Hmp addiewell play workers in scotland


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Play workers in Scotland ,a testimonial

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Hmp addiewell play workers in scotland

  1. 1. Case StudyClient: Sedexo Justice Services Each play worker has first aid training and HMP Addiewell must be trained to a level of SVQ1. Livingston Play workers are responsible for ordering arts Scotland and crafts equipment as well as nappies and wipes.The brief: Tinies Crèche provides staff for thevisits hall play area. The play area is located in Delivery: During visiting time within thethe visits hall within the prison of HMP prison there can be varying amounts ofAddiewell. Tinies Staff provide play workers children of all ages. The ages of children rangewithin the play area to engage children in arts from newborn to 12 years old. There is also aand crafts, story time, games and quite teenage area within the visit hall which is moreplaying. This is to allow adults to converse specific to their age group.while visiting an inmate. During the weekendsthere are bonded visits where some children Activities included:and their fathers are allowed 1 to 1 and a half  Card Makinghours of close contact visits which are  Healthy eatingsupervised. Tinies staff help both the prisoner  Drawingand the child engage in various activities to  Gamesallow them to bond.  PaintingDuring visit times security is very high and the  Easter decorations and collagesplay workers have to be very imaginative as  Christmas decorations and Christmas cardsthe use of things like scissors, play dough, glueetc. are not allowed.Each staff member wears a blue tabard to allow Service & support: We provide cover in thethem to be identified from prisoners and play area on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday andvisitors. Sunday every week of the year. We ensureEach play area member has been trained to that 2 members of staff are available for eachallow them to deal with any situation that may visit session on these days. 2 members of staffarise within the prison environment. must work together for security reasons.Our play workers need to be very intuitive,kind, understanding and knowledgeable due to Client feedback:the nature of the play area. Each child hasdifferent needs and abilities and a great deal of “Professional, dedicated and hard working playthe children who are visiting in the prison are workers are provided on a weekly basis to HMPunaware of where they are. They also have to Addiewell” K Manualcome to terms with temporarily losing a parentand this can cause challenging behaviour issues “Tinies have provided us with playworkers forwhich parents often need help and advice the last 3 years and have provided us with aabout. professional and friendly service throughout this time” K Manual