Who wants to be millionaire? (lucia, espe, laura)


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Who wants to be millionaire? (lucia, espe, laura)

  1. 1. Who wants to be Millionaire? Lucia Garcia Esperanza Castillo Laura Gutierrez
  2. 2. A: B: Elephant B eaver C: D: Tortoise Snail #1 What is the typical animal of C anada?
  3. 3. A: B: Paella H am Jork C: D: Cooked Tourtiére #2 W hich is the typical food of canada ? ?
  4. 4. A: B: My dear Canada Oh Canada C: D: Canada I love Canada #3 W hich is the Hymn of canada?
  5. 5. A: B: C: D: #4 How is it the flag of Canada?
  6. 6. A: B: Kootenay Okanagan C: D: Mackenzie Similkameen #5 Which is the river more long of Canada?
  7. 7. A: B: Ice hockey Football C: D: Basketball Hockey #6 Which is the most representative sport of Canada?
  8. 8. A: B: Blue, White and red Purple C: D: It doesn’t have Pink screamer #7 How is it the typical suit of Canada?
  9. 9. A: B: The President First minister C: D: Businessman of the year Governor #8 Who is Stephen Harper?
  10. 10. A: B: Ottawa Vancouver C: D: Detroit Sydney #9 Which is the capital of Canada?
  11. 11. A: B: Beyonce Amy Winehouse C: D: Nelly Furtado Avril Lavigne #10 Which famous Canadian singer belongs this image to?
  12. 12. A: B: Jim Carrey Johnny Deep C: D: Brad Pitt Tom Cruise #11 Which of this famous actors is Canadian?
  13. 13. A: B: Canadian Falls Banff national park C: D: St. Julian Niagara Falls #12 What is this place?