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Document Security on the basis of luminous sub-surface laser engraving                                                    ...
Optical                                                           Document                                                ...
Optical Document SecurityOptical Document Security                            Who Should                      The conferen...
The Conference on Optical Securityand Counterfeit DeterrenceConference Programme Short Course on Optically Variable Device...
SESSION 2:                                                              personalisation of PC documents. This also means t...
The Conference on Optical Security andCounterfeit Deterrence          simple iron oxide inks, to more sophisticated optica...
SESSION 8:       Friday 20 January 2012              cont’d...                                                            ...
The Conference on Optical Security                                            and Counterfeit DeterrenceYour Event Organis...
Delegate Registration Form    The 2012 Conference on Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence    18-20 January 2012, Pa...
OPTICAL • DOCUMENT • SECURITY • CONFERENCE • San Francisco 18 - 20 Jan 2012
OPTICAL • DOCUMENT • SECURITY • CONFERENCE • San Francisco 18 - 20 Jan 2012
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OPTICAL • DOCUMENT • SECURITY • CONFERENCE • San Francisco 18 - 20 Jan 2012


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O P T I C A L •
D O C U M E N T •
S E C U R I T Y •

The Conference on Optical
Security and Counterfeit

18-20 January 2012
Palace Hotel,
San Francisco, California

Published in: Technology
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OPTICAL • DOCUMENT • SECURITY • CONFERENCE • San Francisco 18 - 20 Jan 2012

  1. 1. Document Security on the basis of luminous sub-surface laser engraving Page4
  2. 2. Optical Document Security The Conference on Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence 18-20 January 2012 Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CaliforniaGood conference - covers My first attendance, a Excellent conference – Very good conference!a broad spectrum. very fascinating lots of useful information. Douglas Dunn,Armin Stoeckli, BEB experience, well worth Ernesto Candela, 3MIndustrie-Elektronik the time. Banco de Mexico David Lewis, Microsoft
  3. 3. Optical Document SecurityOptical Document Security Who Should The conference on Optical Security and Attend Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques since This conference will 1996 provide information, insight This is being written a few days before the tenth anniversary of “9/11”, a salutary and guidance on future reminder of why we need secure documents that are difficult to copy or alter. The developments to… threat of document fraud, especially pertaining to banknotes and identity documents, drives research and development around the world to find protective features which are more difficult to counterfeit or compromise in other ways. New ideas, new products and new features are emerging from government research • Specifiers and designers centers, corporate research and development programs and centers of academic of banknotes, ID excellence. documents, tax For over 25 years a key focus of document security has been optical features, and documents and other for over half that period this Conference has offered a platform to researchers, secured government- developers, manufacturers, printers and governments to present their findings on such features at a high technical and scientific level. Some of the most significant issued documents developments in document security have been first published at these conferences so we are pleased to see this continuing at the 2012 Conference. Inevitably and rightly this Conference evolves in its content – to reflect the • Specifiers and designers evolution in the topic – but also in its management. All previous conferences were of commercial or private chaired by Rudolf van Renesse, who among his many achievements in this field coined the phrase “Optical Document Security”, and literally wrote the book on the sector secured subject. Unfortunately, he became ill during the early planning of this 2012 documents, including Conference, forcing him to relinquish the Chair and take a back seat, although he those issued by banks has continued to make valuable contributions to the Conference Committee’s appraisal of the record number of abstracts. John Mercer has taken on the and financial institutions, demanding task of Conference Chairman and the Conference Committee has educational institutions, worked hard to ensure that Ruud’s high standards are being maintained. retailers, transportation companies, concert and THE CONFERENCE PROGRAM sports events promoters • Currency - Banknotes are a prime target of criminals so require much effort to ensure their security. So as always, the first conference sessions are devoted to currency protection. This includes presentations from central banks and banknote production equipment