Pamela Plantinga Resume Redesign


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I redesigned my roomates resume to help her chances of finding a great co-op job in Summer 2014.

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Pamela Plantinga Resume Redesign

  1. 1. pamelaplantinga 604-612-4014 Cre at i ve. Affa b l e. Cu r i o u s. ABOUT I am a creative individual who specializes in interacting with people and providing care. I am a lifelong learner. Past references have noted that I am a quiet leader who leads by example. I consider myself an excellent listener with the gift of patience. Employers have considered me engaging, trustworthy and competent when providing service for their company. EDUCATION May 2013 Present BIOMEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY & KINESIOLOGY Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Major: B.S. Behavioural Neuroscience, Joint Program of Psychology and Kinesiology (CGPA: 3.73 / 4.33) Co-operative Education Program Sept. 2011Apr. 2013 GENERAL STUDIES Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC Major: B.S. Biology (CGPA: 3.77/ 4.0) Awards: Dean’s Honor List (2011-2013), Pieter de Reuver Fdn Chemistry Bursary Aug. 2009 July 2010 APPLIED BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM North Island College, Campell River, BC Programs: Office Assistant Certificate Sept. 2008Apr. 2009 FRENCH COURSE North Island College, Courtenay, BC Programs: Intermediate French Course May 2009 June 2009 FRENCH PROGRAM Université Laval, Quebec City, QC Programs: French as a Second Language, Explore Program PROFESSIONAL SKILLS UTILIZED in each listed job Supported persons with developmental disabilities in their daily lives by creating as much opportunity as possible for their independance and self identity by teaching them life skills and engaging them in recreational, social activities Effectively supported individuals with various challenging behaviours, meanwhile adhering to specific behavioural protocols Scheduled and attended community events and appointments, including attending the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Games with two clients in wheelchairs, providing full care for two days) Utilized medical terminology and acquired transfer-of-function skills from Registered Nurses to administer medications and to implement specific medical protocols Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of colleagues, relatives of clients, and external professionals including Occupational and Physiotherapists, Dentists, Surgeons, Nurses, Doctors, and Emergency Response Units Designed specialized menu-plans for clients, based on existing diets such as Glycemic Index and GERD, conducted grocery shopping with clients, and prepared all meals for groups up to 15 people Provided personal care, including bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, lifts and transfers Assisted managers in entering payroll data in Excel spreadsheets, ensuring timely submissions to the head office for review Managed client finances by assisting them in transactions, performing bank withdrawals and deposits, and documenting account balances Charted daily, monthly, and annual notes, and submitted Internal and Critical Incident Reports according to company policies and clients’ personalized program plans Pg (1/2)
  2. 2. pamelaplantinga Cre at i ve. Affa b le. Cu r i o u s. EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATES Community Support Worker (5.5 yrs) INTRO. TO COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKER CERT. Nanaimo, BC - Person-Centered Thinking Supported individuals with developmental disabilities by providing services that Sept.2010Apr. 2013 Nanaimo Association for Community Living - Supporting Individuals Through promote whole life balance within group homes, a day program, a Snoezelen Room, Valued Attachments (SIVA) one-on-one respite care, and within the community. Worked one-on-one with individuals with challenging behaviour Dec. 2010Jan. 2012 - Mandt System® training for behaviour management J. Garnons Williams Ltd. OTHER CERTIFICATIONS Provided high quality, supportive full-spectrum-care for adults with developmental - First Aid (CPR, AED) disabilities within 3 residential and 1 day programs who required assistive devices such as - WHMIS lifts, transfers, wheelchairs, customized washrooms, and specialized eating methods. Nov. 2007Sept. 2010 Nanaimo, BC - Foodsafe - Class 4 Driver’s Liscense Communitas Supportive Care Society - Piano: Royal Conservatory of Music Campbell River, BC (Grade 8 & Theory Exams) Completed all company employment requirements within the 6 month probation Provided supportive and dynamic care to individuals with physical and cognitive INTERESTS developmental disabilities, ranging up to full-spectrum care in 3 residential homes. - Fine art & crafts period, including an Introductory to Community Support Worker Certificate - Playing piano, guitar, and ukelele - Outdoor activities and gardening COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Children May 2013Present - Learning French - Health & Alternative Medicine Children’s Program Co-leader: Harvest Baptist Church - Neuroscience (Endocrinology) Langley, BC ACTIVITIES Organize crafts, lead games and songs, provide mentorship to children aged 4-12 years Summers ‘ 03 & ’04 Co-Counselor: Camp Imadene Mesachie Lake, B.C. MENTIONS “ to...improve the quality of life Horticulture Advocate: Sustainable SFU May 2013 Burnaby, B.C. HARVEST BOX PROGRAM & POCKET MARKET Distribution of and promotion of the Harvest Box Program; set-up and take-down of booth; customer service; cash handling; taking orders the extras and she was quick with...trying [new] things ACTIVITIES Cabin co-counselor for groups of ten girls aged 12-14 yrs Present She was always willing to do ” of the individuals...serv[ed]. - Shelley Werner, Program Manager, NACL “ Not only is she able to take direction from authority, but she is also able to take COMMUNITY & LEARNING GARDEN Attend events for planting, harvesting, and educational purposes; assist in maintenance of garden plots such as watering and weeding Dec.2013 - Present Pg (2/2) initiative, implement new ideas, Horticultural Assistant: Genesis Plant Propagation Ltd. action. Langley, B.C. - Sue Milroy, Camp Director, Camp ACTIVITIES Assist in various stages of propagation of flowering plants: taking cuttings, rooting, spacing, sorting cuttings, and preparing orders Imadene and be willing to try anything. She is a joy to observe in ”
