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  1. 1. Math Maze Topic Page title
  2. 2. Game Objective Player, in the role of a little cat, will need to get out of a maze, do math to maintain its energy bar, and at the same time avoid being caught by a snake who chases after the cat. Game Direction Player use both hands to control the Iphone/Ipod to let the cat roll within the maze. Learning Goals Mathematical decision making, spacial reasoning, physical control, and speed. Player Levels Adaptive to players at all ages. Adaptive Mathematical Content Choice of calculation content will be adapted according to player's previous calculation result and speed, arranging from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division. Game Keywords Adaptiveness, maze, speed, mathematical decision making, spacial reasoning. Assessment A record of the player's choice of choosing numbers, speed rate, as well as mistakes and correctness in calculations will be generated at the end of the game. Player can also choose to email the record to others. Page title
  3. 3. General Specifications -- The cat needs to eat apples to maintain its energy to continue its journey within the maze. -- At certain corners of the maze, there are apple trees showing up. -- Each apple tree is a "calculation" (e.g., addition, subtraction, etc.) tree, with apples containing different numbers. -- The cat can choose whatever two numbers to add up or subtract to attain the "result" apple shown in a basket at the bottom of the tree. -- A right calculation will generate a red apple to add to the energy bar of the cat, then the cat can speed up to avoid being closely chased after by the snake. -- A wrong calculation will cause the apple in the basket turn black. The black apple will be eaten by the snake to add to the snake's energy bar. Then the snake will speed up in chasing the cat. -- All the apple trees will show up adaptively. The complexity of numbers will change depending on the player's capacity of doing the previous calculation in the maze. Page title
  4. 4. Specifications 1. The cat can roll within the maze: Users use both hands to let the cat roll and get out of the maze.
  5. 5. Specifications 1. Once the cat reaches half of the maze, its energy bar at the top right corner will decrease and the decreased bar will glitter to remind the player to refill the energy bar.
  6. 6. Specifications 1. Once the cat reaches the neighborhood of the apple tree (0.1/0.2 mm), the cat will be automatically taken to the next page; 2. If the snake catches the cat, or the cat's energy runs out, the cat will turn circles and die with a sad face.
  7. 7. 2 4 5 18 7 9 12 + 9 Specifications 1. The player is taken to an apple tree to get energy for the cat. The snake in the maze at this time is automatically stopped; 2. The player will need to use a finger to select and drag two numbers to do the calculation matching the result shown in the basket; 3. The cat will keep bouncing on the right.
  8. 8. 4 7 5 2 18 7 12 9 4 + 5 9 Specifications 1. The first dragged number will be shown on top of the "plus" sign, while the second number touched will be shown below the "plus" sign; 2. Once the calculation is completed, the cat will show a big smile and then the maze will be resumed.
  9. 9. 4 7 5 2 18 7 12 9 4 + 6 9 Specifications 1. A black apple will be generated after a wrong calculation; 2. The cat will show a sad face after a wrong calculation, and then the maze will be resumed.
  10. 10. 4 7 5 2 18 7 12 9 18 - 9 9
  11. 11. 4 7 5 2 18 7 12 9 18 - 6 12 Specifications 1. If the cat's energy bar is already filled, choice of "weapons" will be shown to players, e.g., the cat can use a stone to hit the snake. The snake's energy bar will drop after the hit and it will further slow down.
  12. 12. Specifications 1. If the cat has chosen a "weapon", e.g., a stone, the cat will carry the stone when rolling within the maze; 2. Once the cat carrying the stone meets the snake, the snake will be hit by the stone automatically. After that, the snake's energy bar drops to the bottom and it can hardly move.