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Name: _______________________ Period: __________Week of: ________________

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Personal Spelling List


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Personal Spelling List

  1. 1. Name: _______________________ Period: __________Week of: ________________ Personal Word Study List This list is where you collect a minimum of ten words you are confused about or do not know how to spell. In your reading and writing, keep track of words you do not know the meanings or spellings of—and write them CORRECTLY in the first column. (Use a dictionary or another reliable spelling source to make sure you have the correct spelling. DO NOT LEARN MISSPELLINGS!!!) Make sure you have a minimum of ten words written by Tuesday of each week. Refer to your Word Study Procedures in your Word Study Notebook for additional instructions. Sources for your list: words you aren’t sure of in either spelling or meaning, misspellings you find while writing, words you notice in your reading, etc. You must have a minimum of ten words by Tuesday. When this list is full, retrieve a blank form from Mrs. Bentheim. DO NOT dispose of this sheet—even when you’re finished studying all of the words.