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Using Destiny At The Dickens Lmc


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Using Destiny At The Dickens Lmc

  1. 1. Using Destiny at the Dickens LMC Name: _________________________ Teacher: ______________________ HOW TO ACCESS DESTINY • Click _____________. • Click Programs. • Click Internet Browsers. • Click Internet ______________. • Type in in the address bar of your browser. • Scroll down to Dickens Elementary School and click on it. HOW TO LOG IN • Click ________ at the top right-hand part of your screen. • The student user name is the CCSD student _____ _______________. If the number begins with a zero, ________ the zero. Student passwords are their ___________ _______________ ________________ as they appear on the report card. My User Name = __________________________ My Password = _____________________________ HOW TO SEARCH • Type in your search term next to the _____________ box at the top of the screen. To go to the old- style of Destiny, click __________ ________________ ______________ at the top right-hand corner. Then, click the ____________________ tab and type in your search term. HOW TO HOLD A BOOK • Search for your book as described above. When you locate it, click on the title or on the book cover. You will see a button that says __________ ______. Click that button. HOW TO RENEW A BOOK • After logging in to Destiny Quest, click Exit Destiny Quest at the _________ ___________________- hand corner of your screen. Click the _____ ____________ tab. If your item can be renewed, click the _______________ button. HOW TO RECOMMEND A BOOK • Click on a book title or book cover and click the _______________________ button. Write your review—with zero spelling errors and submit it.