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Circulation Stats
Since the beginning of the school year, more than 5,500 books have
circulated through the Dickens LMC (6...
Effective Use of AR in the School Library Media Center

Research shows that students who enjoy what they are reading becau...
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Staff Newsletter Two


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Published in: Education
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Staff Newsletter Two

  1. 1. The Shelf Bits and Bytes from the Dickens Library Media Center October Issue 2009 Vol. 1 Issue 2 A Quick Note from the SLMS We’ve hit the ground running at the Dickens LMC! It’s hard to believe that in the month or so since school started, we’ve managed to acquire more than 200 new books and resources for both students and teachers, funded a $24,000 technology grant half way, conducted our first Tech 2sday mini-workshop, circulated more than 5,500 books, implemented a number of programs for both students and classroom teachers, and more. And of course there’s teaching going on every hour of the school day, too. I am also pleased to announce that one of my first professional articles will be published in the November issue of a school library trade publication (The School Librarian’s Workshop). It focuses on the effective use of Flip video digital camcorders in the library media center and classroom. Another article I’m currently writing—on library media center gardens—will be published in the Spring. This staff newsletter, The Digital Shelf, will provide you with more details on recent accomplishments within the Dickens LMC, and of course, will offer you a look of what is to come. The bottom line is that the Dickens LMC is here for students and teachers. Our overarching goal is to provide a foundation for increased student achievement— we hope you and your students will take advantage of our services. Christina A. Bentheim, M.Ed. This young lady was caught reading and relaxing with her favorite stuffed animal. School Library Media Specialist PLACE PHOTO HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX D.L. “Dusty” Dickens Elementary School What a school thinks about its Library Media Center 5550 Milan Peak St. North Las Vegas, NV 89081 library is a measure 702.799.3878 – phone of what it feels about 702.799.3871 – fax education. 111 ~ Harold Howe
  2. 2. Circulation Stats Since the beginning of the school year, more than 5,500 books have circulated through the Dickens LMC (600+ of those coming from classroom teachers)!!! With that said, our numbers of overdue/lost books are minimal considering the volume. We're averaging about one book missing per class--which is excellent!! Congrats to you and your kids for using and returning LMC materials!! There is still a list of more PLACE PHOTO HERE, than 640 pages of books that have never been checked out, so PLEASE OTHERWISE DELETE BOX come and get them! They are here for you and the kids. Teacher Book Review Program Celebrate Reading with Our Mystery Readers! As you may already know, the Library Services department provides Several staff members have already come by to have some faculty school libraries with the opportunity to earn 10 new books per month photo fun! If you haven’t had a chance yet, it’s not too late to be part through the writing of staff book reviews. These are books that are just of our Mystery Reader contest! We’ll be showing mystery readers in being published—so new you won’t yet find them anywhere! If you the LMC hallway all year long and on our website beginning October 1. would like to participate (you can include your class, too), please let Students will have opportunities to guess who the mystery readers Christina know. Reviews are due the 15th of each month—and the next are! batch will be available mid-October. The Dickens LMC Instructional Program The Shelf Elf Award The Shelf Elf has made his way to two classrooms thus far (Williams and Each LMC lesson is structured according to CCSD’s Components of An Hinz) and will continue to visit other classrooms that have students who Effective Lesson outline. The instructional standards addressed keep the library media center's shelves looking the neatest and most coordinate with grade-level content clusters, as well as the established organized each week! Every Monday the Shelf Elf blasts off to another library and information technology standards. We begin with the classroom (or stays in the same one, if that class comes out on top recitation of this year’s Dickens LMC theme (“Celebrate Reading at the again)! This is not a behavior award. It is solely for following library Dickens LMC”), move into review of previous lessons, state the procedures during browsing. The class who earns the most visits by the objective as a class, set the purpose for reading or listening, discuss our Shelf Elf at the end of the year will earn a very special reward! thoughts on the story(ies), tie those in to the objective for the day through various activities and groupings, quickly review, and then check out. In other words, every session is jam-packed with content to Technology Grant support your classroom efforts. The more knowledge Christina has about what your specific class/grade level is focusing on, the more Last week Christina submitted a $24,000 proposal for new technology in lessons can be specifically tailored to supplement your teaching. our library media center--40 netbooks with wireless internet, a netbook cart, 6 iPod touches, an Elmo document camera, and 6 digital cameras. This week it was discovered that the Lincy Foundation gave more than $12,000!!! If you would like to see the proposal and share it with others (parents, students, community members, etc.) please go to: There's a long way to go, but this means wonderful things for YOU and our STUDENTS! Birthday Book Club The BBC has pulled in more than $500 so far this year. These funds are used to purchase new materials beyond the scope of our district- allocated budget. We currently have 34 students in grades K-5 who have joined. New members are accepted all year long! Applications are available in the front office or from Dickens LMC staff. I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. ~ Jorge Luis Borges 112
