Foodavinci - Business Class Accelerator Pitch


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June 13, 2012
A pitch for the early stages of Foodavinci during a business class.
All team members have changed since then.

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Foodavinci - Business Class Accelerator Pitch

  1. 1. Yorkson Jeen Tadaaki Sun Tink Newman BUS 495 S.Smith 6/13/12 FOODAVINCI the dynamic recipe engine convenient, customized, knowledge. make every recipe work
  2. 2. PROBLEM HYPOTHESES can’t find substitutions. can’t use regular recipe websites or cookbooks without extra work can’t find specialty foods. don’t what brands are safe and that are at their local grocery stores. want to order foods online recipe websites are too cluttered new opportunity
  4. 4. CORE MVP SOLUTION results previews recipe guide data entry SERVICE EXPERIENCE GOALS
  5. 5. TEAM ingredients for success Team tink newman yorkson jeen tadaaki sun crtl moubarak jill chan Interface Design Business & Finance Dietitian Project Manager Dietetics (UBC) Interactive Arts & Technology (SFU) Interactive Arts & Technology (SFU) & Business Public Relations American Canadian Programming Computing Science & Biology (SFU) Sketch artist Taiwanese Business: Entrepreneurship (SFU) Lebanese Chinese Japanese Entrepreneurship: Shawn Smith Mark Masongsong MENTORS Herman Chandi Maura Rodgers Filipino Chinese Other: Andres Wanner: Interaction Design Bryan Ottho: Software Development Shawn Taylor: Food Photography/ Chef / Startups
  6. 6. BUSINESS MODEL PIVOTS that burned. lessons learned. 2006-2012 Spring Early May 2012 Business Model Pivots Late May 2012 Early June 2012 MVP FEATURE elimination search list substitutions near avoided ingredient replace & provide 3 substitutions per ingredient CONTENT 2 searchable databases: users’ & company + lessons handpicked key learned users submit people and recipe recipes to sources chef/photographer to test. recipe cards, food photos, handpicked recipes, approved & formatted by us. MARKET SEGMENTS multiple allergies list of 19 niche customized diet groups REVENUE SOURCES selling/shipping speciality produce designer aprons advertising packaged foods CHANNELS doctor’s office phamplets broadcasting blogs social media / ads *multiple allergies* diabetes celiac / gluten-free advertising packaged foods yearly subscription for customized cookbook advertising packaged foods broadcasting blogs social media / ads health authorities
  7. 7. FINANCIALS start with traffic Startup Costs Revenue Sources Explored New business registration: $40 Name registration: $30 Server costs/year: $60 Initial Advertising Logo-only on main page: $90/mo. In-recipe recommendation links: $90/mo. Marketing costs for Facebook: opt.1: $30/day -27,000 followers / 6 mo. opt.2: $5/day - 4,500 followers / 6 mo. Initial Products Commissions on brand sales: $n/a Web/app/design development: $0 Min.Total: $1030.00 / 6 mo. Min.Total: $1080.00 / 6 mo.
  8. 8. Gluten-free & Celiac 3+ mil. people Diabetes 26 mil. people Multiple Allergies 39 mil. people Versions 1 Social media Hosted links 2 Google Broadcasting MARKET SEGMENT & CHANNELS Total: 68+ million people (USA/CAN) 3-4 Health authorities Blogs
  9. 9. JUNE 22 JULY 20 AUGUST 10 SEPTEMBER 1 Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 title search allergy data input substitutions user logins account profiles favourites restriction search ethnicity preferences upload recipes meal planner social media ordering cart ASSESSMENT OF PROGRESS our timeline. in the oven.
  10. 10. NEW HYPOTHESES exploring monetization products Packaged goods Specialty produce published cookbooks at Chapters designer aprons hard-to-find kitchen products other featured brand recipes host food photography profiles online dietetics consulting inexpensive mobile app
  11. 11. eagerly awaiting “I’m the website btw, my self training program starts in 2 weeks, going vegan too!” - Dom Inic It’s a great idea. I wish I had thought of it. -Fannie Smith (family with allergies, Vancouver) “I enjoyed our spontaneous, delightful conversation...Thanks for considering me as a potential member of your developer community for the recipe website. I would definitely consider it.- Kelly Douglas CREDIBLE VISION OF SUCCESS