International removals


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International removals

  1. 1. • •International RemovalsTINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY provides an International removals service to morethan 120 Countries throughout the world. Whether you are moving from Melbourne toLondon or Singapore to Sydney, Nuss can help you with all your needs. You will have adedicated and experienced coordinator looking after every arrangement from start tofinish, providing you with professional removal advice and guidance along the way.Being a total service international removalists means that we can provide you with a widerange of support services including packing and unpacking services, insurance, storage,pet and car transport and more.Overseas moving is a far more complex task than ever before. Customs formalitiesaround the world are becoming more stringent as are security arrangements for air andsea cargo alike. All these changes mean that having appropriate and accurate advice isabsolutely crucial. We can help with all of this.World Class Global NetworkOur position in the global market enables us to be active members of the industries mostprestigious professional moving associations and networks (FIDI/OMNI in particular).Through constant networking, shared technology, and up to date information exchanges,we are always in tune with current developments – worldwide.Our FIDI and OMNI memberships are your assurance that you are dealing with a qualitybrand. Both of these global networks are strictly vetted to ensure that only internationalremovals services with the highest quality and financial standards are allowed entry.Monitoring is on-going and members share a common goal – to deliver the ultimate incustomer service, quality and reliability.Removal Service optionsGiven that every client has individual requirements it is essential that we provide youwith options that meet your specific needs. Some clients will be moving the entirecontents of their home while others may only need to ship a few items. At TINSELCARGO & OIL COMPANY, we are able to provide you with a service tailored to yourindividual needs. Your TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY
  2. 2. consultant will be able to identify the most appropriate service option for you and a brief explanation of those options follows: Seafreight FCL (Full container load)If you are moving your entire home it is most likely that you will need either a 20ft or40ft steel shipping container to accommodate your belongings. In most cases this meansthat we pack your belongings on site and reserve the final day for loading. The containeris positioned at your residence on the last day and all of the items are carefully loadeddirectly into the container. The container is sealed and transported to the port for loadingon to the shipping vessel. At the end of the sea transit period our nominated partner atyour destination will arrange for the container and contents to be cleared throughCustoms, transported to your new residence and unloaded, unpacked and place the itemsdirectly in to your new home and dispose of the used packing debris. This is a basicexplanation as there are exceptions based on local Customs requirements andcircumstances such as difficult access to residence, etc but for the most part this is howan FCL move progresses.LCL (Less than container load)For moves where the volume to be shipped does not require the use of a full container,LCL is the next best option. Your belongings would be fully export packed and wrappedand with this method, loaded into wooden shipping crates (often called liftvans) whichare steel banded and delivered to the shipping company by TINSEL CARGO & OILCOMPANY. The shipping company would then containerise the crates with other freight and ship ona scheduled departure. Upon arrival at the destination, our nominated partner wouldprovide the normal Customs clearance, collect the crates from the shipping lines localterminal and deliver them to your residence, unpack and remove the used debris andcrates for disposal.Groupage (Shared/consolidated container method)This method is perfect for the client with just a few items to ship and under no timepressure for the items to arrive at the destination point. Your belongings are exportpacked and wrapped and returned to our depot. Unlike LCL they are not loaded intoshipping crates but remain in our transit area pending consolidation with other clients’belongings, destined for the same area, until such time as we have enough volume to fill ashipping container. Once the container is shipped and arrives at the destination port ournominated partner will process the shipment through Customs, deliver and unpackeverything and remove the used debris.
  3. 3. Groupage tends to be the cheapest method of shipment as by sharing the container spacewe can reward you with lower shipping costs. There is also the savings to be gained bynot placing the items in shipping crates. The main drawback of groupage is that it cansometimes take a while to consolidate the right sized shipments together going to thesame destination but the savings are there for you if there is no rush to receiveeverything.AirfreightAirfreight is of course the fastest option but it is also the most expensive which is whymost air shipments tend to be smaller in weight/volume. Air is often used too for apreliminary shipment of urgent items ahead of your main sea shipment when longdistance and long transit times are unavoidable.Best adviceYour TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY Removals consultant will certainly be ableto give you the best advice on possible removal options once we are aware of yourcircumstances and budget. Remember, we are happy to provide you with as muchinformation as possible and to assist you in making an informed decision that is best foryou. So, if you are looking for a remova list that is “in tune” with the rest of the worldand able to offer you the right type of service, TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANYInternational Removals would be your perfect choice. Contact • TINSEL CARGO & OIL COMPANY • COMMERCE HOUSE • 3RD FLOOR, SUITE 311, • MOI AVENUE, NAIROBI. • P.O. BOX 79456-00200 NAIROBI, KENYA • TELE FAX: +254-20-2229781, • Cellphone: +254-722-761587, • +254-734-939308 • Website: • EMAIL: