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Who wants to be a Millionaire?


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Published in: Education
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Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  1. 1. IES La Marina English Workshop Adán Fernández Andrés Martínez Iván Torres
  2. 2. A: B: Martin Luther King Gandhi C: D: Zapatero Obama #1 Who was the leader of the Indian revolution in the 20 th century?
  3. 3. A: B: Mumbai Bombay C: D: Bangkok Hong Kong #2 What was the ancient name Indian’s capital?
  4. 4. A: B: Fish and chips Chicken curry C: D: Spring roll Tandoori chicken #3 What is the typical Indian food?
  5. 5. A: B: Kazakhstan and Thailand Myanmar and Vietnam C: D: Pakistan and China Spain and Russia #4 Which two countries limit with India?
  6. 6. A: B: 5 33 C: D: 46 28 #5 How many regions has India?
  7. 7. A: B: Euphrates Ganges C: D: Ming Ebro #6 What’s the most important river in India?
  8. 8. A: B: 1856 1905 C: D: 1580 1929 #7 When British people colonized India?
  9. 9. A: B: Christianity Buddhism C: D: Hinduism Other #8 What is the majority religion?
  10. 10. A: B: 531 billion people 10.000 billion people C: D: 1.147 billion people 5 billion people #9 How many people live in India?
  11. 11. A: B: Bombay New Delhi C: D: London Kolkata. #10 What is the capital of India?
  12. 12. Great Job!!!! Thank you for playing!