Assignment 9 3- final interpretive sign design eduardo herrera 615


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Interpretive Design

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Assignment 9 3- final interpretive sign design eduardo herrera 615

  1. 1. Design Progress Eduardo De Jesus HerreraMSED Info Tech Western Oregon University Assignment 9.4
  2. 2. Goals• To increase the number of people using the law office.• Raise awareness about the kinds of services the law office provides• Help people see the personal benefits of utilizing these services• Create a belief that this particular law office is the “best choice”• Motivate people to hire the services of this law office
  3. 3. Audience• Business people,and families that speakfluent Spanish from the the western partof Guatemala.• Only some of this audience speaksEnglish (therefore materials should bebilingual•Audience will range from 18 years old to60 years old. (all ages)
  4. 4. Audience• This audience is looking for an attorney that they think they will trust Therefore I will need to portray attorneys as trustworthy.• This audience is looking for a knowledgeable attorney Therefore, I will illustrate how knowledgeable my attorneys are.• For class purposes I will write everything in English, and not in Spanish
  5. 5. Message•H & H Law Office offers professional legal advice and guidance•Attorneys at the law offices of H & H have more than 25 of litigation experience in the areas of labor law, civil law and criminal matters.•H & H political advisors have pursued professional training providing you the trust that you deserve.•H & H attorneys have 25 years of litigation experience, providing the experience that you deserve.
  6. 6. First design
  7. 7. Changes• First design: There are too many words.• There are books representing knowledge.• Second Design: I tried expressing the same idea using fewer words and using an image that represents justice. It has the H & H name of the law office twice, which is not very professional.
  8. 8. Second Design
  9. 9. Changes• Second Design: It has the wording H & H twice.• Third Design: I used repetition in order to make it look more professional. I eliminated the wording H & H once, and I used the contrast of Wide font to thin font.
  10. 10. Third Design
  11. 11. Changes• Third Design: It is based on repetition and contrast.• Forth Design: It is based on different shades of blue color. Unfortunately, the design does not look great because of the picture.
  12. 12. 4th Design
  13. 13. Changes• 4th Design: it is based on one color.The picture does not seem professional, I tried cropping the picture with Photo shop instead of iphoto.• 5th Design: I used more colors and different fonts. Contrasts of Colors and fonts. It is also available in English and Spanish.
  14. 14. 5th Design
  15. 15. 5th Design Spanish