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Dickens Brochure


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Published in: Education
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Dickens Brochure

  1. 1. Hours of Operation The Dickens LMC Mission Dickens Elementary School Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The mission of the Dickens Elementary Library Media Center School Library Media Center is to: Circulation Policy • provide adequate access to information; Kindergarten First Grade 1 book 1 -2 books • provide a warm, kind, inviting, and Discoverin Discovering comfortable environment for all Second Grade Third Grade 2-3 books 3-4 books students and teachers to learn, grow, and ultimately love reading; and Charting Fourth Grade 4-5 books Fifth Grade 5 books • actively teach students by partnering with classroom teachers for regular and a Path to Success *All materials must be returned prior to consistent collaboration; future check-outs. *Materials must be present for renewal. • foster the integration and use of 21st *A parent may check out materials under century literacies within the classroom his or her child’s name. and media center; and to Technology Goals • build the foundation for increased student achievement within the school. Christina A. Bentheim, M.Ed. 1. Foster lifelong learning by providing Library Media Specialist resources and assistance for “The extent to which books are borrowed individuals seeking and evaluating from school libraries shows a strong Barbara Reininger, Ed. D. information. relationshi with reading achievement.” relationship Principal 2. Provide dependable and reliable -Impact of School Libraries on Student Impact information. Achievement 3. Provide adequate training opportunities for staff and volunteers. 4. Align library technology services with Dusty Dickens Elementary School community needs and interests. Library Media Center 5. Use appropriate technology to further 5550 Milan Peak Street develop a 21st-century-literate staff North Las Vegas, NV 89081 Phone – 702.799.3878 and student body. Fax – 702.799.3871
  2. 2. Materials are purchased 9 The Top 10 based on the knowledge Extensive knowledge of how and understanding of the to use those materials in school’s curriculum. 10 instructional purposes. Provides staff development Advantages training on how to use new 8 of Having a Professional Provides leadership in the 7 resources and technology. School Library Media school for achieving the school mission, objectives Specialist Lead the School and strategies. Collaborates with teachers to Library Program provide resources for Keeps up-to-date with all the activities for course, unit and 6 lesson integration. 5 new electronic resources and new print materials that support the school’s Has extensive knowledge of curriculum. fiction materials for student reading enjoyment. 4 Promotes, inspires, and guides students toward a love of reading, a quest for 2 Teaches information literacy skills to all knowledge, and a thirst for And the #1 Advantage lifelong learning. students. (accessing, evaluating and using 3 information of Having a efficiently and Professional Library Media Specialist appropriately) is … THE IMPACT ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT! 1