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Word Study Procedures


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Word Study Procedures

  1. 1. Word Study Procedures Please place this document in your Word Study Notebook. DO NOT remove it. 1. Copy no more than ten words from your Personal Word Study into the first column. Copy exactly as the words appear on your list: DO NOT LEARN MISSPELLINGS. And print, so you can see the individual letters. 2. Now, read the first word. Look at it and say it. 3. Spell the word to yourself: touch each letter with your pencil and say each letter to yourself. 4. Close your eyes. See the word in your mind. Say each of the individual letters to yourself again. 5. Take a short break to give your long-term memory time to process the look of the word, its letters, and their order. 6. Now cover the correct spelling and print the word in the second column. 7. Proofread: check the word you just wrote, letter for letter, against the original. 8. If you spelled the word correctly, put a star in the third column and go on to the next word on your Personal Word Study List. If you misspelled it, repeat the process above, this time printing the word in the third column. Completed word studies are due on Thursday morning.
  2. 2. Word Study Review Procedures Please place this document in your Word Study Notebook. DO NOT remove it. When you arrive in class each Thursday, you will find a partner, exchange word study lists, and administer spelling reviews in pairs. Procedures for your reviews are as follows: Tester: Say the word, use it in a sentence, and say it again. Speller: Print the word. Tester and Speller will go through the entire list. Tester: Spell each word out loud slowly. Speller: Proofread by touching each letter of each word with your pencil. Circle any errors—just the part you missed. Then, with a star or checkmark, make note of the words on your personal list that you spelled correctly in the review. Circle any words you missed, and study them again next week.