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Teaching Books Paper

  1. 1. Staff Development Day Professional Learning Session Teach Books with TeachingBooks.net! Presented by Kim Murray and Christina Bentheim Title: Teach Books with TeachingBooks.net! Length: Two 30-minute sessions (full); One 15-minute session (partial) Audience: K-12 Educational Professionals TeachingBooks Resource Folder • Registration Handout • Password Bookmark • Teacher-Librarian PowerPoint • TeachingBooks Brochure • Suggested Uses Handout • Alphabetical Author List Handout • 3-2-1 Summary • Evaluation Schedule (Shortened for Time Allotted—15 minutes) 1. Distribute materials (1-2 minutes) 2. Brief introduction to TeachingBooks (1-2 minutes) 3. Video introduction to TeachingBooks (9 minutes); while viewing participants will jot down ways in which they can use this resource in the classroom 4. Explanation of Follow-up Activity (1 minute) 5. Explanation of Evaluation (1 minute) Goals By the end of this learning session: • Participants will know how to access TeachingBooks.net. • Participants will create an educator account and perform subject/author/title searches. • Participants will determine a minimum of two ways in which TeachingBooks.net can be immediately implemented into the classroom. Methodologies and Activities  Participants will be provided with a folder of resources that reinforce session goals.  Participants will have the opportunity to watch a brief video that explains how to access and use TeachingBooks while coming up with ways in which to use TeachingBooks in the classroom. (In the full training session, the video will be more extensive—30 minutes.)  Participants will complete a follow-up assignment that requires further exploration of TeachingBooks so that this resource can be implemented in the classroom. (Ideally, this is a two-session class, so the assignment is due at the beginning of the second session.)  Participants will complete evaluations about the presenters and presentation. Evaluation Participants will evaluate presenters and content of presentation by completing a confidential survey, which is provided in the resource folder. Follow-up Activity
  2. 2. Participants will complete the 3-2-1 Summary as they explore TeachingBooks.net and apply the online resources to the classroom curriculum. This activity is due at the beginning of the next (and last) session on the next Staff Development Day.