producers, covering the vital topics of banknote wear, • Specifiers and designers fitness, machine readability, and counterfeiting trends. of personnel access and • Substrates and Printing - Substrates and print elements form the backbone of identity documents document security, so these inseparable components form the second group of conference sessions. There has perhaps never been so much work done on substrates, and these sessions see reports on new banknote and ID substrates, as well as new features in inks and print techniques. • Producers and suppliers of security-printed • Optically Variable Security - OVDs are at the center of optical document security and form the core of this Conference. New holographic and other materials and documents methods are challenging the to-date ubiquitous surface-relief features, and these are reported in these sessions, with papers also on methods for combining OVDs with other facets of document security. The conference shows that researchers in • Producers and suppliers this field continue to be inventive and imaginative. of components for • Authentication and Examination - The most advanced and sophisticated security security-printed features are wasted if they are not properly examined. So the final sessions of the 2012 Optical Document Security conference consider issues and methods for documents examining and authenticating optical features, from forensic examination processes to the potential role of mobile phones. At the end of the first conference day all participants are invited to view the items • Researchers in the being discussed in the conference and to read the poster papers, with food and security component, drink encouraging discourse and discussion with fellow delegates. This Security Exhibit and Poster Presentation is always popular and has often included the first biometrics and security opportunity to see, handle and examine the new developments that may become printing fields. the future cornerstone of optical document security. 1
  4. 4. The Conference on Optical Securityand Counterfeit DeterrenceConference Programme Short Course on Optically Variable Devices Presenters: Hans de Heij, De Nederlandsche Bank; John Mercer, Kelly, Anderson & Associates Wednesday 18 January 2012 - 1:30 to 5:00 pm Security features for public use are based on both human For the first time this Course has two presenters to specialize in perception and advanced technology. The basic technical OVDs for banknotes and for ID documents. principles behind public security features – or level 1 features – Hans de Heij has presented several well- have their origin in sciences like physics, chemistry and regarded papers at the ODS conferences. Since mathematics. Applied design is another discipline needed to 1981 he has worked on banknote design and create optimal security features. Traditional watermarks, in use public awareness at the Netherlands National for hundreds of years, are still applied and on the other hand Bank, first on Guilders and then Euros, to which the latest optical devices using micro-optical films, liquid he has made a significant contribution in both the crystals and other types of devices are available. Today over 60 design and the managing of the design process. Hans will lead different public security features available. How do you select the Course on OVDs for banknotes. the most appropriate for your documents? John Mercer has also presented papers at ODS Many public security features have their basis in optics. The conferences. He worked at the US Bureau of focus of this course will be on Optically Variable Devices (OVDs), Engraving and Printing before moving to the State which are a major group of public security features. There are Department in 1994, where he led the design now many types and varieties of OVD, each of them having their teams for the present US Visa and the first US own characteristics and suitability for use on different types of ePassport From 1997 to 2004, he chaired ICAO’s document. So it is important for everyone involved in the Document Content and Format Working Group which led the specification, design, production or examination of secured work on the specification of technical features for international documents to have a good understanding of the fundamentals travel documents,and he remains closely involved with this of OVDs. Providing that understanding is the purpose of this activity. John will lead the Course on OVDs for Identity Short Course. Documents. The Course will survey all kinds of OVD, discussing how they might be compromised and how to recognize such fraudulent WHO SHOULD ATTEND? efforts. The course uses image material and case-studies to This course will benefit everyone involved in the specification, engage and inform participants. Optimum functionality of these design, production and examination of valuable documents, devices can only be achieved through an appreciation of their whether management or technical personnel. No prior design, production, application and examination and this is what experience in document security is required. will be delivered in this