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WordCamp Toronto 2015- API Simple Talk

Slide by Hector Jarquin and Ting Yang

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WordCamp Toronto 2015- API Simple Talk

  1. 1. #WCTO
  2. 2. API Simple Talk WordCamp Toronto 2015
  3. 3. Ting Yang I am a software development student at Sheridan college on my final term; I will be graduating in December. I love everything about programming. @Username_Ting
  4. 4. Hector Jarquin At work... communications (content, graphics and interfaces) accessed via multiple devices and channels. When free... traveling, outdoors and vintage bicycles. @HectorJarquin
  5. 5. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin Africa and Europe from a Million Miles Away https://www.nasa. gov/multimedia/imagegall ery/iotd.html?id=367702
  6. 6. Niagara Catholic District School Board @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  7. 7. Niagara Catholic District School Board has an enrollment of 24,000+ students, with 49 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools. Niagara Catholic is an institution that employs around 2,000 people. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  8. 8. Website is powered by WordPress. Bootstrap for the front-end. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  9. 9. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  10. 10. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin Charon in Enhanced Color https: //www.nasa. gov/multimedia/imagegall ery/iotd.html?id=371322
  11. 11. Parent Involvement A site to present information for parents. Easier to navigate and understand. No updating and no maintenance. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  12. 12. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  13. 13. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  14. 14. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  15. 15. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  16. 16. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin Methane Painting https://www. nasa. gov/multimedia/imagegall ery/iotd.html?id=370081
  17. 17. Niagara Foundation for Catholic Education After using Wordpress JSON API to render content from the main website on the Parent Involvement site it was just matter of time for other sites to follow. The analogy remains the same, fetch and render. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  18. 18. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  19. 19. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  20. 20. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  21. 21. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin Pluto’s Majestic Mountains, Frozen Plains and Foggy Hazes https://www.nasa. gov/multimedia/imagegall ery/iotd.html?id=370514
  22. 22. We are not creating, editing or deleting content. Only rendering content that is already public on a WordPress install via API. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin
  23. 23. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin What’s next? Pluto Dazzles in False Color https://www.nasa. gov/multimedia/imagegall ery/iotd.html?id=367260
  24. 24. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin A JS library framework to render JSON content, regardless skill level /Ting-y/Astro
  25. 25. Astro is an initiative to use APIs in an easier way. It renders content that does not require authentication via JSON using only HTML attributes. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin /Ting-y/Astro
  26. 26. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin /Ting-y/Astro DEMO
  27. 27. Q/A @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin /Ting-y/Astro
  28. 28. @Username_Ting @HectorJarquin Make it yours . /Ting-y/Astro