  3. 3. Effective Use of AR in the School Library Media Center Research shows that students who enjoy what they are reading because they chose it, will rise to the occasion, regardless of level. (This means if a 1st grader wants to read Harry Potter in addition to his "leveled" selection, who is to say his parents won't read it to him? Or an older sibling? He has a right to that higher-level text under the ALA's Freedom to Read statement.) PLACE PHOTO HERE, Please read the following excerpt from the Access to Resources and Services OTHERWISE DELETE BOX in the School Library Media Program document, which was written by the American Library Association and adopted by CCSD Library Services. Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Program Students and educators served by the school library media program have access to resources and services free of constraints resulting from personal, partisan, or doctrinal disapproval. School library media specialists resist efforts by individuals or groups to define what is appropriate for all students New Arrivals or teachers to read, view, hear, or access. Major barriers between students and resources include, but are not limited to, imposing age or grade level • 20 new big books for teacher use in the classroom (each has restrictions on the use of resources; limiting the use of interlibrary loan and accompanying lesson idea booklets) access to electronic information; charging fees for information in specific • 10 new lit circle sets of novels for teacher use in the formats; requiring permission from parents or teachers; establishing classroom restricted shelves or closed collections; and labeling. Policies, procedures, • 15 new top-notch professional books for teachers about and rules related to the use of resources and services support free and open reading and writing instruction access to information. • 40 new instructional DVDs for teacher checkout • 100+ picture books and novels for the general fiction and non- Overall Message: We need to be very careful that when we level books, fiction library media center collection we do not end up leveling our kids! • 15 new picture books and non-fiction books from CCSD’s teacher book review program • … and more Upcoming Tech 2sdays and Web 2.0 Wednesdays • The Tech 2sday Mini Workshop the SECOND Tuesday of October will focus on Microsoft Office 2007 Tips and Tricks. • The Web 2.0 Wednesday Mini Workshop the SECOND Wednesday of October will focus on Web 2.0 and how it can be effectively used in the elementary classroom. PLACE PHOTO HERE, Destiny Quick Tips for Teachers OTHERWISE DELETE BOX If you missed the September Tech 2sday session, please stop by the Dickens LMC so we can show you how to use the Destiny Catalog. You can search for materials by specific Nevada CEFs/standards, place certain books on hold, renew the books you have checked out, recommend books to your kids, write reviews that are seen across the district, and more. Recent Media Coverage There are two very well-respected library media experts (professors, researchers, writers) who FEATURED the Dickens Library Media Center's use of Web 2.0 technologies ( Their coverage caused our website hits to soar to more than 110,000 visitors from around the world. You don’t have to burn books • You can see the coverage from Buffy J. Hamilton here: to destroy a culture. Just get ary-library-2-0-inspiration/ people to stop reading them. • And from Polly Farrington and Associates here:113 ~ Ray Bradbury
  4. 4. Month Day Year Insert Headline Here Vol. 1 Issue 1 Where can I learn more about the Dickens LMC? Here are the steps we recommend you take to keep current with our events, activities, learning experiences, and other goings-on: 1. Visit our website at and explore each section. (The Links and Teachers sections specifically have some great stuff for you!) 2. Become a fan of the Dickens Elementary School Library Media Center on Facebook by searching for our name (Dickens Elementary School Library Media Center) at 3. Follow us on Twitter at Our Twitter handle is DickensLMC. 4. Subscribe to our blog by visiting or simply enter your email address into the appropriate box on our home page at Read previous postings and review the documents provided within the posts. 5. Join our Delicious network for social bookmarks by clicking on the link at the right-hand side of our home page at or by searching for the DickensLMC at 6. Take about 15 minutes to go through the Dickens LMC Teacher Orientation by visiting and clicking on the Teachers section. Mark Your Calendar … Book Fair: 12/ 2 – 12/ 16 Find us on any of these social media websites. Add us to your contacts list so that you can stay updated daily on the goings-on within the Dickens LMC! Twitter: DickensLMC Flickr: DickensLMC YouTube: Dickens LMC Delicious: Dickens LMC Blogger: DickensLMC Facebook: Dickens Elementary School Library Media Center 114