  3. 3. Pamela Plantinga                           10438 132 Street, Surrey, BC, V3T 3V4                         604-612-4014  P ROFILE : I am a second year undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Behavioural Neuroscience. I  have an aptitude for learning, and a keen desire to engage my curiosity in what I learn. I am flexible and am able  to adapt to a variety of surroundings, including both team‐based and individual settings, being resourceful,  innovative, an effective problem‐solver, and ready to face challenges. I am honest, reliable, respectful. I am  proficient at written and spoken communication, and values active listening. I have multiple non‐academic  interests such as horticulture, music, and fine art, as well as a natural interest in helping others.    E DUCATION : Simon Fraser University  Burnaby, B.C.    Vancouver Island University  Nanaimo, B.C.    North Island College  Campbell River, B.C.  (Distance)  Courtenay, B.C. (Distance)  Université Laval  M A Y 2013‐P R E S E N T        Bachelor of Science  Major in Behavioral Neuroscience  Department of Biomedical Physiology &  Kinesiology (BPK)  CGPA: 3.77 / 4.3  Bachelor of Science  University Transferable studies  Deans’ Honor List  CGPA: 3.77/ 4.0  Office Assistant Certificate  Applied Business Technology Program    Intermediate French   French as a Second Language, Explore  Program  S E P T . 2008‐A P R . 2009 M A Y ‐J U N E 2009    Quebec City, Q.C.  G.P. Vanier Secondary  Courtenay, B.C.       High school diploma  Honor Roll (Grades 10‐12)  Grade 12 Provincial Scholarship Award;  Passport to Education; Knights of  Columbus Bursary  C ERTIFICATIONS :       Introductory to Community Support Worker Certificate  o Person‐Centered Thinking Training  o SIVA Training (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments)  o Mandt ® Training  Standard First‐Aid; CPR Level C; AED‐training WHMIS Certificate Food Safe Certificate  B.C. Class 4 Driver’s license unrestricted  Piano: Royal Conservatory of Music (grade 8 exam; 2 Theory exams)  S E P T . 2011‐A P R . 2013 A U G . 2009‐J U L Y 2010   S E P T . 2003‐J U N E 2006
  4. 4. Pamela Plantinga | Seasonal Recreation Worker | Page 2 of 3    S KILLS    Typing speed average: 70 wpm  Familiarity with medical terminology, including medications  E MPLOYMENT H ISTORY : Community Support Worker  Nanaimo Association for  Community Living (NACL)  3 group homes, 1 Day Program, some one‐on‐one respite care    Nanaimo, B.C.  S E P T .   2010–A P R .2013   Community Support Worker  J. Garnons Williams Ltd.  3 group homes    Nanaimo, B.C.   D E C .   2010‐J A N .   2012   Residential Support Worker   Communitas Supportive Care  Society  Campbell River, B.C.  N O V .   2007‐S E P T .2010   supporting developmentally disabled adults in their daily lives within their  homes and within their community  community events and appointments, including out‐of‐town travelling   (i.e. Paralympic Games 2010)  client finances  G.I. Diet menu‐planning  cooking & meal preparation  grocery shopping  house cleaning  personal care  administering medications (medical terminology knowledge)  payroll submission  documentation  following medical & behavioural protocols.  SFU C OMMUNITY E NGAGEMENT : Harvest Box Program & Pocket Market   (distribution & advocating of Harvest  Simon Fraser University  Boxes)  Burnaby, B.C.  Community & Learning Garden  (maintenance; group events)    O THER C OMMUNITY I NVOLVEMENT  Extra‐Mile Club   Harvest Baptist Church  o Children’s program (aged 4‐12yrs.)  Langley, B.C.   Orchestra (Guitar, Piano)   Choir (sing alto)      Active member  Rotary Interact Club  G.P. Vanier Secondary School   Club Co‐President in grade 12    Courtenay, B.C.   Weekly Camp Counselor & Co‐counselor  Camp Imadene  SustainableSFU  M A Y   2013‐P R E S E N T   M A Y   2013‐P R E S E N T   S E P T .   2003‐J U N E   2006  S U M M E R S   2002,   2003  
  5. 5. Pamela Plantinga | Seasonal Recreation Worker | Page 3 of 3     Mesachie Lake, B.C.  Middle‐school teenage girls  I NTERESTS : Crafting  Playing instruments  Biking, Rollerblading  Cooking  Learning French  Horticulture/ Botany  Neuroscience  (Endocrinology)              Hiking, Camping, Skiing  Health & Alternative  Medicine    To Tink: Here is a list of courses taken at university: BIOL 156/157: Human Anatomy & Physiology (with labs) (VIU) BISC 101: Biological Sciences (Cells, Plants, & Animals) (with labs) (SFU) CHEM 140/141: General Chemistry (with labs) (VIU) CHEM 231: Organic Chemistry I (with labs) (VIU) PHYS 101/ 102: Physics for Life Sciences (with labs) (VIU) ENGL 115 & 125: General English, & Literature (VIU) SOC 100: Intro to Sociology I (VIU) FRCH 100, 230, & 320: Intermediate French, French & Culture, & French Phonetics/Linguistics (VIU) MATH 151/ 152: Calculus I & II (VIU) PSYC 100/ 102: Intro to Psychology I & II (VIU & SFU) PSYC 201W: Research Methods in Psychology (SFU) PSYC 210: Data Analysis in Psychology (STATS) (SFU) PSYC 280: Biological Psychology (Intro to Neuroscience) (SFU) BPK 142: Intro to Kinesiology (SFU) Currently: BPK 205: Intro to Human Physiology MBB 201: Cellular Biology PSYC 300W: Critical Analysis of Issues in Psychology