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Mrs B Welcome Letter

  1. 1. Welcome to Second Grade with Mrs. Bentheim! August xx, 2007 Dear Parent or Guardian, As you’ll soon discover, your child is embarking upon an exciting journey through the second grade as one of Mrs. B’s Brilliant Bumblebees! I’m so glad your child is going to “bee” in my class. Welcome! To ensure the best possible education for your child, I wish to establish an open line of communication with you. I will be sending home notes regularly that will contain a list of upcoming events, including test days, project due dates and special events. Progress reports concerning your child’s progress will be sent home bi-weekly on Mondays starting September xx. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school (799-xxxx). I will gladly schedule a conference with you to address your child’s needs. In the mean time, here are the policies I will be following while your child is a student in my classroom. Di s c i p l i n e Poli c y: All children deserve the opportunity to develop excellent academic skills in a positive classroom environment. In order to foster such an environment, I developed a classroom discipline plan. This plan will be in effect at all times to help each child learn to manage his or her own behavior and to develop self discipline. CLASS RULES: 1. We will respect Mrs. B and other adults. 2. We will respect our classmates. 3. We will respect our school. 4. I will respect myself.
  2. 2. To encourage students to follow the classroom rules, I plan to reward appropriate behavior with verbal praise, special privileges, and fun activities. Students are expected to “bee-have” in a respectful and appropriate manner conducive to the development of our learning hive. Each student will begin the day on yellow. If the student remains on yellow all month, he or she will earn status as a Busy Bee. (Busy Bees have special privileges for their hard work such as lining up first, sitting on the bean bags and/or pillows during read aloud time, etc.) If the student moves his or her clip, there are associated consequences for each level. If a student chooses to break the classroom rules, which are strictly enforced, the consequences are: CONSEQUENCES: 1. Warning 2. Move clip to white (think seat to process) 3. Move clip to black (letter home) 4. Phone call home 5. Visit the principal’s office. Continued disruptions will warrant evaluation on a case-by-case basis. Any severe disturbances (fighting, cursing, defying teacher, destroying property, stopping the class from functioning) will be sent directly to the principal. The consequences do not accumulate from day to day. Each day is a new chance to succeed. I will discuss the plan with your child. I trust that you will review my expectations with your child at home. I truly appreciate your cooperation and support. Ho m e w o r k Poli c y: Homework is a time for your child to shine and show you what he or she is working on in school. In second grade, the purpose of homework is to help your child develop organizational skills, learn responsibility, and reinforce skills introduced in school. It is also a time to involve you in the academic progress. If your child is having difficulty completing assignments, please contact me immediately so that we can work together to find a solution. Homework is assigned by week with the packet/contract distributed every Monday and returned to school on Friday. A typical homework packet includes extra practice in reading, writing, and math, although sometimes there are other subjects, as well.
  3. 3. The standing homework assignment for every night—in addition to the weekly packet—is reading and/or being read to for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Consider the following research: S t u d e n t s th a t S t u d e n t s th a t S t u d e n t s th a t R e c e i v e Hi g h R e c e i v e Hi g h Re c e i v e Lo w Ho m e Cl a s s r o o m S u p p o r t Hom e Su p p o r t Su p p o r t Effective Classroom Teacher two 100 % success 100 % success years in a row Mixed Classroom Support 100 % success 25 % success One year effective, one year not Low Classroom Support 60 % success 0 % success Two years not effective Source: Catherine Snow, Unfulfilled Expectations Here are some helpful things to remember when completing homework together: • All assignments should be completed in pencil. Please do not complete assignments in pen. • Keep scissors, glue, crayons, and pencils handy. Some assignments will ask students to color or will require glue and scissors. • Read and sign the homework contract at the beginning of the week. • Homework assignments must be returned on time in order for students to receive full credit for the assignment. • All homework must be completed and returned on time for the student to receive the reward at the end of the week. Gr a d i n g Pr o c e d u r e : Our school-wide grading policy is based on standard percentages and is as follows: 90 – 100 = A 80 – 89 = B 70 – 79 = C 60 – 69 = D 0 – 59 = F
  4. 4. Your child’s individual subject grades will be averaged using the following criteria for each subject: o Reading and Language Arts: oral reading, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, classroom activities, homework, quizzes, and exams o Mathematics: classroom activities, homework, quizzes, and exams o Science, Social Studies and Health: classroom participation, cooperative group projects, homework, and quizzes o P.E., Music, Art, and Library: will be determined by the specialists in each area Homework will be graded according to the following rubric: E : Homework packet is returned to Mrs. B by the assigned date complete, neat, and with a signature by the child’s parent or guardian. Instructions have been appropriately followed. S : Homework packet is somewhat complete, somewhat neat, and/or the instructions were somewhat followed. N : Homework packet is not complete, not neat, not turned in on time, and/or the instructions were not followed. Th e B.E.E. B o o k The B.E.E. Book is a three-ring notebook that your second grader will use everyday to develop organizational skills and learn responsibility. Second grade is a foundational year, and it is important to teach children how to keep up with homework, tests, and important notes. This book is a way of maintaining effective communication between home and school. It aims to eliminate lost notes, newsletters, calendars, and homework as well as keep parents and students informed of important events and academic progress. So if you want to know what the "buzz" is in Mrs. B’s second grade class, check out your child's B.E.E. Book! Here's what you will find inside: Important Notes
  5. 5. This pocket is to be used to send notes to me that need immediate attention, such as transportation changes, doctor's appointments, urgent concerns, etc. I will also use this pocket to send you notes that require immediate attention. Please check this section d a i l y . Money Pocket From time to time, you may need to send money to school for book club orders, lunch, field trips, etc. Please use the plastic pencil case to send money to school. Please do not use this pocket for school supplies as it is not durable enough for everyday use. Homework Each week your child will receive a homework contract to place in this section. Spelling lists will be placed in the clear sheet protector. Homework will be sent home in the "Homework" pocket and completed homework should be returned to school in the same pocket. Pl e a s e c h e c k thi s s e c t i o n d a il y. Bee-utiful Work This pocket contains graded schoolwork that may be kept and admired at home. Display your child's work on the fridge, in the bathroom, or another special home art and schoolwork gallery. Please check this section daily and remove all items from the pocket. Between Home and School This section is designed to keep you informed of your child's academic, social, and emotional progress. Each week I will fill out a "Weekly Checklist" for your child. P l e a s e revi e w thi s c h e c k l i s t and ini t i a l it . There is also a space for comments between home and school. From time to time, I will write comments about your child. I encourage you to write comments to me as well. Please keep in mind that I will only check this section twice a week. If you have an urgent comment, please write a note and place it in the "Important Notes" pocket, send me an email, or call me at school. Newsletters and Calendars Check this section for weekly newsletters. Monthly Homework Calendars will also be kept in this section as well as any other important school and classroom calendars. There is also a copy of our daily schedule. Tests Please check this section weekly to review tests. Please sign the test to acknowledge that you have reviewed it with your child. D o n o t r e m o v e te s t s fr o m th e bi n d e r !
  6. 6. Homework Helpers This section contains a sight word list, special phonics sounds, a math fact family sheet, and a handwriting alphabet. Practicing these activities at home will help your child become more successful in the classroom! The B.E.E. Book contains everything your child will need for school everyday. Encourage your child to become more independent by being responsible for putting his B.E.E. Book in his or her book bag every night before going to bed. This will mean a calm and relaxed commute to school and a confident second grader who will be prepared to start the day off right. P l e a s e r e a d th e a t t a c h e d B.E. E. B o o k rul e s a n d si g n a n d r e t u r n th e b o t t o m p o r t i o n of th e p a p e r . Sup pli e s Although Clark County School District provides students with some minimum supplies, it will be helpful if your child can bring the following to class for our use during the year: • Bottle of hand soap • Package of crayons (no larger than 24 count) • Package of yellow pencils and colored pencils • Package of cap erasers • Kleenex (boys) or Paper towels (girls) • Package of glue sticks • Scissors • Pencil box • Four spiral-bound journals with wide-ruled paper Now that all of that information is out of the way, I am thrilled to have your child in my classroom —and look forward to the progress your child will make! If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the policies described above, please feel free to contact me at 799-xxxx. Please complete and send the bottom portion of this letter to school, as well as the attached survey for my confidential records. My best wishes to you, your family, and your child for an exceptional school year! Mrs. Christina Bentheim
  7. 7. Date: _________________ I have read, agreed to, and discussed Mrs. Bentheim’s policies and procedures with my second grade child. ____________________________ ______________________________ Parent Signature Student Signature ____________________________ ______________________________ Home Phone Number Student Email Address (If Available) ____________________________ Parent Email Address (If Available)