The Evaluation Ian Flannigan


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The Evaluation Ian Flannigan

  1. 1. The evaluation
  2. 2. conventions I think that the conventions in this front page are very typical with a school magazine because the first thing that you look at is the is the picture of a person playing the guitar and then the text which is a side to side correlation. I think that I have followed the rules in the conventions of this contents page, I have made it nice and simple and have made it easy to navigate through. I also think that I have followed the rules and just gone with the flow in this double page spread . You look at the big image strait away then you follow it across to the big master head.
  3. 4. Representation I think that this front cover is for the age of 15 plus because most teenagers love music and there are a lot of older people who love music and want to find out more about knew bands and knew tracks to. This contents page is for all ages ,races and both genders because it is simple and it is easy to navigate through.
  4. 6. Institutions I think that my magazine is more like metal edge because the way that it is set out on the page is similar to mine My magazine would be best suited to the Uk magazine institution as it is a similar style to magazines they already produce such as kerrang so they would be interested in it.
  5. 8. Audience <ul><li>The target audience for my magazine is more general rock / mental fans. I think this because i have used darker colours and have used a spider web theme for the faded background </li></ul>
  6. 9. This is more of a rocky metal magazine because i think the spider web theme and the dark colours make it more of a metal theme and the posers at the bottom make it more of a rock themed magazine . This magazine is for the age group of 15 – 20 year olds because magazines for younger people are not this dark and heavy kind of feel
  7. 10. Attracting your audience I think that attracting my audience is not that hard because my target audience is rock/metal fans and I like rock and metal music so choosing the right colours and the right font to use to attract my target audience seems easy compared to a different genre of music magazine
  8. 12. Use of technology The use of technology in this double page spread is a bit limited, I think it would have turned out better if we had a better program or a bit better recourses to use. Technology such as photo shop or C . S . 2 image ready would have been better.
  9. 13. Photo shop C . S . 2 image ready
  10. 14. Progress from prelim Mock ups These mock ups have been done rely quick, but I think that they might be a bit better than my final products because I have used effects such as fade and merge
  11. 15. I think that I have done ok with this spread I have used effects such as fading , 3d and shadowing on the big bold master head I think that I have done quite well with this cover because it fits into my genre well I think that I could have done better with this contents page. I think it is a bit boring and bland, maybe if I made it darker and added some effects to it, it might be a bit better.