International Paralympic Development School Invite


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Content produced by IBSF/FIBT organization David Kurtz and Alan Morasch. I put together the advertisement for it.

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International Paralympic Development School Invite

  1. 1. INVITATION FROM THE UNITED STATES BOBSLED AND SKELETON FEDERATION (USBSF) TO FIBT NATIONAL FEDERATIONS AND ATHLETES WITH DISABILITIES JANUARY 2-7, 2012 PARK CITY, UTAH, USA UTAH OLYMPIC PARK PARALYMPIC SPORT INTRODUCTION & DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL FOR REGISTRATION ENDS DEC. 22, 2011 BOBSLED AND SKELETON International Paralympic Committee Recognition of Proposal Invitation to world’s first Paralympic Bobsled & Skeleton School The FIBT (International Governing Body of the Winter Olympic Sports of Bobsled and Skeleton) in Lausanne, Switzerland, has undertaken an initiative to develop a program for Athletes that are disabled to participate in the ice sliding sports of Bobsled & Skeleton. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has recognized this proposal as the beginning process for possible inclusion as Medal Sports on the Program of the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea. The USBSF is hosting an inaurgural International Sport Introduction / Development School in Park City, Utah, January 2-7, 2012. USBSF hopes to encourage Athletes who have disabilities that are interested in learning Bobsled and Skeleton, with an objective of progressing to an elite level for participating in the Winter Paralympic Games. Athlete Criteria The Athlete Criteria to participate is attached hereto as Appendix A, but it must be understood at this beginning stage, there is no final and accepted disability classification code or established criteria for Paralympic Bobsled and Skeleton. The FIBT is a Patron of the USBSF hosted International Sport Introduction & Development School in Park City. USBSF encourages entries from all nations, but likely will have to limit registrations to meet the capacity of the Track and Coaches should there be very large interest in this school. Register soon to reserve a position. The Sports of Olympic Bobsled & Skeleton for Athletes with Disabilities A Bobsled team consists of a Pilot and a Brakeman driving a 2-person Sled with steel runners (bobsled) and a Skeleton athlete is a single Pilot faceforward on top of a flat Sled with steel runners. Skeleton Sleds slide down a slippery ice track with 16 curves at speeds of 100-130 kph (62-81 mph) while Bobsleds travel at 120-150 kph (74-93 mph). Video is available of FIBT Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton on the FIBT website, YouTube and other social and commercial media. Point of View DVDs will be provided for registered Athletes. International Development School Program in Park City The International Paralympic Bobsled and Skeleton Sport Introduction & Development School at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City will be conducted on the same Ice Track as the 2002 Winter Olympics. It has been determined by FIBT Sport Officials to be an appropriate development Ice Track for beginning Athletes, although all participants should understand the sports of Bobsled and Skeleton involve inherent risks. Beginner Athletes of all abilities, including disabled Athletes, will learn the graduated method of training, to slide first from the half-way point then progressing up the Track to the Start at the top by the end of the week. This can be accomplished if the Athlete with disabilties is in good physical condition and is dedicated to meet the challenge. Expenses The USBSF, in partnership with the Utah Olympic Park (UOP), will provide Bobsleds and Skeleton Sleds, traditional and modified, for male and female Athletes with disabilities, at no expense to the Athletes. Helmets and other protective equipment will also be provided along with coaching, physical and medical expertise, volunteers, trained Track personnel and Track fees, without charge to the Athletes. The Athletes, Athlete escorts, personal coaches or trainers will be financially responsible for their own travel to Salt Lake City, hotel and meals in Park City. A number of very reasonably price hotel rooms are available for those Athletes and their accompanying guests who register for the School. The Official Schedule of the International Paralympic Development School Program will be provided to Athletes upon acceptance of registration and the Registration Form as attached in Appendix B. Contact T.Newman - Dec. 2, 2011 Registration: John Rosen (Chairman of Board of Directors, USBSF), Inquiries & Logistics: Alan Morasch (VP of Alberta Bobsleigh), International Federations: David Kurtz (FIBT Paralympic Committee), Media Releases: Chris Dornan (Media & Public Relations, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton), Project Management (US/CAN): Tink Newman (Adaptive Sliding Canada),