shall issue a confirmed ETA after a successful Q and Qreport.9. The terminal shall then;a. Fully Re-register a confirmable allocation in Buyer’s name on Shell Screen and NNPCLondon.b. Register all documentation in Buyers name. Such documentation shall be confirmableat NNPC Abuja, London, Shell Screen. (The documentation shall include valid BOL,Warrant of Title, CPA, Insurance and SGS report.
  4. 4. c. Clear the vessel out of Nigeria waters and sail to Buyers disport with requireddocumentation within Seven (7) To Ten (10) days from the receipt of Buyers Instrument.10. Within 24hrs after berthing at POD, Buyers Inspectors shall carry out Q and QInspection inside the vessel before Discharge and issue a report to the Captain, Seller’sBank and Buyer’s Bank.11. The Seller Shall collate all stipulated cargo / marine documents, Invoice and swiftsame to Buyer /Buyer’s Bank for Payment. Buyer’s Bank shall within Five (5) daysreceipt of all the transaction documents as enumerated in the SPA SWIFT ALL.Procedure for TTO1. Buyer and Seller sign and seal this Contract including banking coordinates. Theelectronic signed copy by both Parties is considered legally binding and enforceable andmust not be changed. The executed SPA and is lodged in their respective banks. Buyerreturns SPA with ICPO and ATB details.2. Upon confirmation of the above, Buyer’s Bank shall issue by swift wire transfer toSeller’s/Fiduciary Bank, a pre-advice LC or non-operative, confirmed and irrevocableinstrument (DLC/SBLC/MT760) for the total cost of cargo.(A copy of the swift shall besent to terminal/Seller).3. The Seller shall instruct the Captain of the Vessel after receipt of ATB details from theBuyer to issue a confirmable marine ATB, to the Buyer.4. The Seller shall Organize Logistics and Security clearance for Inspection officers andSupercargo to board the loaded vessel at agreed location thereafter conduct Q and QAnalysis.5. After satisfactory Inspection report, The Seller shall assist the Buyer to re-charter thevessel through the vessel Handlers from Vessel Operators.6. The Seller shall also;a. Re-register and Re-document all required Cargo and vessel papers (warrant of title,Bill of Lading, etc) as speculated in the documents clause of this contract.b. Re-program on Shell Screen, NNPC London, and the cargo for official confirmation byBuyer.7. The Seller collates all documents including the invoice and submits to the Buyer andBuyer’s Bank. After confirmation Of the documents, Buyer’s Bank pays for the total costof the cargo by KTT swift within 2 to 3 Banking days.
  5. 5. 8. All commissions due to facilitators and brokers shall be paid at the same time and bythe same method as for the Invoice paid to the seller.9. Vessel sails to Buyer’s destination.If you are a genuine buyer of crude oil and you are okay with the procedures contact us assoon as possible for the sales and purchase agreement.Please don’t forget to indicate if you are the end buyer or Agent/Facilitator as we preferworking with buyers directly.Thank youContactTINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYCOMMERCE HOUSE3RD FLOOR, SUITE 311,MOI AVENUE, NAIROBI.P.O. BOX 79456-00200 NAIROBI, KENYATELE FAX: +254-20-2229781,Cellphone: +254-722-761587,+254-734-939308Website: www.tinselcargo.comEMAIL: