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Elements Of Literature Part Ii


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Elements Of Literature Part Ii

  1. 1. Elements of Literature Part II Before we can embark upon a journey into the world of words, we must explore the components of literature. In this unit, you will learn the main elements of literature. Just as you use a map to guide you to a specific destination, use these sentences to guide you in your study of this unit. These are the unit objectives—what you need to know when we’ve finished our study. If you can answer all of the questions, you have mastered the material and have successfully learned about the elements of literature! YOUR STUDY GUIDELINES 1. _____ Define all the vocabulary words presented to you in class. (K) 2. _____ Describe the elements of fiction. (C) 3. _____ Explain why we must study the elements of literature before we begin reading. (C) 4. _____ Create a diagram to identify and analyze the stages of plot development. (S) 5. _____ Create a character sketch. (S) 6. _____ Illustrate your vision of a story’s setting. (A) 7. _____ Determine how setting influences characters. (A) 8. _____ Evaluate your Prime Time Learning Log from this week—What did you learn that you didn’t know before? How will you use this information to help you develop into a better reader? (E)