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Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (Hindi: एक मैं और एक तू, English: You and I) is an upcoming Hindi romantic comedy film written and directed by debutant Shakun Batra

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Ek main aur ekk tu

  1. 1. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu -Talk by Imran KhanI think I say this anytime I check with him: Imran Khan is one in all my all time favorite stars to interview.hes continuously smitten by his films, his role, and always, continuously provides me a lot of instead ofless when it involves answering my queries. now our chat was concerning his upcoming film Ek Main AurEkk Tu, that sees Imran paired opposite Kareena Kapoor for the primary time (much to the delight of theaudience). A Dharma and UTV Motion footage production, the film was directed by newcomer ShakunBatra, who additionally wrote the screenplay with Kareena and Imran in mind. Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu isready and was filmed partially in Las Vegas. It tells the story of 2 utterly opposite folks – kareena kapoor’s Riana may be a bit mad, fun, lighthearted woman whereas Imran’s Rahul may be a terribly controlledguy. Through some attention-grabbing circumstances the 2 meet, have a bit an excessive amount of funone night where the drinks are flowing, and get up following morning married. On the thanks to anannulment, do they fall in love? Well, well establish on February tenth and audiences cannot wait.whereas on his whirlwind promotional tour in big apple, imran khan took some overtime out and talkedwith me completely concerning Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. wish to understand what went into making hischaracter, what its prefer to work with Kareena, what I guessed right and what alternative cool thingsImran revealed? browse on!What was it concerning this film that created you would like to mention ‘yes’ to the role?
  2. 2. You know, i used to be truly fairly concerned within the development of the film. Shakun who haswritten and directed the film was a poster [Assistant Director] on Jaane Tu…, thus weve got beenfriends since then. He’s co-written it with Ayesha, who is truly has been my hairstylist since Jaane Tu…and additionally she’s a really, terribly past love of Avantika’s. thus Shakun and Ayesha quite came alongand place along this story plan and I’m talking concerning a pair of – three years ago. They quite ran theconcept by me and that i said, ‘Okay, yeah that sounds attention-grabbing. Let’s see what happens’. iused to be reading varied drafts of the screenplay from the primary draft, that was pretty unhealthy,and that they quite polished it and developed it and worked on it some a lot of and here we have atendency to are. thus i used to be continuously on the film.So the character was developed with you in mind then?Yeah! Shakun has extremely, extremely formed the character around me.Tell us concerning who hes then.Rahul is truly quite a tragic character. Rahul has lived his entire life consistent with what his oldsterswish. They set the massive things for him – what college he ought to head to, what faculty he ought tohead to, what his job ought to be. They’ve set the miscroscopic things for him – the method he eats, themethod he dresses, the method his hair is styled, they’ve chosen his hobbies for him. thus he’s truly aman who has never very created a call for himself. And he’s a man who’s coasting through life thinkingthat this is often what life is meant to be, however truly its not. the particular realization comes whenhe meets Riana, who is played by Kareena. Here’s what I realize very fascinating, right, if you verify thepromos and you verify these folks youd assume that Rahul was the mature one and she’s the immatureone. however truly this is often a man who is twenty five and doesn’t understand who hes or what hes,and this is often a woman who looks thus flighty and immature, however is truly utterly grounded. She’sgood and savvy and he or she is aware of who she is and what she is. thus she’s truly the one whoteaches him, who shows him what he’s missing out on, who shows him what he can be.It looks with him, you modified your body language to form him stiffer, tell us regarding how youcreated this character for yourself.Ahhh…you understand youre the primary person to note this?
  3. 3. Am I?Yeah, I’ll fill you in on this. Rahul may be a guy that as a result of he’s truly not living his life he’s truly notsnug in it and in his own skin. Okay? hes someone who is physically uncomfortable within the skin thathe’s in. I needed to reasonably portray that, I needed for that to be visibly noticeable. thus I trulyworked with the costumer designers. the primary major factor we tend to did is we tend to created hisentire wardrobe in monotone colours it’s all grays and blues and blacks. The second factor was thatevery one of the garments where tailor created suits and stuff thus I asked them to form everything atrifle bit too tight. that the collars after I button them up are a trifle bit too tight so that they were trulychoking me thus I may never drop my head. My head was continuously had to be held straight up. Thewaist of the pants, the work of the shirts were thus tight that I couldn’t slouch comfortably I had tosquare straight up. thus you’re continuously physically uncomfortable which very helped with the bodylanguage.Yeah, I noticed in a number of the stills {and thusme|and a few} of the sooner scenes hes so stiff,however then later its like he will appear to relax slightly.Yes! If you see the ‘Gubbare’ song or ‘Aunty Ji’ thats where he’s setting out to open up. you recognizehe’ll unbutton the highest collar of his shirt, the jacket are open and he’s setting out to be kind a triflefree-er along with his movements.Looking back to date how would say your journey has gone?It’s not a awfully long one. I’m still terribly new. It’s been somewhat over 3 years that I’ve been withinthe business. therefore i feel I’m at a stage where I’m proud of what I’ve done as I relive, I scrutinize thehits and also the misses, I scrutinize how so much I’ve come back, and that i will say that I’m happyhowever not glad. If that produces sense to you. I mean there’s a protracted thanks to go.There are heap additional components to do…Yeah. however I’m happy that I’ve managed to try and do what I even have done to date.
  4. 4. We are too and can’t wait to ascertain him as Rahul in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and watch the story unfold!From the response and also the promos weve seen to date we expect this is often getting to be theproper Valentine’s date movie! Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu hits theaters on February tenth.Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu review