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Affiliate marketing handbook iab 2012

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Handbook Series
  2. 2. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 01 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing As the industry we need to be mindful of By Dan Redfearn these issues. The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing IAB Membership Manager and Head of the Affiliate Council brings together all elements of the Marketing Council industry to promote education, best practice and self-regulation to help advertisersAffiliate Marketing works. It really does. better understand affiliate marketing. ThisThe UK’s leading retailers, financial services handbook compiled by members of theproviders, utility companies all run affiliate council aims to deliver clarity and inspirationprogrammes. They recognise the fact that for marketers looking to better understandaffiliates generate sales and can do so in a how this fluid and pioneering channel works.cost effective way unmatched by any otheronline channel. But it’s not just the big boyswho can take advantage of this channelSMEs too can utilise affiliates as an efficientway to successfully achieve scale and sales. Tip for Marketing ManagersThe accomplishments of the channel overthe past ten years are in no small part down tothe continued innovation and entrepreneurial Affiliates are anature of the affiliate publishers themselves.However herein lays the problem of affiliate sales forcemarketing – understanding it. It’s very easy Develop a positive relationshipfor marketers unfamiliar with the channel tobe confused by jargon and blindsided by and incentivise them. Treat themhow it all works. The continued development with respect and keep them upof the affiliate industry into a multi-channel discipline necessitating different to date.approaches and management can makeit difficult for advertisers to integrate it intomore traditional or linear marketing plans.Affiliate marketing can also be difficult for Affiliatemarketers to explain internally and to justifythe way in which affiliate budgets require agreater amount of flexibility than other formsof marketing.
  3. 3. 02 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook
  4. 4. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 03 Forecasting Affiliate Marketing Programmes Forecasting difficulties can arise when the By Chris Worthy major search engines change their ranking Account Director, algorithms as the changing positions of R.O.EYE affiliate sites can have a major impact on sales and leads, for good or bad.Differences and Difficulties inForecasting Performance BasedCampaigns The same can be said for search costs, ifOnline marketing is dominated by competition increases for key terms or qualityanalytics and accountability where scores change, affiliate performance canforecasting is considered the norm. This is increase or fall, making it difficult to forecastoften driven by a requirement to keep within precise figures. Performance marketing is aadvertising budgets and hit a target ROI. very competitive industry and commissionIt is understandable that merchants would levels play an important part in attractingalso expect a level of forecasting for their affiliates. Competitor commission increasesperformance marketing campaigns, but or decreases are difficult to anticipate andthere are factors in play that make it difficult can impact on sales, whether it be for ato forecast performance based campaigns. short term incentive or a permanent change. Search engine changes Fluctuations in affiliate The factor that has the greatest influence on forecasting is the availability of affiliate search costs and resource. Affiliates have to allocate and plan competitor competition their time across a number of merchants and scheduled projects which can often be Affiliate resource allocation pushed back and forth. Forecasting revenue increases for a quarter or even a month can always be subject to change dependingMany affiliate sites are highly targeted when the affiliate can allocate time to workto specific verticals and product types; on the merchants programme. It is importantthis allows them to achieve high rankings to realise that affiliate marketing relies onon search engines and improve their third parties whose development prioritiesquality score for lower paid search costs. can change throughout the year.
  5. 5. 04 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing HandbookWhy and How Should I Forecast? forecast to show the uplift achieved through new publishers or initiatives that have beenSome merchants run their affiliate actioned. Another important considerationmarketing campaign using finite marketing is to align the affiliate forecasts with thebudgets. This leaves the potential of running marketing calendars so that the effects ofout of budget to pay affiliates should they marketing campaigns can be compensatedover deliver. It is important to understand for.that certain affiliate business models findit extremely difficult to turn off or reducemerchant activity due to budgets. For this Costsreason some level of forecasting is requiredto ensure sufficient budget is allocated to The final and most important elements ofthe affiliate channel. forecasting are the costs. These can all vary depending on the commercial agreements you have in place but the management/ technology fees, overrides, commissionsWhen approaching affiliate forecasting and any performance bonuses all need tothere are three key areas that need to be be calculated to generate an overall costcovered:- and effective ROI. Natural Delivery Tip for Marketing ManagersDepending on the vertical, a performancemarketing campaign can be expected to It’s all about thedeliver between 5-40% of a merchant’s onlinesales or leads. The overall performance of EPCthe merchant site will undoubtedly have animpact on growth; a fast growing brand will If you can’t make it work,carry some of that growth and can be built affiliates can’t make it work.into the forecast using year-on-year andmonth-on-month trend data. Look at your conversions, understand the route to sale and optimise the process so when Sales Uplift they deliver traffic it proceeds toSuccessful performance marketing cam- sales as efficiently as possible.paigns will not rely on the merchants profileto increase sales or leads. The role of thenetwork, agency or affiliate manager is toadd value to the programme through theprocess of affiliate recruitment and publisherdevelopment. This uplift can be reflected in a
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  7. 7. 06 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook Integrating Affiliate Campaigns competitive, affiliates will not be duped by By Owen Hewitson higher commissions if on-site conversion Client Strategist, and resulting EPCs are poor. Affiliate WindowSeparate From Other Forms OfBudget Because affiliates utilise a variety of promotional methods, activity that hasFrom a budgetary perspective the CPA traditionally worked on a CPC or CPM basismodel remains the distinguishing feature of can be run through the affiliate channel. Forthe affiliate channel. The principle that you example, PPC affiliates can mitigate theonly pay when you get a sale makes affiliate risks inherent in paid search campaigns bymarketing transparent and measurable. working on a CPA basis, thus shouldering the burden of monitoring spend and optimising campaigns.It is this pay-on-performance principlewhich supports the argument that budgetallocated to the affiliate channel should be However, running an affiliate progdrawn not from the marketing budget but ramme goes beyond budget allocation.from the sales budget. Because affiliates It requires proactive management andare awarded only when sales are made the long-term commitment. Even if salesCPA model is risk-free from a merchant’s are generated quickly, a well-optimisedperspective, assuming they have control programme will take months to reachover affiliate approvals. The main budgetary maturity.consideration is instead the level of affiliatecommissions. De-duping De-duplication (or ‘de-duping’) is a practiceHowever, from an affiliate perspective that has a simple principle: that merchantscommissions are not the sole factor in have visibility over where their sales aredetermining whether to promote a merchant. coming from and control over who toA common fallacy is that merchants can award for those sales. If you are engagedbuy more sales simply by increasing the in multiple online marketing channels (PPC,payout. Although commissions should be SEO, email, display), or with more than one
  8. 8. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 07
  9. 9. 08 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbookaffiliate network, you will want to ensure that It is good practice to be transparent aboutyou are attributing incoming sales to the your de-duping policy, as you would becorrect channel so you can then intelligently about other key policies around PPCapportion spend to those different channels. and commission validations. Where de- duplication is introduced without noticeThe easiest way of automatically de-duping affiliates will see a negative impact onis by conditionally tagging each traffic source. conversion rates and EPCs.Conditional tagging is a simple,cheap and accurate way todetermine the last referrer,and through which channelthe customer came.This can help youavoid paying twice forthe same sale.In deciding what you de-dupe against and the logicbehind your conditionaltagging it is worth thinkingabout the customer’s pathto sale and what part eachchannel has played in referringthat customer. For example, youmay wish not to de-dupe affiliatesagainst display in recognition that a clickgenerated by the affiliate engages thecustomer more in the path to sale thanan ad impression. Under this scenario amerchant may adjust the amount paid toeach channel to split the cost betweenthem.On the other hand, if a merchant de-dupes against all channels and theaffiliate is the last referrer, they maychoose to pay a higher commissiongiven they are crediting the sale toa single channel only.
  10. 10. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 09
  11. 11. 10 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook The different affiliate models Positive & Negatives of Each By Carla Arrindell Model Group Account Director, OMG Loyalty & Reward sites, offering con- sumers a reward in the form of cash orAffiliate marketing as a multi- points for purchasing via their discipline. They deliver significant volumes, with above average conversions and positively impactIt is misleading to think of affiliate marketing on a single channel, rather it is a group ofactivities with a common remuneration PPC affiliates buy traffic through biddingmodel. That remuneration model facilitates on relevant keywords within search engines.some powerful benefits, one of which is They deliver high conversions and targetenabling specific models of operation. effectively, however higher CPAs or hybrid remuneration models may be required, dueWorking with a network enables access to the increasing costs driven by searchto various affiliate models, the most engines.common being; Content, PPC, Loyalty& Reward, Vouchercodes, Social media Content affiliates optimise the content of/ blogs, price comparison and Email. their sites to secure positions within naturalEach segment of affiliates brings unique search results, the ability to target nicheadvantages and disadvantages to a demographic is valuable.campaign. A good affiliate programme Social Media/Blog sites target socialwill use some or all of these segments, media members by profile and are strongaccording to campaign objectives. at targetting niche audience segments too. However, without a compelling offer, backed up with a strong call to action, users may not be lured away from their own content. Price comparison sites compare products by price, typically in a table. They can deliver substantial volumes of sales when the pricing of a product is competitive. Competition for ‘top of table’ positions means CPAs can be high.
  12. 12. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 11Vouchercode sites offer users a discount media affiliates as users reaching thesecode to be redeemed online against their affiliates are in a passive buying mode.purchase. The significant volume deliveredcan be easily controlled by changing the Broaderconsumer offer. Clearly mark expiredcodes so as not to deliver a poor customer Clearly defined criteria around qualifi-experience. cation for a discount or reward is crucial to ensure quality sales from Loyalty &Email affiliates promote to their own Reward and Vouchercode sites. The samedatabases, acquired through a variety of considerations don’t apply to PPC, SEOsources, they have a broad reach. Consider and price comparison affiliates. Delayingthe source and level of detail of the data validation of sales for Loyalty & Rewardto minimize over-promotion to existing sites can also be an effective way ofcustomers. increasing quality. Maximize performance by continually reassessing and understanding volume drivers. How to effectively engage and manage these segments Tip for Marketing ManagersEach model needs to be managed andengaged with differently, to ensure you getmaximum results. Last Click is not aInteraction and insight panaceaAdvance warning of offer changes are now your customers Kkey to ensure content does not become behaviour and allocateout of date. Integration and communication your marketing budgetabout wider marketing activity both online accordingly. offline, will create further focus from SEO,PPC, Loyalty Reward and Vouchercode o not be afraid to look Dsites. Social media, price comparison andemailer’s traffic is driven more by consumer beyond the last click tochoice. reward particular types of affiliates. For exampleDefine commissions and triggers paying email affiliates aaccordingly PM or giving tenancies to CCompelling offers and strong call to top affiliates.actions are necessary for email and social
  13. 13. 12 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook It all points to a great opportunity Nectar has over 17 million users across the UK and we can put your business in front of them 24/7. Interested? Then join us today and take advantage of... Bonus point offers Voucher codes Gift finder Comparison shopping engine Nectar Toolbar powered by Yahoo! To discuss affiliate opportunities as well as the finer points of our loyalty scheme contact: Maureen McDonagh, Head of E-Commerce
  14. 14. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 13 Incentivising affiliates Effective ways By Pete Rowe to incentivise affiliates Managing Director, affilinet • Increase the default commission rate.When done in the right way incentivisingaffiliates is a popular driver to improving he most effective and used in T the performance of an affiliate program. almost all affiliate programs. RaisingA successful strategy can aid the affiliate default commission levels can berecruitment process, increase the exposure done on program launch to driveof the advertiser’s product or service online, awareness and grow the affiliateactivate dormant publishers and build base, when re-launching on a newloyalty among the affiliate base. However network and for pre-determinedin a crowded landscape incentivising periods of time to tactically boosteffectively is becoming increasingly difficult revenue.and, when done in the wrong way, can even • Offer a tiered commission be detrimental to the success of a program. structure. S imple yet effective. The concept being, the more sales the affiliate generates, the higher the level of The benefits of a commission they receive. considered incentive strategy • Run prize draws and competitions. Advertisers sometimes offer theIt is important to consider what you want to opportunity for affiliates to beachieve when putting together a strategy. entered in to a prize draw in returnIncentives can also be used to tactically drive for each link they put on theirsales in peak seasons, build momentum in website, sale they make or otherquiet trade periods and can help to give an target achieved. Often used byadvertiser a competitive advantage when large advertisers with big budgetsnegotiating coverage on larger sites. to spend on impressive prizes. Continued overleaf....
  15. 15. 14 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook Key Tips To Consider When Effective ways to incentivise affiliates Incentivising Affiliates Keep it simple - Time is precious, so • Offer a cash reward keep your incentive simple. Affiliates want his method can be ineffective as T to be able to immediately understand it often rewards the same affiliates the incentive offering and then simply and does not tend to incentivise implement a strategy. The size and scale high earning affiliates. Offering a of the incentive should reflect the amount of cash reward is only recommended time that affiliates will need to invest. with careful consideration, carefully consider the targets and incentives Be creative - Affiliates are offered set to ensure that the strategy does incentives on a regular basis and certain not leave you out of pocket. prizes are ubiquitous. iPods and small cash rewards may sound appealing but they • Offer own products as an don’t necessarily stand out from the crowd. incentive. Advertisers have been known to offer all R eliant on the advertiser under- inclusive holidays to Bali but being creative standing their affiliates, success is does not have to cost a fortune. If you have largely dependent on the appeal of a limited budget, think of something fun or the product in question. exclusive. Be inclusive - In many cases merchants offer incentives to the top performing affiliate to achieve sales targets in a certain trading period. However this excludes the longer tail of niche affiliates. Instead try to be more inclusive and offer scalable incentives based on individual affiliates increasing their own performance. Offer bespoke incentives - As with consumers the best method of appealing to affiliates is to target them individually. This method may be time consuming but will definitely pay off and result in optimum revenue generation. Managed strategically, it will also ensure that you are rewarding affiliates for pushing their sales efforts at different times across the sales cycle, and that you can negotiate top coverage spots on competing affiliate sites.
  16. 16. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 15 Know Know who y re working with you’re you g Finding the right partners for your program is key. Contact the affilinet team for strategic advice. T. 020 7067 2480 I E. newbusiness-uk@affili.netAFF_a4u2_A5_2010_RZ.indd 1 04.11.10 10:32
  17. 17. 16 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook Objectives CASE STUDY • Motivate all affiliates, large or small, to lift sales into a higher sales tier. • Motivate new affiliates to grow their Red Letter Days and performance as quickly as possible. Affililate Window • Maintain long-term interest in the Red Letter Days programme and combat deliver affiliate seasonality drop-off. incentive programme • Increase the contribution of affiliate sales to overall web sales. to drive sales • Deliver a significant uplift in affiliate sales from 2008 to 2009. By Kevin Edwards • Ensure that the cost of the incentive Strategy Director, Affiliate Window programme was delivered on target.Overview Incentive programme structure,In 2009 Red Letter Days set itself the Q1-Q3 2009challenge of delivering the best affiliate The primary aim was to reward a broadincentive programme in the market. The spectrum of affiliates of all sizes andkey measures of success were to make types; smaller affiliates could significantlyit available to all affiliates, ensure the uplift performance with the right tools andincentives were highly achievable and to recognition, while larger affiliates could bedeliver to a target ROI. The result was a incentivised to invest greater amounts ofquarterly incentive scheme combining time into Red Letter Days above competitorcompelling prizes with an innovative programmes.approach. By rewarding affiliates based ontheir own performance rather than requiring The model adopted was to offerthem to compete against each other, Red guaranteed prizes for hitting various salesLetter Days demonstrated understanding tiers, starting at just £1,000 per quarterthat a successful affiliate programme should from Q1-Q3 and £1,500 in Q4 (around 8-12treat affiliates as individuals. The incentive sales), ensuring that prizes were within thescheme was key in exceeding sales targets. reach of every affiliate. The quarterly incentive scheme was communicated to affiliates via the a4u forum, network email, the Red Letter Days affiliate blog, via new affiliate sign-up emails and on network signup pages.
  18. 18. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 172009 Q4 incentives – the crucialChristmas gifting period ResultsFollowing the success of Q1-Q3 2009 it was Contribution of affiliaterecognised Q4 2009’s incentive scheme sales to overall web saleswould have to be the best yet. In addition: more than doubled. All affiliates who hit £1,000 worth of Affiliate revenue uplift was sales received a hamper delivered in time for Christmas. nearly threefold. Three holiday prizes were offered Affiliate revenue in 2009 including 7 nights in Bali for 2 and was significantly above two European city breaks. target. The cost of the affiliate incentive programme was well within the objective. Successful elevation of aOne of the city breaks was given to the number of affiliates fromaffiliate judged to have produced the bestRed Letter Days landing page, while the mid to top performers.other was drawn from a pool of the top 5most improved affiliates and the top 5 bestnew affiliates signed up after 15 September2009. The Bali holiday prize was determinedby a prize draw, but with a twist. Affiliatesearned tickets into the draw in return forfulfilling certain criteria e.g. uploading aparticular type of creative, or selling aparticular product, rather than rewardingsales results alone.Winners were announced via videos postedon youtube.Feedback for Red Letter Days’ Christmasincentive was hugely positive and receivedbloggers’ praise.
  19. 19. 18 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook
  20. 20. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 19 Working with networks, agencies or in house Having a direct relationship with the affiliates By Alistair Nichols enables you to negotiate the commissions Head of Agency Sales, directly and possibly give yourself room to Webgains offer more than your nearest competitor should you choose to pass on the saving toAs a merchant, there are roughly speaking your affiliate partners.three avenues to choose when launchingyour affiliate program. Firstly, you could Downsides include difficulty in recruiting thealways go it alone, purchase a white label biggest affiliates and the labour intensivetracking solution and set up your own in- work involved in this process should nothouse network. Secondly, you could use be underestimated. Affiliates will only joinyour existing agency or hire a specialized your program if they have 100% trust thataffiliate management agency to run your sales are tracked and that they will be paidprogram. The last option is to join an affiliate promptly and and opt for a self managed oraccount-managed solution utilizing the In-house programs have worked very wellnetwork’s tracking and reporting technology, for the likes of Amazon (with huge in-houseexperience and trusted payment solutions. resource) and now eBay but in the latter’s case this was after years of running a veryEach option offers benefits and successful program on a network anddisadvantages. The right solution for you building up trusted relations with affiliates.will be dependent on numerous factorsincluding: which activities you want to bepersonally involved with, the business youare in, the amount of control you requireover your brand usage and your marketing Working with an Agencybudget. Working with an agency allows you to establish a relationship with them which allows them to know about your brand, marketing strategy and brand values. An Running a Program In-house agency is also more likely to have a view of the fully integrated marketing plan andThe main benefit to running an in-house therefore integrating the affiliate strategyprogram is the perceived cost saving. should be seamless and efficient.
  21. 21. 20 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing HandbookEmploying an affiliate management agency for a detailed Service Level Agreement andhas further benefits as they are the compare and contrast the offerings.specialists in this field. They will have muchmore knowledge and experience managing With regards to technology, does youraffiliate campaigns. You would be able to network offer “Whistles and Bells” or areleverage long established relationships with they just tracking your sales and payinghundreds, if not thousands, of established your affiliates? Can your potential networkaffiliates. manage Voucher Codes effectively? How do they police your PPC policy? What fraud protection technology is there on offer? Running a program with a networkThe most common way to launch Tip for Marketing Managersan affiliate program is to join an affiliatenetwork. When joining an affiliate network,you are tapping into the network of affiliatesbuilt up after many years in the industry, Brand controlas well as having instant access to theknowledge and experience of the network’s eep an eye on the quality Kstaff. Remember, that it is in the interest of of the sales you are beingthe affiliate to be joined to every network so sent. Put in place processesit is very rare indeed that one network hasexclusive deals with the biggest affiliates. to check the real value of the generated sales.When choosing a network to work with,you should concentrate on looking at theirrecord of customer service both for you andyour affiliates and their record of developingtheir technology.Using a network means paying (in mostcases) a 30% override premium andtherefore you want to know that this moneywill be spent wisely. Ask your network howmany accounts your account managerworks on, as well as how much time will bededicated to optimizing and marketing yourprogram? If possible ask potential networks
  22. 22. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 21
  23. 23. 22 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook Using Affiliates as Partners considerably sized affiliate programme. By Sanjit Atwal Network Director, Then there are the commercials... Tradedoubler The metric of choice for the savvy affiliate is EPC – Earnings Per Click. “What, onSection I: Introduction average, do I earn for each click I send through to you, Mr Advertiser?” To warrantOne word we will not be using in this an affiliate giving you valuable real-estatesection of the IAB Affiliate Marketing on their sites there must be a compellingHandbook is ‘Supplier’. Effective affiliate argument for them to do has long evolved away from thesetting of hierarchical frameworks in which Section III: De briefadvertisers, agencies and networks takeunnecessary liberties with publishers. So, Affiliates can provide an instant measure-with this in mind, this chapter will help frame ment of success of your business – a gauginghow best to use affiliates as your partners. of market appetite for the latest range your brand have deployed.As previouslySection II: The Brief mentioned, affiliates will be working with many merchants and, as such, will haveThis briefing can take many forms but access to competitive market informationthe most effective in terms of driving that would be both valuable and, withoutsales and leads for your products is the a good relationship, otherwise inaccessiblesharing of your marketing and promotions to you. You can ask for an intelligentcalendar. Regularly communicating offers, benchmark of where your offering sits in thediscounts, voucher codes and the USPs affiliate channel and any recommendationsof your products will ensure that you are on how to increase the quality and quantitygaining a greater market share on affiliate of sales.sites through the process of education(remember – affiliates can choose who they From the affiliate’s point of view, the decisiondo or do not promote!). to work closely with a trustworthy advertiser to optimise offers for their users will be anThis communication strategy brings with it easy one. Use this information wisely toa commitment of openness of agenda with constantly refine your affiliate propositionregards to remuneration, technical set-up into a market-leading offering. The otherand de-duplication. All of which build trust benefit of such an approach is that youwith your valuable virtual sales-person. will be bringing your affiliates closer to yourYour affiliate network account manager (if brand – something which bodes well for theyou have one) will be a key in this process successful long term stability and scalability– especially if you are aiming to have a of your plans in the affiliate channel.
  24. 24. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 23 Over 1,900 advertisers Over 128,000 active publishers Over 154 million unique visitors per month Europe’s No.1 Performance Marketing Specialist Network Director Agency Services Director Head of Affiliate Sales TradeDoubler 24th Floor Portland House Bressenden Place London SW1E 5BH Tel: +44 (0) 207 798 5800 Fax: +44 (0) 207 798 5801
  25. 25. 24 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook Affiliate Marketing and Creativity By Fiona Robertson The key points for Head of Affiliates developing banners are: Performance, Bigmouth Media • Well branded – have a logo or Not usual bedfellows brand name in most frames ut remember an absolute affiliate BA poor creative toolkit is a handicap. marketing no-no is an URL on theToday affiliates have the choice of thousands creativeof merchants and a good toolkit helps withaffiliate recruitment, retention and helps • Eye catching - have a message affiliates accurately represent and promote in mind and get this acrossyour brand. effectively • A strong call to action – think of this from a consumers’ At the very least affiliates perspective and talk their should have banners in gif and language flash format in the following Get a quote’, ‘Download’, ‘Open ‘ sizes: an account’, are all good – “More information” is not! 468x60 • Contain price points or USPs – 125x125 shout about where your brand is strong 120x600 120x60 234x60Affiliates will request creatives in otherformats that fit their site so it is a good ideato bear this in mind, be flexible.
  26. 26. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate_Marketing_Handbook_A5_Advert copy.pdf 1 11/10/2010 14:50:25 Affiliate Dating 25 Is your affiliate marketing as effective as it could be? C M YCM As a cross-channel agency, at bigmouthmediaMY we know how to look at your online strategy asCY a whole to make sure you get the best out ofCMY digital channels. K We are experts at calculating ROI, maximising GET synergies and integrating affiliates with SEO, EAF LVE CRH AFTIIIATES PPC, display and social media. And, thanks to our network neutrality, we only work with the partners that truly fit your program. WISTE FIONA ROBINRTTHSISN’S E E O R CHAPTE BOOK If you’re ready to take your affiliate marketing HAND to the next level, come and speak to us. We bet you’ll like our affiliate management style – and the results that it achieves. | 0845 130 0022 | | 0845 130 0022 | S E OO • • PP P C •• AAF F IFLII L ITA T E• SD I• S P LI A YP •L A O C •I ASL OMCEIDAI L •MO N LII A E • PO N LWI O REL D W I D EW O R L D W I D E SE P A ES D S SY A ED N R • N PR •
  27. 27. 26 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing HandbookGive your affiliates a solid set of generic The availability of feeds has allowedcreatives summarising your brand and offer other tailored creative solutions to appear.tailored messages for key offerings. Give Content Widgets are an example of creativesaffiliates the option to select what is best for that affiliates can utilize highlighting specific,their audience. Tactical messaging works; relevant products. A standard 120x600 adwhen there is a sale; give affiliates the unit can showcase one or more productcreative to promote this. offerings. If a feed is in real time then these ads can be dynamically updated to showOnce your set of creatives is complete do the most relevant product.not leave them untouched until the endof time. Creative gets old. A quarterly/seasonal refresh is best practice. Enabling search or booking bannersAffiliates have a knack of using your best for the affiliate channel shortens thecreatives but one of the most effective consumer journey, increasing conversions.techniques for conversion are text links. For example a hotel booking banner fromPre-written text links will give your affiliates a merchant’s site on an affiliate’s allowsan easier route to displaying your key users to select location, dates of stay, etc.messages and promotions. When checking availability the users will be taken to search results on the hotel site, rather than the homepage or hotel page – increasing the chance of that sale.Affiliates are creative andentrepreneurial so tap into thisProduct feeds, or data feeds, havein recent years become a key methodfor many affiliates. Initially used in pricecomparison, a feed allows affiliates to beprovided with live information – imagery,descriptions, price points, etc. A feed isgenerally provided to a network in CSV orXML format – and the more fields includedwithin a product feed the better. Commonfeed errors include incorrect pricing, out ofdate stock information, bad descriptionsand incorrectly categorized products.Real time or regularly updated feeds withaccurate information will stand you in goodstead with affiliates.
  28. 28. Affiliate Marketing Handbook Visit Affiliate Dating 27 Ask u s indep for an progr endent am re view Accelerate your affiliate marketing program • The affiliate management agency with global reach. Contact us: • Dedicated, exceptional, proactive account management.  nonstopConsulting • Recently launched London office bringing nonstop’s Lemon Studios expertise to the UK market 2nd Floor, 85 Clerkenwell Road London EC1R 5AR • Fully scalable local and international affiliate management services paid search solutions  tel. +44 020 7681 4049 • Proprietary management technology powering your  Follow nonstopConsulting UK program. on Twitter @nsCi_UK • We listen, understand, devise and deliver winning solutions to exceed your commercial objectives.
  29. 29. 28 Affiliate Dating Visit Affiliate Marketing Handbook 851 ForUSC,oneofourclients,weachieved % an851%Q4yearonyearincreasein affiliatesalesasaresultofourspecialist affiliate programme management. “Themanagementofaffiliateactivityandthe salesachievedby7thingsmediainthepastyear havebeenastonishing.” LyndsayMcGonigle,HeadofeCommerce,USC …doyouwant7thingsmedia toscaleyouraffiliatesales? T: 020 3384 5650 E:
  30. 30. Internet Marketing Handbook Series