Short Course. Thursday 19 January 2012 9.05 am The Evolution of Optical Currency Sensors used on Federal Reserve High Speed Sorting Session 1: Sarah Atwater, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, USA CURRENCY I The US Federal Reserve System provides both new and circulated currency to financial institutions. Circulated SESSION CHAIR: Sara Church – Federal Reserve Board, USA currency was originally sorted by hand, but now done by8:15 am Research into Banknote Circulation Wear: Cash machine at 40 notes per second. Old fitness criteria are Handling Habits of Canadians being replaced by new, as the very nature of currency is Erik Balodis, Bank of Canada, Canada changed through new designs and security features. This The security-driven development of a new note series paper describes the issues and asks which security can result in banknote configurations with novel security features are to be verified. devices or materials. The lack of a reliable durability test based on real circulation stresses makes it difficult to 9.30 am Dynamic Effect Pigments and Multi-Effect estimate the ability of these devices or materials to Pigments for the Banknote Industry withstand circulation conditions. This paper presents the Elizabeth Downing. 3DTL, USA/Switzerland findings of a survey of the cash-handling habits of Dynamic Effect Pigments (DEPs) and Multi-Effect Canadians and incorporates these findings, and other Pigments (MEPs) represent a new class of security information in the development of a model of bank note pigments for banknotes and other documents. DEPs and circulation. MEPs can be tailor-made to provide multiple responses under a single, steady-state excitation. These responses8.40 am Controlling Machine Readability in Security can be simultaneous, sequential, and/or interdependent. Printing These pigments can provide both visual and non-visual Thomas Tuerke & Juerg Hofmann, KBA-Notasys SA, Switzerland effects, and they can respond to visible and non-visible Following one of the basic principles of quality control, stimuli that you can only control what you can measure, in this 9.55 am Refreshment Break 35 minutes paper some tools and methods especially developed for the banknote world are presented to control these covert features in sheet form. 2
  5. 5. SESSION 2: personalisation of PC documents. This also means that a PC-foil with a single image has to be treated like a CURRENCY II fully personalised document, which is facilitated by the SESSION CHAIR: Malcolm R. M. Knight - De La Rue use of new polycarbonate inks that allow secure International Ltd., UK bonding. Improvements to the inks, the inkjet printer as 10.30 am US Cash Machine Group: Efforts to Make well as the printing process were required to optimise Banknotes More Friendly performance. Valentino de Vito, Bureau of Engraving & Printing, USA The subject group was formed by the US Federal 2.15 pm A New Banknote Substrate as Platform for Reserve Board of Governors to examine ways to make Optical Security Features banknotes more machine readable. Banknote design Christoph Kocher, Landqart, Switzerland today is not just making aesthetically pleasing and A new banknote substrate will be presented that complex images, but a matter of integrating design and combines the recognized features of paper and polymer security concepts that are workable, reliable, secure, into a high security delivery platform. The substrate is a and machine friendly, with the goal of making readable composite of two paper layers and a central polymer banknotes for all. core and is capable of incorporating the traditional physical security features of both paper and polymer. 10.55 am Bank Machine Learning to Measure Banknote The presentation will focus on additional security effects Fitness not realizable with either substrate alone. Peter Balke, De Nederlandsche Bank, The Netherlands Central banks recirculate notes based on fitness. The 2.40 pm Refreshment Break 35 minutes problem is that fit notes are often shredded along with unfit ones. This paper is the story of the application of SESSION 4: neural networks to the whole note color evaluation SUBSTRATE AND PRINTING II process so that the decision making process is improved and more economical. SESSION CHAIR: Sijbrand Spannenburg, Joh. Enschedé Security Print, The Netherlands 11.20 am The Impact Advances in the Printing Industry 3.15 pm Personalized Floating Three-Dimensional have had on the Counterfeiting of US Currency Images for ID Documents Kerre Corbin, United States Secret Service Investigative Douglas Dunn, 3M, USA Division, USA It is now possible to produce three-dimensional images Digital printing is a curse, because counterfeit notes are in the form of a floating signature, a floating serial more deceptive, but also a blessing, as the higher number, or a floating ghost image of the document fidelity allows surer analysis of the detected holder in a patch layout in the document. In addition, counterfeits. Fraud methodology will be discussed and three-dimensional floating images that are viewable illustrated. The need for more and improved security only over a specific angular range but appear to be features is indicated. located at the same spot in the document, i.e. switchable, can also be laser written. In this new 11.45 am Lunch 75 minutes version of the technology the three-dimensional images are therefore linked to the bio-data recorded in SESSION 3: the document of the document holder, a process described in this paper. SUBSTRATE & PRINTING I SESSION CHAIR:Volker Lohweg - Ostwestfalen-Lippe University 3.40 pm Micro-Optic Structures for Identification of Applied Sciences, Germany Applications 1.00 pm Differentiation Between Film Substrates Based Scott Palm & Sam Cape, Crane Micro-Optic Solutions, USA on Altered Interference Signals In this paper, the authors discuss a number of Robert Stewart & Michael Blesovsky, Innovia Films, UK interesting technical, scientific, and stylistic developments undertaken to tailor micro-optic A combination of white light interferometry and birefringence measurement has been used as a method of products, as now used in several banknotes, to the uniquely identifying polypropylene film. This present performance requirements for a number of security paper extends this technique to new grades of security applications. These developments improve the films. functionality, appearance, and effectiveness of micro- optics. Developments for traditional applications and for 1.25 pm Laser Engravable Color Reflective Films new applications, such as ID, are discussed. Will Merrill 3M, USA 4.05 pm Inspection Techniques for Hybrid Substrate This paper describes the method and use of a new class Using Optical Coherence Technology (OCT) of multi-layer, color reflective polymer films, susceptible Takaharu Kobayashi, National Printing Bureau of Japan to laser energy, that allows lasers of various wavelengths to write to inner layers in the film. Overt OCT is a non-destructive imaging technique for use with features using visible colors and covert features of other an opaque medium with some element of optical wavelengths may be incorporated. transparency. This technique has proven useful in determining the thickness of component layers of hybrid 1.50 pm A Secure Color Personalization Solution for PC substrate and can also be applied to quality control in Documents the production process. Oliver Muth, Bundesdruckerei, Germany 4.30 pm Reversible Magnets: Creating a Printable This process uses inkjet printing of an inner layer of a Magnetic Display PC foil followed by lamination to a card. So this is a pre- Christoph Mengel, Giesecke & Devrient, Germany personalisation instead of the commonly used post- Magnetic inks are staples of banknote printing, from3
  6. 6. The Conference on Optical Security andCounterfeit Deterrence simple iron oxide inks, to more sophisticated optical- 9.05 am Nano-Scale Optics for Security Features magnetic combinations. These inks generate fixed Clint Landrock, NanoTech Security Corp., Canada orientation magnetic pigments. In contrast, the This paper introduces the design of surface plasmon- approach described in this paper allows the magnetic based optics and novel processing using mastered particles to rotate freely within the cured magnetic ink, shims for embossing or casting highly reproducible so that the imparted magnetic image will be revealed in nano-scale structures in diffraction optical variable a magnetic field, but revert on removal from the field, devices (D-OVD)and machine readable security thus demonstrating full reversibility. applications. Surface plasmons (SPs) are collective7.00- electronic oscillations that can be excited using visible10.00 pm Buffet Dinner including Table Top Exhibit and ambient light. If the correct parameters are chosen SPs Poster Papers can be used to produce transmission of light greater than that predicted by standard optical theory. Thursday 19 January 2012 9.30 am Some New Approaches on Optical Document 7.00 pm EVENING PROGRAM Security Conference Buffet Dinner Tino Zahedi, 4D, Germany This paper presents a number of novel authentication Topical Table-top Exhibits concepts based on innovative and unconventional Poster Papers functional principles. The optical effects comprise a This is always a popular and busy part of Optical photoluminescent phenomenon such as daylight Document Security. The poster papers complement the fluorescence, micro-Fresnel prism refraction light conference presentations with information on projects that guidance and dramatic three-dimensional optical are not suitable for an oral paper, perhaps because the illusions. content is brief or the project is at an early stage of development. 9.55 am Refreshment Break 35 minutes The table-top exhibits provides the opportunity to see, handle and discuss what is being presented in the SESSION 6: conference oral and poster papers. There is no substitute for a close up look – no matter how sophisticated the OPTICALLY VARIABLE SECURITY II visual presentation in the conference! SESSION CHAIR: Douglas S. Dunn, 3M Safety, Security, & Protection Services Lab, USA Add in the food and drink and this becomes an unrivalled networking session: meet old friends, make new ones, 10.30 am Pastel, non-rainbow colored OVD based on establish new development or business partners. diffraction optics Akira Nagano, Toppan Printing, Japan Contact Reconnaissance if you would like to show your This paper introduces pastel-color OVDs which do not product in this table-top exhibit - info@Reconnaissance- generate the normal rainbow colors typical of normal diffraction holograms. Further, these pastel OVDs have 10.00 pm Close of First Day the property of On/Off effect: that is at one viewing angle, the pastel color is shown, and changing the viewing angle causes the complete disappearance of the pastel color. Secondary latent images are also possible. Friday 20 January 2012 The pastel pattern changes to a monochromatic one by SESSION 5: a diffusion filter and the latent image becomes clearly visible. OPTICALLY VARIABLE DEVICES I SESSION CHAIR: Wayne R. Tompkin - OVD Kinegram Corp, 10.55 am Color Shifting Feature combining Switzerland microstructures with Fabry-Perot-type Interference Filters8.15 am Enhancing the Security of Chip-Based Harald Walter & Wayne Tompkin, OVD Kinegram AG, documents using DOVIDs Switzerland John Peters & Wayne Tompkin, OVD Kinegram, Switzerland This paper presents novel, enhanced color-shifting The paper provides a brief analysis of the potential features based on Fabry-Perot interference filters in attacks on currently used chip-based ID documents, juxtaposition. The effect relies on a combination of such as the machine-readable travel documents. In the light of these threats, three approaches to enhancing special designed microstructures and thin-film the document security using DOVIDs will be presented. interference filters. This feature offers a very high level of security due to the fact that replication, printing and8.40 am Extraordinary transmission for an Effective See- vacuum coating techniques need to be combined in a through DOVID very accurate way. Jean Sauvage-Vincent & Valéry Petiton, Hologram Industries, 11.20 am Full Color Lippmann Hologram for Security France Applications Known for a long time in polymer banknotes, and more recently in paper banknotes, the principle of windowed Tsuyoshi Yamauchi, Dai Nippon Printing, Japan documents is now extended to ID documents. This In this paper, the overt authentication functionality of paper will present an innovative solution linking new color Lippmann holograms is discussed, targeting transmission and zero-order device technologies which the high security application such as banknotes and is dedicated to improve windows’ contributions to overt governmental ID documents. One authentication security. function is the instantaneous color switching possible in holograms made by the H1H2 mastering method, when 4
  7. 7. SESSION 8: Friday 20 January 2012 cont’d... AUTHENTICATION & EXAMINATION II both the incident and the observation angle can be SESSION CHAIR: John Mercer - Kelly, Anderson freely designed and controlled. Therefore, the 3.15 pm Examining OVDs in Travel Documents: observation angles of each color images reconstructed Authentication in a Forensic Lab Setting can be individually designed and a distinctive color John Barnett, US Department of Homeland Security, switching effect can be given. Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Forensic Document Laboratory, USA 11.45 am The Non-Diffractive Switching Image - a Non- With the advances in commercial holographic printed Optically Variable Security Device technology, deceptive counterfeit OVDs are becoming Luke Maguire, Reserve Bank of Australia more prevalent. This presentation will provide an This paper presents the latest developments in overview of counterfeit OVDs seen in a forensic switching images, which represent a fundamental step- document laboratory and illustrate examples using change in visual efficacy and counterfeit resistance over scientific instruments of the differences between those previous embodiments. The key development is the counterfeits and genuine OVDs. creation of a feature that now switches completely, without cross-talk, between two transparent, high 3.40pm Mobile Devices for Banknote Authentication – Is contrast images. The visual effect is created through it Possible? the incorporation of optical-quality microprisms into the Volker Lohweg, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied banknote substrate. Sciences, Germany 12.10 pm Lunch 75 minutes Security features, in particular intaglio-printed features, exhibit highly characteristic, recognizable visual properties. This paper reports research which shows SESSION 7: that nearly all mobile device cameras, when controlled AUTHENTICATON & EXAMINATION I properly by the application software, can be used for SESSION CHAIR: Ian M Lancaster - Reconnaissance banknote authentication. International 4.05 pm Robust ATM PIN Pad Authentication with Coded 1.25 pm A New Projective Method for Correcting for Features Distortions of Secure Digital Watermarks Steffen Priesterjahn, Wincor Nixdorf Hans Oltmans, Joh. Enschedé, The Netherlands The paper is based on an approach that used Automatic detection of secure digital watermarks relies artificially produced unique features on laser engraved on the ability to recognize the mark under practical metal structures like PIN pads to generate an encoded circumstances. A captured image is “distorted” (shifted, fingerprint for object verification. This method has skewed, scaled, cropped) compared to the original. The been extended to use intrinsic features that are watermark should be resilient to such distortions. The introduced by production variances. This enables us to Full Spectrum coding method possesses resilience to detect small changes in the surface of the monitored certain (conformal) transformations. Generalization to a object to detect manipulations. more general class of linear distortions is considered. A technique is developed to determine which operation an 4.30 pm Close of Conference image has undergone during the capturing process. This registration method is based on linear projection and is applicable to a broad class of (frequency-domain) secure digital watermarks. 1.50 pm A Stereoscopically, Spatially and Angularly Conference Resolved Characterization Method for DOVIDs Commitee Mikael Lindstrand, gonioLabs AB, Sweden Examples of two consecutive DOVID characterizations are given in this paper, one being rotated in the lateral plane and in spatial registration with the other, is given, CONFERENCE CHAIR: with notes on possible further applications. New is that John E. Mercer, Kelly-Anderson & Associates (USA) measurements are now taken by two angles to also Emeritus Chair: Rudolf van Renesse (The Netherlands) catch the stereoscopic properties of the DOVID. Also PROGRAMME COMMITTEE: new is that a generalization of the measurement Sara E. Church, Federal Reserve Board (USA) principle is presented. Paul G. Coombs, JDSU Flex Products Group (USA) 2.15 pm Design and Counterfeit Resilience for Some Douglas S. Dunn, 3M Safety, Security, & Protection Services Lab (USA) Optically Variable Devices Bruce Hardwick, Astute Protection LLC Leif Yde, Leif Yde Consulting, Denmark Malcolm R. M. Knight, De La Rue International Ltd. (UK) This paper will explain how the design of a number of well-known features can make the job more difficult for Ian M. Lancaster, Reconnaissance International (UK) the counterfeiter by making use of a knowledge of the Volker Lohweg, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences limitations of materials and machinery available for a (Germany) counterfeiter. Communication of the features is an Sijbrand Spannenburg, Joh. Enschedé Security Print (Netherlands) important part of the security. Wayne R. Tompkin, OVD Kinegram Corp. (Switzerland) 2.40 pm Refreshment Break 35 minutes Tsuyoshi Uematsu, Research Institute, National Printing Bureau (Japan)5
  8. 8. The Conference on Optical Security and Counterfeit DeterrenceYour Event Organiser The VenueReconnaissance International is the leading source of The location for Optical Document Security - the 2012intelligence and insight on authentication technologies and Conference on Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence -strategies for document and product protection, with offices is San Francisco, renowned for its steep rolling hills, anin the US and the UK. Reconnaissance publishes Holography eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture, and itsNews®, Authentication News®, Tax Stamp News™, peninsular location surrounded on three sides by the PacificPharma AntiCounterfeiting News™ and (through a joint Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Famous hallmarks andventure) Currency News. The company also organises landmarks include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island,anticounterfeiting and holography conferences, including the cable cars, the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, andHolo-pack•Holo-print®, the Tax Stamp Forum, Chinatown.the Product Authentication + Security Summit Optical Document Security finishes one day before the start(PASS) and the Global Forum on Pharmaceutical of Photonics West which also takes place in San Francisco.AntiCounterfeiting, along with the Asian, Pan Europeanand Latin American High Security Printing Conferences. The conference venue is the 552-room Palace Hotel, built inSince 1993 Reconnaissance has provided the Secretariat to 1875 and rebuilt after the devastating 1906 earthquake, tothe International Hologram Manufacturers Association. re-open in 1909. In 1989 the hotel was closed for a complete renovation to re-open in 1991. The Palace Hotel is just 30Travel and Accommodation minutes from San Francisco International Airport. It is centrally located in the heart of the city, just steps away fromDelegates are responsible for arranging their own travel and Union Square, Chinatown, the Financial District and thefor booking their accommodation. Reconnaissance has Moscone Convention Center.negotiated a special conference rate at the Palace Hotel of$199.00 for a single or a double room. Rates quoted are pernight and are exclusive of applicable state and local taxes(currently 15.58%, which are subject to change without prior Contact Usnotice). Breakfast is not included. Please contact the hotel forrates for executive rooms and suites. Check-in time is 3:00 Reconnaissance Internationalpm and check-out is 12:00 pm. Please make sure you quote UK OFFICE:Optical Document Security if telephoning to reserve your 4 Windmill Business Villageaccommodation to receive the group rate. Brooklands Close Sunbury-on-ThamesYou can book your accommodation through Surrey TW16 UK Phone: +44 (0) 1932 785680Palace Hotel Fax: +44 (0) 1932 7807902 New Montgomery Street Email: info@reconnaissance-intl.comSan Francisco, CA 94105-3402 USA OFFICE:Phone: +1 415 512 1111 PO Box 684Fax: +1 415 543 0671 ParkerEmail: CO 80134 USAWebsite: Fax: +1 303 841 9887 www.opticaldocumentsecurity.comRELEASEReconnaissance International accepts no liability for personalinjury or any loss of or damage to participants personal effects.Reconnaissance reserves the right to cancel, modify or postponethe event without prior notice and to refuse to register or torefuse admission to any person who does not have a legitimateinterest in the subject of the event and will not be obliged torefund any registration fees in the event that admission is refusedon these grounds. 6
  9. 9. Delegate Registration Form The 2012 Conference on Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence 18-20 January 2012, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California Please register the following delegate for this event (separate forms need to be completed for additional delegates from your organisation. Photocopies of this form are acceptable.) Name: DELEGATE FEES (please the relevant boxes below) Position: Delegate $1336 €1002 £835 Organisation: Speakers/Programme Address: Committee Members $1069 €802 £668 SHORT COURSE ON OPTICALLY Zip/Postcode: Country: VARIABLE DEVICES Phone: Fax: A half-day short course on Optically Variable Devices (OVDs) is offered in the afternoon of 18 January 2012. The course, taught by Hans de Heij and Email: John Mercer, will provide information to specifiers, producers and examiners of security documents on the characteristics and application I wish to receive information about this and other Reconnaissance criteria of the full gamut of OVDs, through examples and case-studies. events by email Fees $520 €390 £325 Payment Options (please the appropriate box) Please invoice my company Table Top Exhibit/Buffet Dinner – 19 January, 7:00 – 10:00 pm Quote purchase order if necessary The conference will include an informal evening Topical Exhibit and Poster Session on real-world security problems and Your receipt or invoice will be issued in the currency most appropriate to your location solutions. This exhibit is an occasion for all conference Payment by Credit Card (your fee will be processed in £ sterling at the attendees to show their results in an informal ambience and this prevailing exchange rate). has always been a very lively event! Card Type: American Express MasterCard Visa Please consider taking part in this event. Please provide your 3/4 digit security number. (Note: Attendance to this event is included in the delegate fee – please the relevant box below ONLY if you wish to exhibit) Card Number: Table Top Fees $472 €354 £295 Expiry Date: Cardholder Name: Cancellation Billing Address: Cancellations will be accepted and fees refunded (less a 25% administration charge) if made in writing and received by December 16 2011. Registrations cannot be cancelled or fees refunded thereafter. Payment Cancellations resulting from visa or other essential travel documents refusal by the authorities will result in full fees being refunded on presentation of All fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the conference. The organisers official documentation to support the travel document refusal. Substitutions reserve the right to refuse entry to participants whose fees have not been can be made at any time with prior notice. paid in full by the start of the event. There will be an administration surcharge of $250/€180/£150 for delegates who register and/or Please register me for this event as shown in the boxes. I pay at the conference rather than in advance. Payment can be made by undertake to pay all necessary fees by the payment bank transfer, cheque or credit card. Credit cards will be charged in pounds method indicated, to be bound by Reconnaissance sterling only at the prevailing exchange rate. Reconnaissance International International’s Terms and Conditions (as available on reserves the right to adjust non-Sterling fees in light of exchange rate movements but individual fees will be fixed once an invoice has been issued and further agree that my – see Terms and Conditions. VAT charged where applicable. details can be published on the Conference Delegate list and distributed to all participants. What’s Included Please note any special dietary requirements below: Fees include admission to the conference, documentation, lunch, light refreshments and conference buffet dinner. They do not include travel, visas or accommodation. Signature: Date: COMPLETE FORM, SIGN & FAX TO: +44 (0) 1932 780790 Register online at: www.opticaldocumentsecurity.com7